15 Motorcycles (And 5 Cars) Too Fast For Speed Cameras To Catch

If all drivers can agree on one thing, it’s that we all stand united for our hate of speed cameras. Every time you want to get down on the road for a long trip with the cruise control set to five or six miles above the limit, there they are, flashing you like the paparazzi press, as if you were just caught out in some kind of scandal. Some wince automatically from the surprise and slight embarrassment. Some smile. Other, more boldly types actually circle around for another go, knowing that they could have gone at least 200 mph past the camera in order to defeat its functions. And so, it goes.

Although they might have their uses, those pesky cameras can be defeated, for a price. It’s claimed that a speed camera can’t track much past someone going between 185-200 mph. While I’m not advocating anyone try to prove that theory, I will show you some production vehicles that are capable of going at least that fast, and even faster. I won’t be including battery-powered cars, except for a motorcycle or two, because of their obvious advantages. Some might ask why you would want to be going that fast in the first place. Those in the know would answer that, and any other question with a question of their own: Why not?

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20 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R: Speed Gone Wild

via pinterest.com

Would you believe me if I said I could put paradise in your hands for around $15,500? You should. The Ninja ZX-14R can get you there, and in a flash. The Ninja’s 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine will get you where you need to be in a terrifying hurry if need be. The guys at Total Motorcycle say that the Ninja is “the ultimate blend of extreme excitement and everyday versatility.” Wanna talk about speed? It’s been reported that the ZX-14R can reach 186 mph with the limiter turned on, and around 208 mph with the limiter off. Wow.

19 MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K: A Turbine Can Do All That?

via mobsea.com

MTT (Marine Turbine Technologies) is one of those bikes that deserves to be called “Super”. It deviates from other bikes by being turbine-powered.

Simply translated, the Superbike Y2K has a jet engine.

A Rolls-Royce 250-C18 turboshaft engine to be exact. MTT CEO Ted McIntyre told CNBC that riding a Y2K “feels like you’re piloting a fighter jet.” The converted Rolls-Royce helicopter engine produces something like 420 hp, which justifies the cost of the bike. Just the engine costs $125,000. The bike’s top speed is estimated at 227 mph. If you have an extra $270,000 lying about, I’d suggest you seriously take a look at the Superbike Y2K.

18 Kawasaki Ninja H2R: Taking Names

via motorcyclenews.com

The Ninja H2R uses a supercharged 300 hp inline 4-cylinder engine, according to the Kawasaki website. The $55,000 price tag for the bike hasn’t stopped customers from wanting one. The entire 2018 model inventory has been sold out for a while now, attesting to the H2R’s popularity among bike lovers. That’s probably due to things like the cool six-speed transmission and a built-in launch control mode. Officially, the Ninja H2R is a track-only bike. I doubt that would stop people from trying to own the road with one though, but they should be aware that the H2R is also officially sold “As Is”, with no warranty. With a claimed top speed between 209-247 mph, I would think a warranty simply wouldn’t apply.

17 Dodge Tomahawk: The Perfection Of A Borg Cube

via avmedia.info

The Tomahawk is perhaps the most perfect bike that’s ever been built. Is it loud? Check. Big? Check? Powerful? Triple check. The bike is a freaky looking as they come, even though it was built in 2003. Nothing comes close to its looks, and it’s easy to tell why. Tomahawk instantly gives you the impression that it’s simply one gigantic engine that has some wheels attached to it. That’s a pretty accurate description.

The bike is powered by an 8.3-liter V10 SRT (Viper) engine, producing over 500 hp.

Dodge sold the “track-only” bike as a “Rolling Sculpture”, most likely protecting the company from liability if someone decided to disintegrate themselves riding one. Top speed is believed to be 420 mph, but Dodge (and their lawyers) officially says 300 mph. For a minimum of $500,000, you can find out for yourself, if you can find one of the nine ever built.

16 Ducati Panigale 1199 R: Move Over Boys

via motorcyclespecs.com

Ducati definitely knows a thing or two about building ultra-fast and responsive bikes. The Panigale 1199 R is a prime example of the company’s expertise. At around $30,000, the bike is not as expensive as some others, but it’ll definitely keep up with them. There’s something I can only describe as classy about the 1199 R. I had heard about it before, and was able to verify the rumor through several sources including Cycle World, who reported that the Ducati’s speedo goes blank after reaching 185 mph. My theory is that they don’t want riders to be concerned with how fast they go, but to enjoy the experience. Although it’s rated top speed is 186 mph, the Panigale 1199 R has no governor like a lot of bikes. The bike relies on its gearing for limiting its speed. But the gearing is of course, adjustable.

15 BMW S 1000 RR HP4: Carbon Fiber Ecstasy

via bauersecure.com

BMW says that the 1000 RR HP4 is the first all-carbon frame bike in the world. That’s a fantastic engineering feat. Even the wheels are full-carbon. The HP4 (HP= High Performance) features semi-active suspension, meaning it can handle and grip the road like a gecko, but still keep you in full control. Along with a long list of ride and stability enhancements, the 1000 RR is ready to go. The bike’s 4-cylinder engine pumps out 193 hp. The HP4 weighs only 439 lbs., which is feather-light compared to bikes in its class. There’s even an option to have a passenger seat installed to share in the fun. It’s rated top speed is “over 185 mph” according to topspeed.com, but I’ve seen ranges between 190-227 mph, depending on the bike setup.

14 Lightning LS-218: The Tesla-S Of Motorcycles

via inforiders.pl

For $38,888, Lightning Motorcycles says that the LS-218 can be all yours. The company claims that the 218 is the fastest production bike of any type in the world. Given the bike’s all-electric origins, I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. The LS-218’s battery pump out the equivalent of a 200 hp engine, and the company says their bike can be charged in as little as 30 minutes using its fast charger.

Fully charged, the bike is good for at least 100 miles, which is normally enough to get you where you need to be, and in a hurry too.

In testing the super fast bike is supposed to top out at around 218 mph, which is phenomenal for a bike in this price range.

13 Suzuki Hayabusa: Stay Out Of The Way

via actionmotorsports.com

I’ve only seen two Suzuki Hayabusa bikes in person, and neither sighting was for very long. The guys over at Jalopnik have it right when they imply that Hayabusa riders are arrogant. It’s like the bike instantly turns its operator into a raging, pushing monster. I personally witnessed one driver overseas that was going so fast he made other vehicles on the road seem as if they were standing still. That particular driver ran into trouble a few miles down the road, and he never drove anything else again. $19,450 gets you a beautiful bike with a 16-valve 4-cylinder engine, that can transport its driver to 186 mph faster than you can blink.

12 MV Agusta F4 RR: Novices Can Sit On The Curb

via flickr.com

Ego aside, I really mean it when I say that the F4 RR is not for noobs. It’s for those that know what they want out of a bike and know how to handle a bike like the F4 RR. Experienced riders will have a ball with this bike. It’s a really great looking bike that goes even faster than it looks. It looks like everything from the headlights on back were meant to be in the design for the bike, as if the bike were actually one fluid piece. The RR produces an amazing 200.8 hp when it gets up to a mind-boggling 13,600 rpm. The top speed has been verified at over 193 mph. Not too shabby for a motorcycle that costs $14,699.

11 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird: Looks Good, Rides Better

via bestcarmag.com

Rated at the 180 + mph top speed, the Super Blackbird is one of Honda’s most reputable bikes. It’s big, meant to be a tourer, but it still “kick it” when it needs to. The Honda site claims that the Super Blackbird’s 1137cc liquid-cooled inline-four is good for a respectable 162 hp. Sifting through several review sites, I find that customers of the Blackbird consider it to be a very capable and extremely comfortable bike.

Backed by Honda’s reputation of reliability and service, most people would be hard-pressed to not consider purchasing one.

Strangely enough, a lot of Blackbird owners mention their love of the bike’s braking system on the Visor Down website. I just know that many people for a new version of the bike to try one out.

10 Yamaha YZF R1: The Inexperienced Need Not Apply

via gaadicdn.com

The YZF R1 is a really cool bike to own if you are an experienced rider. It has a fantastic suspension, but even knowledgeable riders will need to get used to the shifting. Once they do however, then the sky is really the limit. For $16,700 you could have a bike that puts you up near super bike territory without breaking the bank. Sporting an Inline four-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve, liquid-cooled power plant, the R1’s rear tire can tear up the asphalt with its 156.7 hp, before tearing down the road, reaching a top speed of over 176 mph, according to the Yamaha website.

9 BMW K 1200S: Handing Out Speed Lessons

via pinterest.com

Not as commonly seen in the USA, the K 1200S is one really cool motorcycle. Its considered to be a smooth-pulling beast, producing around 167 hp from its 1157cc four-cylinder engine. This results in a top speed of around 178 mph, which is nothing to turn your nose up at. The roughly $15,000 bike truly move down the road at speed when it wants to. All that power also means the 1200S can keep up with a lot more of the bikes coming from Japan. Earlier models of the bike had some fuel injection issues, but BMW claims to have taken care of any problems in that department.

8 MTT Streetfighter: Monster Bike

via blogspot.com

Stuffing a Rolls-Royce Helicopter engine into its chassis, the Streetfighter is one sick motorcycle.

The engine drives 420 jaw-breaking horsepower to the Streetfighter’s wheels, decimating nearly anything in its path.

It can reach a top speed of 248.5 mph according to a report from Axle Addict. All of this massive power and speed helped the Streetfighter break three world records according to New Atlas: Fastest turbine bike, fastest flying quarter mile for a turbine motorcycle, and Britain’s fastest naked motorcycle. For around $175,000, you too could own a piece of history.

7 Aprilia RSV 1000R: V-Twin Engine Speed Demon

via carsbase.com

With 143 hp, the Aprilla-made RSV 1000R’s V-Twin engine is a real treat to operate. The 1000R has a top speed of 175 mph according to fastmotorcycle.org. It’s designed to be used by intermediate and advanced riders. It has a rather tall riding position according to Motorcycle News, and they say the height doesn’t make it the most comfortable bike to ride around on. It has a harder suspension than most bike of its caliber, making for a bumpy ride at low speed, but better when riding at higher speeds. Still, most riders find the motorcycle to be quite good quality-wise, but they also wish it had a better seat.

6 G2 P51 Combat Fighter: Release The Hounds

via themotoblogs.com

This motorcycle should be called the “Cycle Slayer. The P51 is truly something to behold. It’s a pure and evil-looking bike of black. Cycle World mentions that the P51’s engine cranks out 200-plus horsepower. It weighs around 575 lbs. and seems to be formed mostly from aircraft-grade aluminum. Its top speed is rated at around 165 mph, but with a few tweaks here and there, I’m certain this beast could get down the road much faster. The P51 costs something like $125,000. Confederate.com still has a few in stock for those wanting something totally different from a motorcycle.

5 Bentley Continental Flying Spur: Speed And Luxury

via autogespot.com

When thinking about luxury cars, many people default to the “Power Pack” of Mercedes, Audi, BMW and even Cadillac. I’ll tell you right now that the Continental Flying Spur could chew them all up for a pre-breakfast snack. The much-vaunted 5-Star Rating awarded to the best of the best vehicles by Car and Driver should pretty much tell you all you need to know about the Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

The 612 hp twin-turbo W12 fire breathing beast wedged into its engine bay should tell everyone even more.

This car could certainly fly if it chose to. With a rated top speed (conservative) of at least 190 mph, there’s not much the Flying Spur can’t defeat. It’s interior would put some luxury hotel suites to absolute shame.

4 Aston Martin Rapide S: Bond Would Approve

via thedrive.com

Looking every bit like the perfect “Bond Car”, the Rapide S is something that most people would instantly agree is great looking. Aston Martin calls the Rapide “the most beautiful car in the world” according to their press reports. More impressive is the fact that the Rapide S is a four-door car. It’s minimum $200,000 asking price gets you a 532 hp V12 powerplant, capable of hurtling the Rapide S to a top speed of around 203 mph. All while relaxing in a luxurious cabin that at least 20 large cattle gave up their hides for. Yep, I’d push the button.

3 McLaren 570S: Track Or Road, It Doesn’t Matter

via caranddriver.com

The 570S is a street legal track car. The funny thing is, even with 562 hp, the 570S is considered to be an entry-level car according to autocar.co.uk. On the McLaren website, they always refer to the 570S as a sports car that has luxury accoutrements rather than a supercar. That’s very telling, I think because McLaren prefers the car to be operated as it was intended to be operated – like a sports car.

With the car’s unique design, sticking out in the crowd won’t be a problem for those who like to show off.

The McLaren 570S is a real driver’s car meant to be driven by real drivers.

2 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: The Enterprise Of Cars

via elwaychrysler.com

With a road-bending 707 hp available to it, the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is car muscle car that demands respect. Couple that with 650 ft-lb of torque, and you have a true speed camera machine that’ll cost you far less than some so-called supercars. All that power wrapped around a sedan exterior makes others think more than twice about taking you on at the light, much less beat you past a speed camera. The Hellcat has an awe-inspiring top speed of around 204 mph, which Dodge was more than able to verify during a speed test run that Road and Track reported on.

1 Audi R8 V10 Plus: Puts The "S” in Supercar

via gtspirit.com

It has a base price of $138,700. It launches like a rocket from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. It spits out 602 hp from is mid-mounted V-10 engine faster than a railgun. The Audi R8 V-10 Plus proves that dragons still do exist, and they are beautiful. Top Gear mentions that to drive one of these Audi’s everyday feels “pretty damn special”. I think many would agree with that statement. If it’s not constantly chasing down Ferraris of all types, the R8 is just as happy dropping off your kid to school. No doubt, while the entire student-body and faculty watches as you drive off, god-smacked. Top speed? 204-207 mph.

Sources: ducati.com, dodge.com, bmw.com, caranddriver.com

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