9 Motorcycle Clubs That Are Bad Guys (And 10 That Are Saving The World)

Motorcycle Clubs have been around since the creation of the motorcycle and have played a large part within the realm of biker culture. There are many motorcycle clubs scattered across the world, from the USA and Europe to the streets of Japan and the forests of New Zealand.

Motorcycle clubs act as a form of escapism for those bored with their mundane lives and tedious routines. For some reason, some people across the globe are obsessed with the idea of rival clubs. However, most people tend to forget that the majority of these clubs are not dangerous. And yet, many of those involved in such clubs are often taken away, sent to prison or in some cases attacked by rival clubs.

Sadly, the lives of those associated with such clubs can often be cut short, with rivals often becoming aggressive towards their enemies. Over the years, things have not been as extreme as they once were, with the police cracking down on the ongoings between rival clubs and the activity that goes on inside them. But that's not to say that it still doesn't exist.

However, things aren't all bad. Like most things, bad comes with good, and a number of motorcycling clubs shy away from the underworld and instead prefer doing good. That's right, there are several motorcycling clubs all over the world that go out of their way to help and raise money for charities.

Furthermore, they focus on the one thing that drew them to the club in the first place—the motorcycle, of course! Yes, many motorcycle clubs are happy with just riding their beloved machines. So, let's take a look at 9 motorcycle clubs you should be afraid of and 10 motorcycle clubs that help the world.

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19 Bad Guys: Mad Dog Motorcycle Club

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The Mad Dog Motorcycle Club originated from Beijing in 1994 and has since expanded across the world. In order to become a member, you must be personally invited by someone who is already a part of the club and you must own at least a 400cc motorcycle. In addition this, you have to undergo certain initiations over a 6 month trial period, as well as consuming a large amount of alcohol. Over the years, the club has denied any unsavory activity, however, it seems that a number of members keep finding themselves in trouble. Yes, club members have been and with naughty things, which has caused controversy and annoyance to the leaders of the club.

18 Bad Guys: Gremium

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Gremium is a big and bold motorcycle club located in the heart of Germany. The club is often referred to as the biggest motorcycle club in Germany with members also found across the rest of Europe and even in more distant places like Thailand.

The club first began in 1972 and quickly made a name for themselves.

The club is prone to using number 7 on their jackets, as well as their bikes, and refer to it as a somewhat lucky number. In fact, even the name 'Gremium' is spelled with just seven letters, with G also the seventh letter in the alphabet. Coincidence? I think not.

17 Bad Guys: The Pagans

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The Pagan's were founded in Maryland in the lates 1950s with approximately thirteen founding members. Rules state that members must be over 21 years old and have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with an engine over 1000cc, plus they must wear the mandatory denim jacket. When the Pagan's first formed, they were quiet and well respected. However, in 1965 everything changed when new leader John 'Satan' Marron decided that they needed to change the way they viewed certain things. Since then, the group has expanded to over 600 members and is known for a variety of actions as well as just generally getting into trouble.

16 Bad Guys: The Cossacks

via bostonherald

The Cossacks are a Texas-based motorcycle club who enjoy all things against the law. Known for their black and gold leather jackets, they pride themselves on their brotherhood and living as 'free' as possible. However, in 2015 they really made a bad name for themselves in the media and in the public eye when a feud erupted with another motorcycle group, causing a shootout which ended with fatalities and 170 bikers being taken to prison. Furthermore, over 135 motorcycles were seized from the scene and were then auctioned off for thousands of dollars each. Let's just say the club members weren't too happy upon their release.

15 Bad Guys: Warlocks

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The Warlocks were founded in 1967 in Florida by an ex-serviceman. These days, the Warlocks can be found in multiple states in the USA, as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The club's motto is, 'To find us, you must be good; to catch us, you must be fast; to beat us, you must be kidding.'

Sadly, their motto failed when the police managed to find them after an agent went undercover in the 1990s and apprehended numerous members for substance and weapon charges. Since then, several arrests have been made, with members often going to prison.

14 Bad Guys: Angels

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The notorious Hells Angels were founded in 1948 in California and are considered one of the 'big four' motorcycle clubs in the world. However, although they might sometimes do charity work and fundraisers, they are still one of the most dangerous clubs around. In fact, the authorities see them as an organized unit, one which they have infiltrated time and time again. Yes, over the years, the police have sent numerous undercover policemen into the club under the guise of being nothing more than a fellow Angels. Not only is this super dangerous for the undercover cop but it's also extremely scary to consider the prospect of being discovered.

13 Bad Guys: Finks

via sunshinecoastdaily

The Finks are an Australian motorcycle club formed in Adelaide in 1969. The club is renowned for a king's jester holding a bottle of beer on the back of their black leather jacket, as well as their mean motorbike machines and bad attitudes.

The Finks are a scary bunch and are famed for troublemaking throughout Australia.

In fact, in 2012, one member was apprehended for attempting to take the life of a rival motorcycle club member. Then, not long after, another member was apprehended for firing a small weapon as well as numerous traffic offenses. Yes, they really are a not group to be messed with.

12 Bad Guys: The Bandidos

via usatoday

Founded in Texas, the Bandidos describe themselves as 'the people our parents warned us about'. Not the best way to introduce yourself, eh? However, they sure live up to their slogan and have had numerous charges brought against them over the years. Yes, with over 5,000 members in 22 countries, they've had their fair share of crime-related headlines and are generally an extremely scary bunch. In fact, the Bandidos are known for fighting and are famed for picking fights with club rivals across the world. From the Hells Angels to the Cossacks, you name it, the Bandidos have gotten into scraps with them all.

11 Bad Guys: The Mongols

The Mongols Motorcycle Club, sometimes called The Mongol Brotherhood, is an official organized motorcycle unit founded in 1969. The organization has been under close watch since the very beginning, with the federal bureau conducting operation Black Rain in 2008.

The operation was a success with 38 members apprehended and charged.

The club is mainly based in Southern California but can be found all over the world wearing their distinctive vests and causing all kinds of mayhem and madness.. In fact, the Mongols have recently been spotted causing trouble in Germany, with reports that they have been clashing with groups of German Hells Angels.

10 Bad Guys: Sons Of Silence

via complex

The Sons of Silence motorcycle club was founded in 1966 and they are one of the scariest in the world. The club is notorious for outbursts and explosive questionable activities. The club is actually pretty small, with estimates stating that they have just 300 members to their name. However, they sure make up for that small figure when it comes to breaking the law, with the Sons of Silence often caught up in activities with the police. In fact, in the late 1990s, The Sons of Silence were caught with a warehouse full of scary weapons amid rumors that they were preparing for a war with a rival club. Scary!

9 Good Guys: Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

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The Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club is like no other. Founded in 1993 by a Chicago police officer, the club is now one of the biggest motorcycling clubs in the United States. Members of the club are all African American, which makes it one of the largest all African American motorcycle clubs in the world. The club is also a non-profit organization that rides in honor of the African Americans that fought during the civil war. Furthermore, the Buffalo Soldiers also display other charitable activities, including providing Thanksgiving turkeys, hams, and other necessities to those in poverty.

8 Good Guys: Bikers Against Child Abuse

via newstimes

Bikers Against Child Abuse was founded by a licensed clinical social worker who wanted to help those in need. The club is a tax-exempt organization with the sole purpose of creating a safer environment for abused children.

In 2013, it was estimated that over $800,000 had been raised for a variety of charities, along with $350,000 of assets and no paid salaries.

The group has a strict protocol of who can join and they want to provide a clean and healthy image to those around them. Therefore, fingerprinting and an extensive background check is applied to each potential member.

7 Good Guys: The Bikerni Motorcycle Club

via torontostar

The Bikerni sisterhood was founded in 2011 and are one of the most recent all-female clubs around. The group is made up of only Indian women who want to change the way people view motorcycling and the clubs that are involved. The Bikerni sisterhood has been holding group rides and charitable events since its iception and aims to help causes that are related to women and children. However, despite the club pushing boundaries, they also have the respect of other motorcycle clubs and have even joined together on occasions to support local charities. They have raised thousands of dollars over the years, with new projects constantly in the pipeline.

6 Good Guys: Freewheelers EVS

via wikimediacommons

The Freewheelers is a registered charity based in the southwest of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1990, a group of bikers came together to help the NHS (National Health Service) provide additional emergency support when it was under pressure during busy periods.

The group organized, and still continues to organize, fundraising events throughout the south of England, and often wears bright official-looking vests rather than the all-too-common leather vests that other clubs wear.

Their events range from carnivals to street dancing, and even music and arts festivals,  such as the world-famous Glastonbury. Yes, these guys really are extremely charitable and are often labeled as the nicest motorcycling group on the planet.

5 Good Guys: Christian Motorcyclists Association

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Created by Herb Shreve in 1975, The Christian Motorcyclist Association have adopted over 125,000 members from around the world to spread the word and message of Jesus Christ to the motorcycling community. As a non-profit organization, the running of the group is a selfless act based on the love of bikes, religion, and positive attitudes. The members have created a monthly magazine and hold an annual rally dubbed 'Run for the Son' that attracts thousands of people from all over to attend the show. Furthermore, the profits from the charitable events all go towards emergency motorcycle vehicles across The United States. Now, that's charity.

4 Good Guys: The Iron Order

via insanethrottlebikernews

The Iron Order is a brotherhood who have vowed to look after one another, as well as their families and friends. The members come from all walks of life and believe in making the lives of the less fortunate better in whatever way they can. Sadly, in the motorcycle world, it can be quite difficult to remain on the side of the good guys, with rival clubs often attempting to infiltrate or persuade members to do bad things. Thankfully, the Iron Order is strong, and although they have admitted to run-ins with rival clubs, they have also insisted that have always taken high road before any events could actually take place. They're committed to demonstrating that violence is definitely not what they are about.

3 Good Guys: Devil Dolls

via youtube

The Devils Dolls are an all-female biking sisterhood who ride bikes in order to bring empowerment to women. Founded on Valentine's Day in 1999, they are also known as the 'Wild West' and have members scattered all over the United States, as well as Sweden and a variety of other places.

The women's club has a slight edge, with punks, rednecks, rockers, and moms as members, yet they still provide a family feel to their riding.

However, they will accept people with a sketchy background within their midst, provided that the actions weren't against children, animals, or the elderly. Furthermore, they host fundraising events to raise money for local communities throughout the areas that they ride in.

2 Good Guys: The Sikh Motorcycle Club

via northdeltareporter

The Sikh Motorcycle Club foundation was founded in 2003 by a Punjabi radio broadcaster in Canada. He originally put out a request via his radio show to gather a small group of bike enthusiasts in order to make a documentary about Sikh motorcyclists who wore turbans on their bikes. The small request suddenly turned into a huge gathering, with the group quickly growing into its hundreds. These days, the club is still as successful and raises impressive amounts of money for charity each year. Furthermore, the members have said it's their religious beliefs and their love of motorcycles that have kept them together for this long.

1 Good Guys: Hard Heads

via departuremag

The Hard Heads are a motorcycle group based in Singapore. Their tribe is based on loyalty, leadership, and camaraderie, with the club tending to stick by these rules as much as possible.

The Hard Heads pride themselves on living as honest citizens and often make regular appearances at elderly homes and charity events.

This crew is made of real good guys, and they often help raise money for those who are less fortunate. Their good deeds and presence within the community have led to the Hard Heads being repeatedly praised by locals, who all line up to have their picture taken with their heroes.

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