The 10 Most Reliable Luxury Multi-Purpose Vehicles

The more you can do with your car the better. These cars excel at doing a lot of things well.

No matter what type of vehicle you are in the market for, you want to make sure it is reliable and having a bit of luxury would be nice. Of course, if you are a wealthy person then you can have your choice of several luxury vehicles from high-end brands such as Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz or BMW. But imagine this; what if you are a new parent and have a substantially large family, your best choice would be a minivan also known as a multi-purpose vehicle. In many cases, it can seat up to eight and are extremely safe. Here are the 10 most reliable luxury MPVs.

10 Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular multi-purpose vehicles ever created and may even be the most popular minivan ever created with the sole exception of the Toyota Sienna. The Odyssey is extremely reliable and safe due to Honda's patented Honda Sensing technology which offers the driver numerous assist features such as automatic braking and lane-keeping. In addition, the Odyssey is extremely luxurious with its redesigned interior and its accessories and technology. The Honda Odyssey has features such as Connected Audio, Cabin Comforts, and Driver Assurances and also comes with a large and comfortable interior cabin.

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9 Toyota Sienna

Next up is the Toyota Sienna, a luxurious and reliable minivan that has been trusted by households for nearly 25 years. The Sienna has features such as driver-assist technologies and other accessories such as a stylish interior, smart tech and safety features that make this an extremely luxurious car. If you are still not convinced, the Toyota Sienna comes with all-wheel drive, which adds a sense of safety and reliability, while making the driver feel like a million bucks. The Toyota Sienna also comes with the Toyota Safety Sense package which makes this one of the most reliable vehicles out there.

8 Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona is a brand-new multi-purpose vehicle that has garnered attention from all over the world due to its safety features and luxurious interior. The Sedona is one of the most luxurious vehicles on this list with its optional sumptuous leather seats and other features such as ventilated seats, tri-zone climate control, and stain-resistant fabric, which are frankly out of this world. The Sedona is also reliable due to its incredible safety package and advanced tech system that makes operating the vehicle easier and more convenient for the driver. With safety-features and driver-assist, you never have to worry about getting hurt.

7 Nissan Quest

Next up is a somewhat unknown but yet impressive minivan, the Nissan Quest. The Quest is described by Nissan as "...not a minivan; it's the family limo," and with incredible features and more, it’s not so hard to see why this multi-purpose vehicle is comparable to a high-class ride. The Quest features two spacious interior cabins, the front and the rear, and seats seven. With a DVD entertainment system built-in, your family will never feel bored and grown-up passengers will be impressed by the comfortable interior. Additionally, with the Quest's added-on driver-assist technologies, the Quest can be deemed a safe and reliable MPV.

6 Chrysler Pacifica

Next up is the Chrysler Pacifica. Before starting this off, it is important to note, regardless of the features, the Pacifica comes with since it is a Chrysler brand vehicle it can already be safely deemed as being one of the most luxurious minivans to ever exist. With that being said, let us explore the features this car has to offer. The Pacifica puts safety first and has won numerous awards for its reliability such as the 2019 Family Car of the Year award from Cars.com. Also, the Chrysler Pacifica has driver-assist features alongside an infotainment system and more luxurious, high-end features.

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5 Mazda Mazda5

Next up, presenting the Mazda Mazda5. The Mazda5 offers many features and features an impressive technology package which not only gives it a luxurious feel but also gives the driver ease of mind when dealing with the hassle of driving. The Mazda5 has a large interior cabin, although not as large as some others listed here but will seat six adults. The Mazda5 is also reliable apart from being luxurious. It offers traction control, electronic stability control and antilock brakes as standard. Consumer Reports states that the Mazda5 is “an underappreciated gem,” that gets overlooked in favor of bigger minivans.

4 Ford Transit 350

Switching things up is the Ford Transit 350. Unlike the minivans on this list, the Ford Transit 350 is a full-fledged van and still qualifies as a multi-purpose vehicle. The Transit 350 only seats two and is intended for commercial usage, but one look at its cabin will make you feel like you are in a Cadillac. The interior of the Transit 350 bears no resemblance to that of a truck but rather is portrayed as elegant and high-class with its comfortable seating, power inverter, and upfitter switches. Speaking of reliability, features such as lane-keeping make this a safe MPV.

3 Chrysler Town and Country

The Chrysler Town and Country has been in production since 1989 and recently ceased production in 2016. Despite this, over the nearly 30 years the Town and Country was in active production, Chrysler improved upon it with each passing year and the final result before it was made defunct was an incredibly reliable, luxurious multi-purpose vehicle. The Town and Country integrated features such as quad command, roller seats, stow'n go seating and swivel ’n go within its interior cabin which added a luxurious feel to it. Also, the last generation of the Town and Country featured modern safety features too.

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2 Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is another minivan on this list and it has some incredible features which you need to know about. For starters, the interior of this vehicle, specifically the trunk space is vast and spacious. Additionally, the DVD entertainment system, power seats, LED lighting, sunshades and other tech features such as the multimedia systems with Garmin navigation to keep you on track make this car a luxurious ride. Speaking in terms of the reliability of the Grand Caravan, there are numerous safety and security measures in places such as rear-view cameras, latch systems, and all-wheel-drive to help get through difficult weather.

1 Ford Transit Connect

Finishing this list is yet another van, the Ford Transit Connect. The Transit Connect differs from the Transit 350 in some core categories. For starters, the Connect is a passenger wagon and not a commercial van, which means it seats seven passengers and has a lot of interior cabin and trunk space. In addition to space, the Connect has all-new interiors and has features such as Sync 3, a voice-activated system, Alexa and even a mobile hotspot in the form of the van itself. In addition to the luxurious features, the Transit Connect comes with standard Ford Safety Sense features.

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