10 Bizarre Motorcycle Laws That Make No Sense (And 10 Driving Laws That Might Be Worse)

Many traffic laws for cars and motorcycles are to keep people safe, but many also leave drivers scratching their heads.

After reading this list a reader might decide to give up on either riding a motorcycle or driving a car. The amount of silly rules out there is so darn baffling. From Canada to the US to Thailand to China, all these countries aren’t immune to some of the silliest laws you’ll ever hear about. We have a wide range of laws from those that are totally unnecessary such as getting changed in a vehicle to others that make no sense what so ever like not having to spot for pedestrians in China. Are we trying to save lives with these laws or...

Before we begin we’ve got a plethora of ridiculous laws that just managed to evade the list. Let’s pay a little homage to silly driving laws worthy of at least a mention. Driving with a blindfold is illegal in Alabama, thanks for clearing that up. You are required to check for children hiding under a vehicle in Denmark... In Denver you can’t buy a car on Sunday nor can you drive a black car on the same day. And oh, in Bulgaria you must drive around with a fire extinguisher. As for the honorable motorcycle law mentions, Germany requires bikers to keep both hands on the bars at all times. What if you have an itch? In Thailand riders can only use the left lane – this is just one of the many radical biker laws in Thailand. And in Spain riders can’t use intercoms... Thanks for letting us know.

Without further ado let’s continue the ridiculousness with 10 bizarre motorcycle laws that make no sense and 10 driving laws that might be worse. Be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Motorcycle Law: Driving Between Lanes Legal In Toronto Soon

via sfgate.com

Chances are you’ve seen this unfold a couple of times in the past. With heavy traffic motorcycle drivers tend to try and beat out the rush by driving between lanes. It really grinds the gears of other drivers. Its deemed illegal in most areas and quite dangerous.

Well, according to CBC, Toronto really doesn’t think it’s all that bad.

The city is planning on making it legal with a new proposal recently made to the city council. According to the Senior Instructor of the Riding Institute it should create a safer environment; "What you're doing is minimizing the risk of front- or rear-end collisions," Mersereau said. Hmm so what about the risk of a driver not seeing a motorcyclist in their blind spot?

19 Driving Law: Driving With A Dirty Car In Russia

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We’re not entirely sure what it is about Europe and keeping vehicles clean? Switzerland has a weird rule that a driver isn’t allowed to wash their vehicle on a Sunday. Don’t tell that to the Russian government, such a law is forbidden! Not only that but it’s actually illegal for a driver to take the road with a dirty car. We can understand a law prohibiting nasty tires or something like that due to safety concerns. However getting pulled over for having a dirty car is just outrageous. Try and think about all the tickets you might have gotten for in the past not keeping that vehicle clean. Yea probably a couple.

18 Motorcycle Law: Can't Ride In A Costume Or Disguise

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This one is a bit of a head scratcher but according to Rocky Mountain ATV-MC any type of face disguise or costume is strictly prohibited in certain states. Virginia is among the US states to prohibit a costume while riding.

Now there’s a certain condition to it: if you’re wearing the gear for a certain reason such as Halloween then it’s usually okay.

Oddly, you just can’t dress up in a costume while riding for no apparent reason... What if I just feel like dressing up as Batman on a random Wednesday... What then!? Okay, maybe we’ll settle for a superhero without a mask. Superman perhaps?

17 Driving Law: Illegal To Stop For Pedestrians In China

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Yes, this one is truly bizarre and insanely dangerous. However according to Quartz this law was put in place in order to crackdown on jaywalking. This is an apparent problem in China which has caused some massive traffic jams in the past. So in order to remedy this issue drivers are now encouraged to keep driving and NOT slow down for pedestrians when they have the right of the way... That doesn’t sound safe. We don’t expect this law to be placed anywhere else in the world. Just imagine seeing a pedestrian on the street and basically speeding up so they don’t cross. As bizarre as that sounds this is the goal of the law ultimately. They might want to rethink that one.

16 Motorcycle Law: Headlights Must Always Be On While Riding Highway

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A rule since 1980, Rocky Mountain ATV-MC claims that riding with your headlights on while taking to the highway is an absolute must. We understand the severity of keeping them off during the night but really, who in the world can see those headlights during a summery August day?

Nonetheless the law has apparently proven to be effective with a decrease in accidents, though the correlation may be coincidence.

Ironically according to MCN it’s illegal in Cambodia to ride with your headlights on during the day. It can result in a fine. The real kicker is some bikes have the lights constantly on, if this is the case in Cambodia a rider must make the modifications to get them turned off during the day....

15 Driving Law: Staying Between The Lines Not Necessary In Ontario

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Canada isn’t perfect either. The Globe and Mail ran a list discussing some of the most bizarre driving laws out there. Once again Toronto made the list with a peculiar driving rule. This law claims that drivers don’t really need to stay between the lanes. Basically, a driver can pass a solid line while on the highway – Ontario is the only Canadian province to deem this as legal. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation the line marking is more of an advisory than an actual law... here’s the quote provided by The Globe and Mail“In Ontario, lane markings generally serve an advisory or warning function and by themselves do not possess any legal force."

14 Motorcycle Law: Male Motorcycle Passengers Banned In Honduras

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The Guardian ran this peculiar story back in 2011. As a precaution to decrease drive-by violence the Honduras Security Minister issued a ban on riders driving with a male counterpart; "Given the current security situation, we believe that the appropriate response is allowing only one person [to ride] on motorcycle."  We understand the safety issue, but man is this ever a bizarre law. On another note, why would women be exempt? The law is incredibly sketchy and one that doesn’t appear to be fully thought about. At the end of the day is banning a motorcycle passenger really going to decrease violence all that much? Maybe they’ll ban male passengers from a car as well.

13 Driving Law: Passenger Cannot Honk Horn In Missouri

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This might have happened to you at a younger age. You’re learning how to drive and some impatient motorist cuts you off. Obviously mom is having none of it and she decides to honk your horn. Well, in Missouri this would be deemed as an illegal offense.

According to a head scratching rule, a passenger cannot honk the horn as it is deemed unsafe for the driver or other drivers on the road.

Other areas have also labelled bans on honking for no reason. Making matters worse, certain areas in the world have banned honking altogether... we’re not kidding.

12 Motorcycle Law: No Mods On Bridges Or Tunnels In Thailand

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Why not just ban motorcycles altogether? Thailand has issued several puzzling restrictions according to MCN. Oddly, a motorcycle isn’t allowed to pass under a tunnel perhaps because of darkness? What might be even more peculiar is a ban on motorcycles passing by bridges. How this is deemed illegal is truly beyond us. Modifications are also strictly prohibited. MCN claims something as simple as changing the grip on the handle bars can result in a fine. It is said that Thailand is quite loose with these laws. That really doesn’t shock us one bit. If they weren’t, chances are you wouldn’t see any bikes riding around the area.

11 Driving Laws: No Radar In 30 Km/h Zones In Australia

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We hate to admit it but one of the only justifiable tickets with actual proof is a speeding violation when caught on radar. The facts are there and a driver really can’t do much in terms of wiggling their way out of the ticket. Now just imagine cops taking that away and just going by sight! In Australia this seems to be the case. In speed zones of 30 km/h Australian police does not require the use of a radar. So basically it’s a judgement call and one no driver wants to deal with. This is a law that would not be welcomed in other areas around the world.

10 Motorcycle Law: 88 & Over Is The Legal Cut-Off Age

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The US and Canada placed sanctions related to driving and old age. In the US a 70 year old will have to renew their licence every three years. Depending on the province Canada has similar laws, however 65 seems to be the renewal age in most provinces. Those laws make absolute sense. However this one is quite peculiar.

According to riding laws, the cut off age for a motorcyclist is 88.

This means once you reach 88 you are no longer allowed to access a motorcycle. No renewal exam, you just flat out aren’t allowed. Some deem this law to be false and unverified.

9 Driving Law: Ticket While Texting At Drive-Thru In Canada

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Canada has cracked down on laws pertaining to cell phone use while driving. This can be very dangerous however this particular illegal offense might have gone a little too far. According to The Globe and Mail a Canadian citizen was ticketed for texting on his cell phone while at a drive thru. The interesting part is that all Canadian provinces have this law in place. You’re only allowed to text in the case the car is completely stopped and in park with the ignition off. However both Ontario and Quebec have issued new laws deeming it legal to text while on private properties... No joke.

8 Motorcycle Law: No Helmet Laws

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In this day and age it is just silly to think about riding a motorcycle without a helmet. With bikes and cars a lot faster than they used to be and with distractions at an all-time high motorcycle riders can be quite vulnerable while riding. For that reason a helmet is all the more crucial in preventing an even worse disaster. Shockingly, not every US state has a law in place for helmet use. 28 states enforced the law however 3 states don’t. Among the states includes Iowa, New Hampshire and Illinois. Once again in this day and age most would render this rule as bizarre and one that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

7 Driving Law: Can't Spit From A Car/Bus In Georgia (But A Trucker Can)

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According to All State it’s illegal to spit from a car or bus in Marietta, Georgia. Okay, that might be understandable. But what if you swallow a bug or something? What then!? What makes absolutely no sense whatsoever is the fact that in the same area it is deemed legal to spit while riding in a truck... Yes, this one is absolutely ridiculous.

Perhaps being higher up allows more of a flexibility to spit.

Or hey, maybe because truckers drive for so darn long they’re allowed to let loose when they please. Okay we’re just grasping here, this law needs to be changed to every type of vehicle or no vehicle at all for that matter.

6 Motorcycle Law: Riders Who Wear Cultural Head Gear Don’t Need Helmets

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As of April 2018 riders that wear turbans for cultural purposes are no longer required to wear helmets in Alberta. Brian Manson the Minister of Transportation discusses the reasoning during an interview with CTV News"The Sikh community has urged us to grant this exemption in recognition of its civil rights and expression," said Brian Mason, Alberta's Minister of Transportation in a statement. "Our government is committed to these principles." Not all the Canadian provinces view this in a similar manner. Back in 2014 Ontario banned the proposal claiming it’s unsafe – hard to argue with that.

5 Driving Law: Cursing While Driving Illegal In Texas

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If you’re going to drop a bad word while stuck in traffic make sure to do so softly without anyone else hearing you. Perhaps roll up the windows and blast the music. That’ll ensure you won’t get a ticket in either Texas or Rockville, Maryland. Perhaps this is a precaution against road rage however the notion of being charged with a misdemeanour for swearing seems to be a little too harsh and ridiculous. Its like going to the Principal’s office back in elementary school for dropping a cuss word. In that environment it isn’t acceptable but while driving... perhaps that’s a little too far.

4 Motorcycle Law: Shorts Not Allowed While Riding

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For younger drivers the precautions taken might be a little much. One of them requires motorcycle drivers to wear long pants. Protective gloves, clothing and shoes is also required. Perhaps shorts were not deemed as safe... which is truly odd.

Just imagine it’s a 40 degree day and riding in a thick jacket and long pair of jeans.

That might be just as hazardous. Some US states also require a driver to wear eye protection all times. Not doing so can result in a fine. Let’s say you wear a helmet with the visor up this can also result in a fine.

3 Driving Law: Delaware Forbids Changing Clothes In Vehicle

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This is one of those classic “but why!?” types of laws. Delaware felt the need to include this law for whatever reason stating that it’s illegal to get changed inside of a car. What if Superman doesn’t have access to a phone booth and all he can do is change in a vehicle? Well, if he’s in Delaware he runs the risk of getting ticketed – even if he is a superhero. Maybe they can make sanctions against superheroes changing in cars? Okay we’ve gone too far. This is a puzzling rule and one we just cannot believe turned into an actual law.

2 Motorcycle Law: Can legally Pass A Red Light

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This law might have gone a little too far. In certain US states a “safe on red” law was passed back in 2013. This was done for motorcycle riders due to lights not being able to sensor the riders. It leads to longer waits at a light because of it. In certain areas riders are also told to pass red lights if they’re driving at an unstoppable rate, this is another silly and problematic law. Instead law makers should set a reduced speed limit for riders when passing a light. That’ll definitely reduce the problem. And heck, why not create sensors that can also detect bikes as well! There is simply no need for these silly rules. Red should mean stop universally for everyone.

1 Driving Law: No Gorillas In The Back Seat

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Remember kids no gorillas allowed in the back seat... What if we strap it to the hood of the car? Believe it or not Massachusetts set a ban on dangerous wild animals in a back seat. According to All State dogs and cats are allowed, it’s more like gorillas that aren’t. There’s just so much wrong with that law. Seriously did they really need to put this on paper!? It’s definitely one of the more hilarious laws out there. If you’re ever caught riding around in Boston be sure to report anyone riding around with a gorilla in the back seat – it’s your duty as a citizen to report any type of crime.

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