18 Motorcycle Sidecars That Look Like Sideshows

Many motorcycle riders enjoy adding a sidecar, but these examples look more like sideshows.

It is perhaps natural to find yourself staring at other cars as you sit in traffic. But when it comes to the 20 motorcycles on our list, it would not be the motorcycle itself that would be what was going to be what caught your attention. Instead, it would definitely be the different trailers and sidecars that these motorcyclists thought would be a great addition to their motorcycle.

And to be fair, some of the decisions that were made and get featured are pretty fantastic. Like one person who created a sidecar that is a replica of a Volkswagen van. When you learn that one of the awesome sidecars on our list that is themed around a nuclear bomb was created for the motorcyclists' son or another one, funnily named the Dogsaucer, so their dog can join along for the ride, you also might understand why some people spend the amount of time and attention that they do into modifying their sidecar or trailer.

But then again, sometimes things can be called a sideshow for reasons that are not always the most positive. Such as one motorcycle and sidecar that is also completely decked out in homage to Coca-Cola; which I will have to apologize for if it leaves you with a craving to go and buy some! Even if the motorcycle itself is an eyesore. Or the several motorcyclists who decided the perfect trailer for their motorcycle was to get a miniature car to pull behind them.

These are the 18 motorcycle sidecars that look like sideshows.

18 Brand Loyalty

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If you want to improve your health one of the best things that you can potentially try and remove from your diet is pop, such as Coca-Cola. But with the amount of dedication to the brand that this person has shown, I imagine it would be a very hard sell to convince them that drinking some Coca-Cola is something that is going to cause some serious long-term problems.

We must say, it does pay the brand homage very well.

You also have to imagine that this is also the kind of person who has an issue when they go into a restaurant and they get told they have Pepsi, not coca-cola!

17 Literally A Side Car

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Francois Knorreck had a job as a hospital technician, but that was not the only passion in his life, as he also had an interest in modifying the vehicle you see above. Which is why that whenever he seemingly had some spare time, he spent it creating this project that reportedly took him upwards of 10 years to complete. It is also believed to have cost him $20,000. For that kind of time and money, you have to imagine that Francois would much rather spend his time sitting as a passenger than driving. Especially if the weather outside is not the nicest! (Source: AutoTrader).

16 Final Resting Car

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It is never easy to lose someone who is close to you. And one of the best things about trying to get a sense of closure is to be able to go to something like a funeral and pay homage to the deceased. But if you own a motorcycle and think this is an appropriate trailer to hitch to the back of your motorcycle, you might want to spend some time re-evaluating your decisions.

For one, lying down in a box is never a comfortable situation.

Because while this is sure to be able to capture the attention of everyone around, that might not be for reasons that others appreciate.

15 Watch Out For The Spikes

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It definitely takes a special type of person to be able to pull off some of the longer motorcycles that you see on shows like West Coast Chopper. But often when you see a motorcycle that is decked out with something like spikes, you do not often see it with an accompanying sidecar. And while the fact that the spikes are sure to cause an issue if you accidentally back into one (or accidentally rest your hand down on it if you are standing outside the car!), it surely helps this motorcycle receive plenty of looks.

14 Shark Attack

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If you have a fear of the ocean, it may be due to the fact that there are many things that live in the water that has the ability to turn that swim into the last thing that you ever get to do in this life. Such as sharks which - while may not be as dangerous as some people may think - still have the ability to do some serious damage.

Just tune in for Discovery's Shark Week to learn more.

But the fact that this motorcycle driver decided to put a shark on the sidecar means that perhaps taking this motorcycle down to the beach is one of their favourite things to do!

13 This Spoiler Is Probably Unnecessary

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When you are in traffic you might find yourself starting to ignore the rules of the road - albeit not always consciously - as you stare at the other vehicles that are in traffic with you. Which also means that you have plenty of time getting to look at the back of people's vehicles. Something that may be all the more annoying to do if you have someone ahead of you that has an obnoxious spoiler on the back of their car. Though in the case of this sidecar, the spoiler while unusual, does not take away from the aesthetic of the motorcycle in my opinion.

12 This Sidecar Was Made For Their Son

via reddit.com

Now I am going to warn you. What I am about to say is definitely a little bit cheesy and probably has a pretty high chance of making you sit there and roll your eyes. But this motorcycle and the sidecar is the bomb! It is reported that the passenger also has a horn and a fun water gun. The person who went through the effort of creating this did so for his kid who I am sure was also left in amazement as to what his father was able to build. Though if he is driving with his kid, the phrase handle with care is definitely appropriate!(Source: Reddit).

11 Barrel Of Laughs

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When you compare the next entry on our list to some of the other ones, you may be in agreement with me when I say that it does not have the same level of storage that others provide.

But the wooden barrel is still a tremendous look, especially when combined with the clean motorcycle.

And if you were on your way to something like a party where all you needed to lug behind you was some alcohol (and a sleeping bag so you don't drink and drive!) then this may be the perfect trailer for you!

10 Hitting The Road With Some Teeth

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One of the best places you can go to try and find things to buy is on eBay. But if you are buying something huge like a vehicle, you would definitely be well within your rights to be a little apprehensive about purchasing it over the internet. Especially if the vehicle that you were buying is this one that has many customized features for that extra "unique" appeal. Hopefully this person was able to find a happy buyer, but if not, then you also have to hope they don't blame eBay for it not selling. (Source: VisorDown).

9 This Probably Should Not Have Been Done

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There is definitely a certain level of skill and effort that had to be present for this transformation to happen and have the vehicle still be able to drive comfortably on the road. But you would not be insane to say that you would feel a lot more comfortable on the road if you never had to experience driving alongside this "motorcycle" driver! Especially because I'm sure it would be quite the surprise if you did not notice at first that only the back half looks like a car. And to be fair, it is also very possible that not even the owner of the car would be able to admit that this is a safe looking vehicle!

8 Side Van

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Three other entries on our list featured motorcycle drivers who made the decision to get a trailer that resembled a car.

But when it comes to Jason Dyer, that was not the route that he wanted to go.

Instead, Jason had the brilliant idea to create a sidecar for his motorcycle that looked like a vehicle. Which, you may have to admit, has a lot more of a practical nature than the other two drivers. The only downside is Jason might love the sidecar so much that he never wants to be the driver! (Source: TwistedSifter).

7 Perhaps The Best Half-Car/Half-Motorcycle

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If you find yourself looking over this list and thinking about making some customizations to your own motorcycle, one of the themes that stands out the most may be people who decided they wanted to turn their vehicle into half-motorcycle, half-vehicle. But if you are going to go ahead and do something like that, then I hope you can try and take inspiration from this person who at least seems to have done a fairly clean job of separating the two halves and probably has a blast whipping down the road while knowing that others are sure to be staring at his work.

6 Exuding A Level Of Sophistication

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There are many vehicles that you can drive around in that definitely exudes a level of class and sophistication. And while your mind may go to something like a limo or Rolls Royce when you are asked to think of what vehicles fit that description, there are also some motorcycles out there that also have the ability to exude those qualities. In the case of this next entry though, it may be the very nice looking sidecar that is really what captures your attention though, and not the gorgeous looking motorcycle that it is attached to.

5 Not So Smart Decision

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There is nothing wrong with making the decision that the vehicle that you want to drive is a Smart Car. But if you are going to go ahead and do that, you might want to make sure that you are continuing to make decisions that you would think are smart. And while it is possible that you are a fan of this motorcycle "modification" it is perhaps even more likely that this has just increased your potential disdain for Smart Cars.

This mod definitely doesn't look like a smart decision.

Almost as if this person did not stop to think about if they should do this, even if they realized they had the ability to complete the task.

4 Sidecar Is A Car

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If you find yourself owning a motorcycle, there might be some things about it that you wish were different. Such as the fact that most motorcycles do not always offer the most space in terms of overall storage. But one fun way to try and modify that is to get a trailer to hook up to the back of your car. And in the case of this driver, they are probably having a fantastic time towing their "car" behind them. Especially because the color scheme of both being the same adds to the appeal. That being said, it is also very possible that you took one look at this and rolled your eyes!

3 DogSaucer

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One of the best things that you may get to experience is going out for a drive while having your loving pet, such as your potential dog, by your side. But that is something that people who own a motorcycle may admit is not something that is as easy to accomplish in contrast to someone who is driving around in something like a van. Though owning a motorcycle clearly did not slow this owner down who went as far as to name the sidecar to their motorcycle the "DogSaucer". And as long as some of those trips on the motorcycle end at the dog park I am sure the dog loves the sidecar as well!

2 Black And Gold

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If you are a fan of Triumph motorcycles, then it definitely is not going to be a stretch to say that you have already fallen in love with the next entry of our list that features the Thruxton R motorcycle. Not to mention a fantastic and sleek looking sidecar that makes the entire thing even more appealing. The touch of gold on the motorcycle catches your eye in a fantastic way, as does the subtle design that was done to the sidecar. Just have to hope this person never gets in an accident and needs to stop riding this motorcycle!

1 Getting Ready To Go Camping

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There are many fantastic things that you have the opportunity to do once the weather starts to get a little bit colder. But there are also many things that you may find yourself pining for as you wait for the weather to warm up again. Such as spending stretches of time with your friends or family going on vacation. And while some vacations involve getting on a plane, the modification that this person made to their motorcycle seems to indicate that they are a much bigger fan of getting the family in their "modified RV" and hitting the open road.

Sources: Reddit.com, Tumblr.com, CurbSideClassic.com

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