25 Most Ridiculous Things That Happened At Car Dealerships

There are plenty of things that could qualify as the funniest, strangest, or most memorable details about car dealerships. There is, of course, the usual push and shove between the salesman and the prospective buyer about the price, credit approval, and freebies. Also, test drives are another thing; both sides are a tad nervous about them because the salesman does not want that new car to be damaged and the customer wants to take the car on a long joyride without paying for it.

Of course, sometimes people do encounter strangeness on either side. Car salesmen do get the strangest of clients and prospective car buyers sometimes end up dealing with crackpots of salespeople. There are some people who expect intercity tests drives or want their car delivered on a particular day and time, correct to the second. Or there are employees who lie to their clients, get caught, and then try and lie some more to escape any consequences.

Then there are car salesmen who try and sell duds to buyers to make a quick buck, not realizing that no one can be fooled for long. But as long people buy cars and people sell cars, strange things will continue to happen at car dealerships. Some of these stories will be funny, some are closer to eye-openers, and some may even evoke facepalms. But these are all ridiculous, true things that have happened at car dealerships.

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25 When The Customer Snagged A Lift

Via liteimgeq

According to a Reddit user, this story is from a friend of his who was a car salesman. One day a customer walked in, wanting a test drive of a Mazda sedan, and headed towards town with the salesman in the passenger seat. As they reached the town center, he asked the salesman to switch driving the car for him to experience the car better as a passenger. When the salesman was about to head back, the customer suddenly started feeling ill and excused himself for getting out of the car. Of course, he never returned to seal the deal. All this guy wanted was a lift into town, which he got for free!

24 Bought Groceries On A Test Drive

Via ConsumerReports

This one is a similar story but with a major difference. Here, too, the customer wanted a test drive and took off with the car—minus the salesman—and remained MIA for more than three hours. The salesman, by now, according to Reddit, was having a tough time controlling his anxiety levels but the customer returned just about when he was going to dial the cops. The car had groceries piled in it but before the salesman could lose it. the customer told him he’d buy the car, at the price that had been quoted to him. So, at least this customer had some scruples.

23 You Cannot Trust Even The Silver-Haired

Via hshlawyers

This story is straight from a heist movie; it's entertaining but true. A car dealership owner had hired a salesman who was entertaining prospective buyers, an elderly couple looking to buy an S500 Mercedes. Eager to make a sale, the salesman let them test drive the car on their own. They returned 45 minutes later, saying that the check engine light popped up. Apparently, this had scared them, so no sale. The reality was that they had removed some $2,500 worth of parts from this car to fix their own S500 that was waiting at a repair shop near the dealership. Needless to say, they were caught and made to pay.

22 Sure, We’ll Upgrade That Engine Of Yours

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Fooling the elderly isn’t how one makes it to the top, as one car salesman discovered. According to Jalopnik, an elderly lady came into a Buick dealership looking to buy a V8 car. She was dealing with a particularly questionable salesman who managed to sell her a Buick Regal—but it was a V6. A few weeks later, this lady came back to the dealership, wondering why her engine hadn’t been upgraded yet. The salesman who had clinched the deal had fake-promised her two more cylinders, to make her V6 a V8. Needless to say, he was fired, and the customer got a brand new V8 from the dealership as an apology.

21 Excuse Me, But The Car Doesn’t Drive In Night Mode

Via StackExchange

This story may make you laugh but remember that the guy behind the wheel is still driving around somewhere. One car dealership got a call from a very irate customer who complained that while his car drives perfectly in the day mode, it does zilch in the night mode. After much back and forth, the customer service executive finally realized that the customer meant D (as in drive mode) and N (as in neutral). She could not hold back her laughter and had to hand over the phone to her manager to explain the mix-up to the customer, who was whining about how he could never drive the junker at night.

20 When A Guy On A Harley Can Drop A Stash

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One time, a shirtless guy on a Harley thrummed into the exclusive car showroom. A somewhat decent car salesman spotted him looking around. Seeing that no other salesman was approaching this guy, he went ahead and discovered that shirtless Harley guy wanted to test drive a $300,000 car. The salesman put a service bag on the car seat (to protect it from grime and sweat) and took the Harley guy for a spin in the Rolls-Royce Ghost. They came back and Harley guy wrote a check then and there. Later, the same shirtless guy who didn't look like he could afford any car bought more luxury cars from the dealership and from the same salesman who thought it decent to take care of him in the first place.

19 Some Dealerships Are Just The Worst

Via CarGurus

According to Jalopnik, a young couple decided to put down for a new car, a bare-boned Toyota Yaris. They also put down a $500 deposit to hold the car for the weekend and came on Monday to trade in their old car, as well—only suddenly, the dealership tried to sell them an automatic version at a much higher price. When the couple refused and asked for their deposit back, things started to get antsy. Finally, the cops had to be called in, considering the couple was kept waiting for over six hours, refused the deposit, and even had coffee thrown all over them!

18 Driving Manual? It’s a Literal Breeze

Via VideoBlocks

According to Jalopnik, a man walked into a dealership in Germany and was sold a manual transmission car, even though he had never driven a stick shift before. He didn’t even take a test drive and simply showed up on delivery day. He got in, started the car, and ended up driving through the showroom window. Why? Because he thought he was in reverse gear when he was actually in first! We wonder who paid for that showroom window: the customer or the salesman who sold him the car without a test drive?

17 A Very Emotional Car Salesman

Via GetAdvice

So according to Brain Jet, one customer walked into a car dealership and a salesman enthusiastically approached him with deals. After a while, the customer decided against a purchase, as is his right, to look for more options later. The salesman actually started to cry and told the customer that he really thought they had a connection and that a purchase was going to be made. The customer felt awkward enough to hightail it out of there and never go back. We don’t know if the salesman retained his job—or his emotions.

16 An Indecent Proposal Cinched A Deal

Via BankRate

A car salesman at a high-end dealership was entertaining a good-looking couple who wanted to buy an expensive car. They had a cartload of money to drop, as well, so, obviously, the salesman was at his warmest. They finally agreed on a car and a price and began the paperwork. According to Jalopnik, it was then the woman decided she wanted the salesman to be a part of her and husband's life, especially at night. The offer was made and accepted. The salesman earned himself plenty of entertainment and retained this client for life.

15 When A Salesman Damages The Goods

Via WereFineMom

This is a story from a Reddit user and it happened to her when she used to work at a car dealership. The head salesman, also the owner’s son, was fond of showing off, so one day invited her for a test drive of the Subaru Outback with Eyesight. Eyesight was a new feature back then in cars; it would automatically apply the brakes if the car came too close to another vehicle. Only this guy forgot to turn on the feature and zoomed in reverse at a BMW, only to crash into it and damage both the vehicles. Of course, since he was the owner’s son, everyone just laughed it off—because they had to.

14 Fix A Car Or Fix The Owner

Via HuffingtonPost

According to Jalopnik, one elderly gentleman would keep bringing in his Buick for a strange whistling sound that just wouldn’t go away. After multiple complaints, the dealership decided to keep the car overnight. After a lengthy check, they found nothing wrong and heard no whistling sounds. The elderly gent was very irate and it was only when he was fiddling with his hearing aids did it strike the dealership guys that the problem was with his hearing aids, not the car. Apparently, he used to turn the volume up to the highest while driving and the whistling sounds were the hearing aids working at their highest sensitivity levels.

13 When The Dealership Service Was Absolutely Unfocused

Via FordFocusst

A man brought in his wife's Ford Focus for a part recall and realized that a service was also due, so he left the car at the dealership for 3 to 4 days. Then he got a call that there had been an incident and the entire insides of the car had been sprayed with oil. When he came in to check the car, it was a disaster: the seat, floor, ceiling, and the whole dashboard were sticky and even the dashboard buttons refused to work properly after their engine oil bath. The dealership could apparently only clean so much and wanted the man to take the car back. Ultimately, the insurers had to pay and the man got to buy a new car. He did not buy a Ford, though, ever again.

12 Don't Judge A Buyer On His Looks Or Clothes

Via AutoEvolution

According to Jalopnik, one prospective car buyer was dressed in cargo shorts and decided to test drive a Nissan Juke. He was taken care of by a very awkward and new car salesman, with a slimy manager looking in between. When the buyer also showed an interest in the GT-R, the manager nearly shook him off, implying a guy dressed in shorts could not afford the GT-R! Shocked, the buyer left and bought a Juke from another dealer. But the GT-R had been well within his budget—plus, he also paid for the Juke in cash.

11 Gotta Show Mom Before The Deal

Via Pinterest

According to Brain Jet, a young man strolled into a Mazda dealership and took a test drive in an RX-8. He was convinced and the deal has almost been clinched when the youth asked the salesman if he could go show his mom the car before the final paperwork. Eager for a deal, the salesman agreed and the young man drove out with the car. When he didn’t come back for a few hours, the salesman called up the guy, only to find out that he was on his way to New Orleans to show his mom the car. The dealership was in South Texas. The man finally returned after two days and bought the car, saving the car salesman his job.

10 Clutch Slipping? Don’t Think So, Little Lady

Via Pinterest

When a female driver brought back a Subaru Outback with 800 miles on it to the dealership because the clutch slipped constantly, she wasn't taken seriously. The dealers kept the car and the next day declared it problem free. On top of that, she was then mansplained how to drive a stick shift and it was insinuated that perhaps she wasn’t easing off the clutch right. Infuriated, she mailed the top brass with her rightful complaint. The next day, the dealership called her car in, replaced the entire clutch assembly, and cleaned the car till it shone—all free of cost.

9 The Confused Old Lady Who Wanted A Silver Lincoln

Via SunHerald

According to a Reddit user, an old lady drove in a silver Lincoln Town Car when he worked at a car dealership. She then told the young man that the devil was in her car and she wanted to trade it in for a newer model that had no devils. So the man showed her a new silver Lincoln Town Car and took her for a test drive where she drove on the highway at 30 miles per hour. Unnerved, the salesman took over driving and took her back to the dealership. There, she kept wanting a test drive of the Lincoln car that was kept in parking, except that was the car she drove in. The salesman called in 911 only to discover this lady had gone missing from a nearby institution and the silver Lincoln was never hers to begin with!

8 A Trade-In With Something Extra

Via Freep

According to a Quora user who was a salesman in his previous life, he had once sold a rather pricey Mercedes to a guy who traded in the buyer’s car as part of the deal. Once the delivery on either side was made, he was checking the traded-in car out when he noticed something under the seat. To his horror, it was a loaded firearm. Unnerved, he called the buyer back asking if he was missing something and the guy sure came back in a tearing hurry.

7 Never Buy Cars At A Dealership Auction

Via cloppermillweather

A guy, as per Popular Mechanics, arrived at a dealership auction, where everybody seemed to be bidding on a great-looking Acura TL. Since there were a lot of bids, this man also joined in the fray and ended up winning the auction at what seemed to be a steal of a deal. He completed the payments and the paperwork, took the key, and turned the engine to drive his car back home. But it was a no go. When he popped the hood, he realized he had been had—the engine bay was minus the engine and everything else because the car was being sold on an as-is condition.

6 Selling A Car Can Get The Sales Guy Freebies

Via Imdb

According to Brain Jet, one guy was trying to make a sale of a BMW to a well-dressed gentleman with credit issues. He called the credit union and got it all approved, and took the guy out for a test drive. The gentleman asked the sales guy to drive to a seedy part of town to check with his financial advisor and so they stopped at a questionable-looking club. When he came out, it was with a bunch of scantily-dressed girls. The sales guy gave the buyer another $500 off and got 100 free passes to the club. Sounds like a good deal, right?

5 When All The Buyer Wants Is Free Hauling

Via ConsumerReports

A Reddit user told his story like this: he was working at a used Ford dealership that sold a lot of pickup trucks. A prospective buyer strolled in and asked for a Ford Focus wagon; they had one and the customer took it for a test run. He brought in the car 45 minutes later, saying it wasn’t what he was looking for and then he rushed off. When the salesman was putting the car away, he smelled pine and sure enough, the roof had some needles and leaves strewn around. The guy simply used the car to haul a pine tree and never intended to buy the car in the first place.

4 The Best Price For The Trade-In Car

Via VideoBlocks

According to Nest-Expressed, an elderly couple wanted to upgrade their ride but also wanted the best price for their old car, especially since it had a new set of brakes in it. And so, the car dealer took the trade-in for a drive and came back white as a sheet. Apparently, the car almost failed to stop at the lights, nearly causing an accident. The old coot did not bat an eye and said the new set of brakes were in the boot because he didn’t have the time to get them fixed yet!

3 What The Wife Wants, She Gets

Via VideoBlocks

A lady came into a car dealership for a test drive and chose a pricey SUV for herself. The next day, the husband came in, bitter about his wife’s expensive choice and took the SUV for a test drive, himself. In the car, he fiddled with the On-Star buttons while talking about how his wife tended to throw money around like trash. He also took a test-drive of a cheaper SUV. The third day, the wife comes back, test driving both the cars. In the pricier SUV, she too fiddles with On-Star buttons only to end up hearing all that her husband had said about her in his rage. Apparently, On-Star had a microphone function that recorded everything. Needless to say, the fourth day, the husband came back to pay for the pricey SUV!

2 A Woman Scorned Will Buy That Car

via Pretty 52

According to a Reddit user, he was clinching a deal with a woman for a rather pricey car that would earn him a cool commission when she asked if they could run an errand. The salesman agreed and so they headed into town towards a posh locality. There, she stopped at a house with another pricey car standing in the driveway. She whipped out a can of spray paint and proceeded to cover the car with the choicest of expletives. She then pocketed the spray can, drove into the dealership, and proceeded to pay for the car with a big smile on her face.

1 When We Turn Round The Corner...

Via PopularMechanics

This story may sound very movie-like but it is true. A salesman who was blue-eyed and fair-skinned but hailed from Cuba was trying to make a sale to two buyers from Mexico. While they headed out on a test drive, the duo started to talk to each other in Spanish—not knowing that the salesman was getting every word. They were planning on taking out the sales guy after turning the corner and running off to Mexico. The quick-thinking salesman dove out of the running car before the corner, saving his own life, while the bad guys stuck to stealing the car!

Sources: Reddit, Brain Jet, Jalopnik, Nest-Expressed, Quora, and Popular Mechanics.

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