19 People Who Tried Modifying Their Motorcycles...But Failed

Motorcycle modification is a huge market around the world as most owners want a little something extra like a canopy, a new paint job, or a radio to keep the rider entertained while riding. However, customizing or totally pimping out a motorcycle to stand out from the crowd with your unique personalized style may not always work out for everyone. You need to know about the mod kits and the performance parts that exist to upgrade your motorcycle or scooter before pulling any crazy stunts as we shall see on this list of failed motorcycle mods. After all, while a motorcycle upgrade is such a fun journey to begin, the fun part all depends on the modification process and the final outcome, which can leave you either with your fingers burnt or with a sense of pride at the accomplishment of owning a unique motorcycle.

Most motorcycle modifications are usually on external parts such as the body, the air filter, the exhaust, the fender eliminator, the windscreen, the tires, the handlebars or even the frame sliders. Others change the electric box to add a huge punch to the motorcycle’s power. Playing around with such parts and the bodywork can create a unique motorcycle, but your creativity should be well within the acceptable limits.

But what about those who may know what they’re doing when modifying their motorcycles, but the result is a disaster? Well, it does happen, so put on your helmet, wear a pair of visors, and strap on your boots (tightly) because these 19 failed motorcycle mods will blow your mind - literally!

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19 Uggh-cycle

You can tell where this guy is from the road sign behind him–the Passo Gavia. This is one of the most feared climbs that's been famous in Italy since the 1960s. Tourists and local travelers go to this place to experience its glorious beauty, the rugged landscape, and the natural beauty of the Lago Bianco lake, but for cyclists (including you and your beloved motorcycle), the main attraction is The Race Across The Alps event. But that’s beside the point. The issue here is this guy’s motorcycle modification, which is a total failure. Maybe he did this to protect his bike from the cold mountain climate at Passo Gavia, but we’re sure that’s not the case. It's even hard to tell exactly what he did to the poor motorcycle, as it looks more like the ancient walls of Egypt–hieroglyphics and all.

18 The Multi-purpose-cycle

If you look at each of the motorcycle mods in this collage–by the way there's so much happening out there that we can't fit it all into one photo; otherwise, it would've been overkill–each of these mods has something going on. At the very top, the motorcycle was combined with what looks like a carriage, but the overall look gives the impression that the rider is pulling a hearse–so creepy! The other three are also functional as they can double up as a portable tiny home–actually, more like a caravan–but why stress your motorcycle this way? Surely, there's got to be a better way to move around with your motorcycle and still be a happy camper; you can't have your cake and eat it. Guys, please stop spoiling your motorcycles.

17 The Trailer-cycle

This is a trailer–let’s not even argue about it. There’s nothing about it that says motorcycle. These are the types of motorcycle mods that if you ask the owner how it ended up like this, he’d probably say something like "It's amazing, you know... one thing led to another, and here we are." Sometimes, you get a sudden rush of creative juices in your mind whenever you plan to take on an exciting project, whether it's sprucing up your home, modifying your bike, or even doing your own makeup, and if not controlled, things can go awry. Always do a sketch, consult the experts, or do your research on what works and what doesn’t because you’ll end up creating something else, and you’d need to register it all over again or risk an arrest. We bet the owner doesn’t even know how to drive a trailer.

16 Hang-in-there-cycle

If you’re going to install ape hangers on your motorcycle yourself, check on the comfort and safety of doing so before you make that decision. Chopper motorcycles are meant to be comfortable and dope and deliver a more superior ride, but there’s got to be limit to the height of these ape-hanger handlebars. Ape hangers are loved and hated in equal measure, but those who love them also enjoy the looks and attention they get when riding. The owner of this motorcycle doesn’t look like he’s enjoying the ride. I mean, what happens in the event he has to pull the brakes? If you compare him to the rider just ahead, this guy looks like he’s fatigued and has engaged auto-pilot. Like most things in life, a little moderation goes a long way.

15 Truck-cycle

We’re not sure what’s really going on here because it looks like this guy took his little motorcycle and placed it on the chassis of a really huge trailer. Why he would do this is mind-boggling. So many questions run through the mind like "Where's the engine? How does he fuel this thing? How is it controlled? What do we call a motorcycle that’s been fused with a trailer truck?" It’s one of those failed motorcycle mods that defy all the principles of every science man has ever known. One thing many motorcycle owners who messed up their rides with nonsensical ideas as this one have in common is that the makers of the bikes and motorcycles knew what they were doing, so this is an insult to their profession.

14 Spitting Cobra-cycle

The purpose of the exhaust pipe on your motorcycle isn't just to route the hot gasses that come from the engine after combustion; it also helps improve your motorcycle’s performance. This is critical because breathing in such gases can make you sick, or you can even die. A standard motorcycle exhaust comes with a catalytic converter that converts carbon monoxide from the engine into carbon dioxide, which is less toxic, especially to the environment. What isn’t clear about this particular modification is the owner’s intentions because the exhaust looks so constricted, like it's struggling to force the bad gasses out of the cobra’s mouth and into the air. There’s got to be a better way to modify your exhaust to look like a spitting cobra and achieve the same effect, but sculpting one out of scrap metal and welding it directly onto the bike is cruel!

13 The Boatercycle

The first thing you’ll notice about this motorcycle is the potential for a fall or an accident if the rider pulls on the brakes. I mean, look at it. It’s like he took his kid’s boat (no doubt about it), turned it over, and found a way of fixing it onto his bike. Maybe he really wanted a way of resting his legs without having to touch the ground or maybe an easier way to make the ride more stable on the highway - but this isn't logical. Another important element you may have noticed is the thing on his head. Is that even a proper helmet? Because it looks like he took a plastic bowl, tied an elastic band around it, and off he went. There’s really no need to take bike-riding lessons if this is how it plays out on the road.

12 The RV-Cycle

This looks like an afterthought, actually. Either the motorcycle or the caravan was just sitting somewhere rusting away at some lonely corner in the owner's compound, and he decided to merge the two. While this is a functional RV-cycle, it's stressing the bike in many ways. Imagine you're carrying a few friends or your family in there, and you're riding the bike to some place many miles away–this would tire you out. Motorcycles certainly aren't built to fulfill every crazy fantasy you dream up.  What this guy has done is liken his bike to a camel that can carry heavy loads on its back and walk for long distances without water. This is motorcycle abuse. There's much more you can do with your old caravan than attaching it to an innocent bike.

11 The Chopper Carriage

Poor motorcycle. It doesn’t even know its identity anymore because the only thing that tells you it used to be a motorcycle is the front part. The rest of the body looks like a kid’s go-kart was forcefully home-welded onto the remains of an old classic car to complete the look. Seriously? If what you really want is a bike or a motorcycle that can give you space and comfort, please visit your nearest dealer and buy a chopper. But our advice to the owner of this thing is to choose what you want and buy it, or get a quad bike and do some minor mods on it. There’s really no need to waste your time, energy, and valuable dollars if you really don’t know what you want.

10 True Love Motorcycle

Awwww, too cute! We came across both of these photos as we scoured the interwebs to bring you the worst failed motorcycle mods, and we're convinced it's the same couple in both photos. In fact, these look like before-and-after photos. They say that when you start out in marriage, both partners are small-bodied and that, as time goes by and after a few years of good food and sweet nothings, the minds settle and the weight checks in. This is probably what we're seeing here. They started out with what we think is a Hond-ette (the fusion between a Honda and Corvette) or a Cor-wing (Corvette and Goldwing). This was probably on their honeymoon, so they needed extra trunk space for their luggage. A few years and kilos later, they ditched the helmets and boots for sneakers and bandanas, got a motorcycle on steroids, and hit the road!

9 The Taxidermy-cycle

Move over, Hulk–there’s a new Hogan in town! This happy-go-lucky motorcycle owner took modification to a whole new level. It doesn’t take much effort to know where he drew his creative inspiration from, but it's overdone. The front fender looks like a dead raccoon, and a little above the headlight is what looks like a mounted trophy - in this case, the head and antlers of a deer. We’re not so sure what stuffed animals are at the back of the motorcycle, but this would make for a great taxidermy project–without the engine. In terms of safety, this guy has broken all the rules that exist: no boots, no protective clothing, no helmet–nothing. How he escaped the watchful eye of the cops is beyond us.

8 WiFi-cycle

The digital age has placed quite some heavy demands on everyone, and we understand that. I mean, you have your social media networks, and there are all these photos and videos to like, comment on, or share. Then, there are WhatsApp, email, gaming, and dating apps–everything is in there. For this motorcycle owner, it seems the only way he knows how to keep up with his networks and trends is to have his own server and internet connection attached to his bike so he can browse and respond to emails on the go. Thomas Friedman said the Earth was flat and that we'd have WiFi-enabled clothes, so this guy is actually within the range of that prophecy. Public WiFi isn't so secure these days either, so you're better off carrying your own around with you.

7 Pottie-cycle

Okay, what's going on here? A few quick thoughts. The first thing you see is the glaring white seat that resembles a portable toilet. Actually, the name on the motorcycle's front fender reads "Toilet Bike," so there you have it. Now that we've established what it is, our second area of concern is what's on the rear end. Are those gas cylinders? And if they are, why would the owner need to have them on a toilet bike? This motorcycle mod is a huge disaster. We can't even begin to describe what happens when the toilet lets off unwanted scents when parked somewhere in a busy city or if it suddenly falls apart. If you really must use the washroom, it's best to go before you leave your house.

6 Kiddie-cycle

There's a good reason for placing this motorcycle mod failure close to the potty-cycle. The owners of each of the motorcycles–as you can see–are ambitious, at least when it comes to their rides. There's a willingness to grow, an inner longing to want a seat at the table with the big boys, but you just cannot be seen to have stunted growth, so you need to improvise. This is exactly what these three guys did. The first guy would've loved to ride on a stallion, but since it's not happening, he opted to work with what he had. The other two added ape hangers to their scooters (one actually looks like a little girl's bike). We're lost for words, really.

5 Dragonfly-cycle

If you look at this photo long and hard, your mind starts playing tricks on you because the more you look at it, the owner of the motorcycle stops looking human and starts taking an alien form, more like a dragonfly. Maybe it's the choice of costume, the structure of the bike, or the big red balls on the 'helmet.' Why are people like this? Who hurt you? We may be wrong, but if this photo wasn't taken at a themed event or party, then something is very wrong somewhere. The bike itself is already struggling from the weight of the strange metal wings–how does he even control this thing? This is the complete opposite of what it means to follow your heart. No! Just stop it!

4 Boeing-cycle

Well, well... what do we have here? An aeronautical engineer? By the way, there's so much talent out there these days; the problem is it isn't refined. This guy is a good example of that. If you look at what this guy did to his motorcycle, there's no telling when that thing will lift off the busy runway, allowing him to finally achieve his dream of flying the first ever Boeing motorcycle-plane thingy. This looks genius in terms of concept, but the execution is whack! Don't implement something without thinking about the final result. How does this balance on the road? When he brakes, does it topple over? There are so many questions left unanswered, but we still think he can be helped. His isn't a total failure unlike the top three on this list.

3 CCTV-cycle

This is just hilarious! You can't even get angry at this motorcycle owner for his weird creativity. There are two things about this failed motorcycle mod photo that really stand out. The first is all the headlights of every size and the countless side mirrors. Then, there's the learner 'L' sign hanging low next to the front wheel. Try and imagine what it would look like if you met with this guy at night as he's riding his bike, every light switched on. What's worse is how proud he looks with his creation, lol. How does he even decide which side mirror to use when checking out the road before making the next turn? By now, you’re probably thinking that maybe the term "custom bike" should just have been left to Harley choppers.

2 Spike-cycle

This stopped being a motorcycle and crossed over to the arsenal category. It's a weapon meant to destroy one's enemies, not a customized bike. The owner of this motorcycle is probably very insecure and paranoid, judging by the spiky frame that surrounds every part of the bike. The only parts that were saved from his wrath are the wheels, the seat, and the handlebars, but that's probably because they affect him directly. Otherwise, the rest of the bike is protected, probably to ward off potential motorcycle kleptos. If you happen to pass by this motorcycle and peradventure, one of the spikes pricks the skin on your hand or even your leg, rush to the nearest hospital and get a tetanus jab. It's that serious. I mean, look at it.

1 Garbage-cycle

This is where all the failed motorcycle mods dump all their junk when their creativity doesn't bear fruit. The poor motorcycle looks like it bears the sins of every rider who either did a bad mod job, broke some traffic rules somewhere, or might have been involved in a street riot somewhere. As you can see, there's a green mileage road sign underneath, a torn flag, and everything else you can possibly imagine to find in a dumpster. If it was composed of different pieces of metal stuck onto the old broken motorcycle, it would've been easy to transform it into a work of art, but this is the end. It's not just disgusting; it's revolting and should be taken someplace far off, doused with the most potent petroleum, and burned to its complete death!

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