24 Motorcycle Clubs From Across The World (And What They Stand For)

To help bikers locate motorcycle clubs, we compiled a list of some of the most prominent clubs around the world.

Although riding is fun, having company augments the joyous experience. Doing activities solo has its perks, but having good company to share those occasions make it better. That also applies to those ride motorbikes. Speeding down the highway on a bike is fun, but nothing beats having the company of skilled riders who will enjoy the experience with you and show you how to become a better rider. The reason most people join clubs is to surround themselves with like-minded individuals.

The opportunity allows for networking, exchanging ideas, and improving your knowledge in the field. The same applies to motorcycle clubs. Regardless of your geographical location, you can find a motorcycle club a few miles away from home. Being around other bikers allows you to share your affinity for the activity and establish life-long friendships. To help bikers locate motorcycle clubs, we compiled a list of some of the most prominent clubs around the world. The various clubs on our list will pertain to bikers from all backgrounds.

24 Harley Owners Group

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Proud owners of a Harley-Davidson have a home that's called the Harley Owners Group (HOG). The club aims not only to promote the consumer product but also the lifestyle. Members of the group have exclusive access to merchandise. The club has more than one million members across the globe, making it the largest factory-sponsored club in the world. The founders of Harley Owners Group established the club in 1983 to build long-lasting relationships with Harley-Davidson customers.

23 Night Wolves

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Originally established in Russia, the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club has more than 11000 members worldwide. The club is in charge of several rock clubs, tattoo parlors and arranges rock concerts in Russia.

The Night Wolves also run several motorcycle repair and custom shops.

Most of the members ride Harley Davidsons. Wolf Racing, a subsidiary, is a racing team that participates and organizes various events in Russia. The club has held a long interest in the political and social life in Russia and engages in youth social issues.

22 Buffalo Soldier

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Bikers who want to join a brotherhood motorbike club should visit the Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club. Membership requires possession of a 750cc motorbike or great, a valid driver's license and insurance. The club is one of the biggest African-American motorcycle organizations in the United States, as it has 97 chapters and more than 2000 members. The chapters participate in numerous charitable activities across the country such as providing Thanksgiving turkeys, hams and other necessities for poor families. Ken Thomas, Chicago police officer, founded the club in 1993.

21 Motor Maids

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Female riders should not feel that they have to ride solo, as several motorcycle clubs have emerged to cater to ladies. The Motor Maids is a female motorcycle club in North America with more than 1200 members.

A group of women established the club in 1940, making it one of the first female motorcycle groups in the United States.

The mission of the group is to promote safe riding habits amongst women, meet people, and travel across North America. The club organizes meetings almost weekly.

20 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

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The founding members discovered the club in 2001 to provide a social platform for persons who served their country and enjoy riding motorcycles. The mission of the club is to support and protect those who have defended their country. The club focuses on providing meals, shelter, and guidance to the brave souls who protect the country. The membership spans across all the states, as well as those who are living abroad. The club sponsors and participates in numerous motorcycle-related charity events every year.

19 Association For Recovering Motorcyclists

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The organization is an independent motorcycle association founded in 1986 in the United States. The association has over 100 chapters around the world in countries such as Germany, Canada, Poland, and Thailand.

Members need to meet certain standards to gain membership and have to own a motorcycle 500cc or greater.

The founders encourage the members to join the 12-step program. The sister organization, Recovering Women Riders, do not publish membership count but encourage women to join.

18 Boozefighters

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The founders formed the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club in California in 1946. The club has chapters across the United States and headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Some of the international chapters include Japan, Italy, South Korea, and France. The club is a nonprofit organization that raises money for children and the poor. The club gained eminence after the Hollister riot in Hollister, California. Joining the club isn't as easy as submitting an application, as the Boozefighters scout for prospects. After the founding members invite the prospect, he 'hangs around' until he proves worthy of membership.

17 Notorious Brooklyn

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Otherwise known as the Forbidden Ones, the Notorious Brooklyn Motorcycle Club commenced in 1992. According to News Week, the organization is a social club for motorcycle enthusiasts, and members pay dues to maintain and stock the group's clubhouse in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood. Most of the members grew up in the 1980s in Bushwick, which many people considered as one of New York's most dangerous neighborhoods at the time.

16 Red Knights International Firefighters

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After you have finished dousing fires, you can take a break at the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club. The club is open to firefighters and their families who ride motorcycles.

The organization is the largest fire service motorcycle club in the world.

Membership is not limited to active firefighters, as retired, volunteers, professional or industrial firefighters who have a motorcycle and a valid motorcycle driver's license can join the club. The club is in Boylston, Massachusetts.

15 Darwin Rebel

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Cheeky riders with "baditude" should have a look at the Darwin Rebel Motorcycle Club. Some of the members have been involved in questionable acts, and the police have had to step in and take control of the situation. Australian riders who feel that the Darwin Rebels Motorcycle Club pique their interest should be careful not to get on the wrong side of the law while hanging out with the members, as they are known to, shall we say, make a bit of noise.

14 Classic

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The Classic Motorcycle Club provides a facility for owners and enthusiasts of older motorcycles. The purpose of the club is to provide enjoyable social rides, gatherings and a central place for obtaining technical information about older bikes, as well as the purchase of spare parts.

The club has an extensive library that boasts more than 2000 books and articles related to motorbikes, as well as 5000 motorcycle magazines dating to the 1920s.

One of the chapters is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The club also allows members to buy spare parts for their classic bikes.

13 Mongols

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This club is not for the faint-hearted. Do your due diligence on this club before joining, as the authorities have claimed that some of the members were involved in illegal activities. The estimated number of members for the Mongols Motorcycle Club is around 1500. The main presence of the members is in Southern California with the expansion to Australia since 2013. The club has chapters in 14 states, as well as chapters in 10 countries. Some of the international chapters are located in Germany, Indonesia, and Switzerland.

12  BMW Motorcycle Owners Of America

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What could be better than finding a motorcycle club that caters to BMW enthusiasts? That is the question that five BMW motorbike enthusiasts asked themselves before founding the club in Chicago in 1972. The club is based in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri but has members across the world.

As of 2008, the club had almost 40,000 members.

The club publishes a monthly magazine, BMW Owners News, to assist touring riders who experience challenges on the road. BMW Motorcycle Owners of America has held an annual rally in the country since 1973.

11 Fink

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While the face masks give you the impression that you have to be a gangster to be part of the Fink Motorcycle Club, the club's leader is doing everything in his power to dispel the notion, according to the Daily Mail. The club has been active for more than 50 years in Australia and has more than 2000 members. Big M, leader of the Fink Motorcycle Club, insists that the club has strict rules that detour the members from being inmates. Big M claims that he is a normal guy who has an affinity for motorbikes.

10  Triumph Owners

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The headquarters are situated in London, England, and more than 6000 members are part of Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club. The club has 44 regional branches throughout the United Kingdom.

Members from outside of the United Kingdom are welcome.

Rather than joining a branch, members can elect to join the head office. The club publishes a monthly magazine, Nacelle, covering aspects of owning, riding and maintaining Triumph motorcycles. The club organizes social activities for members.

9 Shoalhaven Classic

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Numerous motorcycle clubs have existed for decades. Bikers who want to support new clubs that provide networking opportunities for riders with classic bikes can apply for membership at the Shoalhaven Classic Motorcycle Club.  The founding members discovered the club in 2000 when members drove all makes and models of motorcycles. The club is situated in Bomaderry, Australia and encourages families to join the club's social outings and events. New clubs need more support than the prominent ones.

8 Mad Dog

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If you are a biker who resides in the Philippines, then the convenient place to meet like-minded individuals is at the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club. The founding members established the club in 1994 and state that it takes more than having tattoos and a riding a Harley-Davidson to become a member.

The club acquires members by invitation only.

The group accepts bikers who are committed to brotherhood and free-spirited riding. The club has chapters in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China, as well.

7  Oakley

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Motorbike enthusiasts who are looking to connect with other riders in the United Kingdom should check out the Oakley Motorcycle Club. The club members meet weekly at the clubhouse to network and host various parties. Members are entitled to huge discounts from the club's affiliates and can partake in the regular ride-outs that are suitable for all types of bikes and speeds. The trips range from short and local to international routes. The club also hosts themed nights that allow members to exchange ideas and knowledge.

6  Satudarah

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The members founded the Satudarah Motorcycle Club in the Netherlands in 1990. The club has 44 chapters throughout the Netherlands, as well as some chapters in France, Belgium, Spain, Indonesia, Germany, and Morrocco. Due to some of the members getting involved in activities on the wrong side of the law, the Dutch justice system announced a ban on the club. The court sentenced a civil ban of all chapters and related clubs. The founding members started the club in 1990.

5  Antique Motorcycle

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Bikers who own classic motorbikes will find a home at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. The club was established in 1954 in New England and has become one of the largest organizations of antique motorcycles in the world. The club has more than 11000 members across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The club aims to preserve, restore, and operate motorbikes that are 35 years or older.

The club has an annual calendar of National Meets, where judges categorize motorbikes as 'Restore,' 'Original Condition' or 'Period Modified.'

4 Ducati Owners Club Of Victoria

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You should not be surprised that one of the biggest motorbike brands in the world has a club to allow its owners to fraternize. Apart from allowing members to network, the Ducati Owners Club of Victoria raised money for the Victorian Spinal Cord Service. The club had given away a Ducati Monster 1200S as a prize to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2016 while helping a good cause. The Ducati Owners Club of Victoria has over 500 members and is one of the oldest clubs in the world. The club members are highly active, as the club holds more than 40 events in a year.

3 Bike Shed

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If you would like to join a motorbike club in London, England, then the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is the place to visit. One of the perks of joining the club is that bikers have a place to visit regardless of the occasion.

Apart from boasting a restaurant, a lounge, and a function venue, the club offers live music, customized motorbikes, a barbershop, and a tattoo parlor.

Talk about a one-stop shop for a hardcore biker. According to Top Speed, the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is housed under four huge railway arches of the historic Tobacco Dock.

2 Hamsters

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One of the rumors about the members of the Hamsters Motorcycle Club is that most are millionaires. That remains a rumor, but the facts are that you have to ride your American motorcycle, which cannot be stock, to Sturgis if you want to be a member of the club. The founders created the club as a tongue-in-cheek karmic reaction to the stereotypical hard-core biker image of the 70s, according to Motorcycle Cruiser. The purpose of the club is to enjoy a social ride without causing any havoc. The members wear yellow shirts while riding and network to restore and modify motorbikes.

1 The Angels

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The Angels Motorcycle Club is located worldwide and has members who, typically, ride Harley-Davidson motorbikes. The organization consists predominantly of males and has been in existence since 1948.

The club has around 469 chapters across 56 countries.

To become a prospect of the club, candidates must have a valid driver's license, a motorcycle over 75occ and the combination of characteristics as set out by the club. To become a full member, the prospect should receive unanimous votes from the rest of the club members.

Sources: DailyMail, Topspeed, Newsweek, Motorbikewriter

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