10 Weird Motorcycle Driving Laws In The US That You Didn't Know About

A state's legislation is rarely updated, which may explain some of these strange Motorcycle driving laws.

For most of us, even if we don’t ride, the idea of motorcycles is pretty cool. The speed, the sound, the notion of such freedom careening around the highways and byways of the road is just too darn cool. Just a person and two wheels against the world - the twentieth-century outlaw. Whether you ride a chopper or a Harley or a sleek Ducati; by yourself or with a Club, there’s something about the life that can’t be stated unless you live it, and no - watching Sons Of Anarchy or reading a few books can explain it.

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However, even outlaws have to observe some laws. They don’t want a ticket, a fine, or a few nights in jail. Sometimes laws are completely silly. While it has nothing to do with riding, there’s at least one state that does not permit people to have ice cream in their pockets on a Sunday; the story behind that law has to be awesome! There are some pretty ridiculous biker laws too, here’s a few of them - 10 Weird Motorcycle Driving Laws In The US That You Didn't Know About.

10 No Wheelies - Maine

It’s one of the first images you think of when you hear a motorcycle. If you ride, it’s probably one of the first things you learn how to do on a motorcycle. But in Maine, popping a wheelie illegal.

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According to Title 29-A 2062, “a person may not intentionally or knowingly raise the front wheel of a motorcycle off the surface.” While it might not be the safest move to perform, it begs the question - is it still illegal when you knowingly but unintentionally raise the wheel.

9 No Blindfolds - Alabama

Roll Tide! Part of the fun of seeing some of these laws is that someone must have done something completely and utterly ridiculous in order for the system to feel the need to add a law telling everyone NOT to do something completely and utterly ridiculous.

In Alabama, at least one rider had to be sat down and told that they are not allowed to ride blindfolded. To be fair, it should probably be on the books everywhere that driving anything blindfolded should be a punishable offense.

8 No Costumes - Virginia

To be fair, you can’t do any unauthorized cosplay in Virginia without a permit. You can’t wear masks unless it’s Christmas, Halloween, or you’re going to a masquerade ball.

Maybe at some point, a bunch of marauders dressed as clowns rode around terrorizing the Virginia townsfolk. Or maybe the Virginia government just don’t like costumed vigilantes like Batman in their town?

7 No Gorillas Allowed - Massachusetts

When you read a law like this, you need to understand just what the heck happened to inspire such a law. In short, the law in Massachusetts says you can’t drive with any wild animal in the back of your car.

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There’s a pretty hefty fine of 50$ for an uncaged gorilla in the back. There’s a Warren Zevon all about this (but not really) - “Gorilla, You’re A Desperado.”

6 No Reading Comic Books - Oklahoma

Some rules are obviously set up to keep people safe, but the way they’re set up stands to interpretation. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t be reading and driving or texting and driving.

If you're driving and reading this article, put the phone down!

In the rolling hills of Oklahoma though, the law seems to apply only to comic books! Put down your favorite Wolverine title and pick up Atlas Shrugged instead.

5 Don’t Run Out Of Gas - Ohio

Unless you’re Kramer test driving a car on Seinfeld, NO ONE wants to ever run out of gas. This must have been a real problem though for bikers in Youngstown, Ohio. These Buckeyes needed a law to explain to them that “E” doesn’t stand for enough.

Don’t we all look at our gas meters?! Does anyone actually WANT to run out of gas? What happened in Youngstown? Did people start playing some sick game? “Who wants to pay a fine on top of tow fees?!”

4 Can Run Red Lights - Several States

As if people didn’t think driving a motorcycle was dangerous enough - it’s perfectly legal to run red lights for bikers! In twelve states no less! Believe it or not, this is a law that actually helps traffic flow.

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Certain state’s red light sensors don’t pick up bikes because of their low weight. The riders still have to be respectful of the rules of the road and take caution when crossing a red light and treat it like a stop sign.

3 Cheap To Hit Pedestrians - Florida

It might be fun to do in video games like Grand Theft Auto, it definitely doesn’t feel good to get into an accident, much less watch a pedestrian bounce around after getting hit by a vehicle. Nor in any state, province, or territory is it legal in any way shape or form.

That said, it’s pretty cheap to do it in Sarasota, Florida - the fine was only 78$! Perhaps this law was made when 78$ was considered expensive. Imagine the guy that tries to pay an officer on the spot. Obviously, modern laws are slightly less lenient.

2 Can’t Jump Off At 65MPH - California

By their very nature, motorcycle riders are thrill seekers. Some more than others. Sometimes passengers like to dive off bikes at death-defying speeds. For the people of California who love diving and rolling off their friends’ motorcycles, just make sure that they’re not driving faster than 65 miles-per-hour.

That’s the law. What’s strange is that if you stop and think about it, at some point, someone drove at far faster than this death-defying speed.

1 After 9 PM, No Honking - Arkansas

If you’re riding around in Arkansas and it’s getting late, you need to watch yourself when you’re about to honk your horn. You’re not allowed to do so after 9 PM in areas where cold drinks and sandwiches are served.

Perhaps an outlaw gang came in and disrupted late-night dinner? What if they are riding past an area that only serves hot coffee?

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