15 Motorcycles Owned By The Cast Of Sons Of Anarchy

Motorcycle enthusiasts who were yearning for a great motorbike show got their answer when Sons of Anarchy (SOA) aired in 2008 on FX. Viewers loved the program and showed their appreciation by tuning in to make the show the highest-rated series in FX's history.

The show starred Chris Hunnam as Jackson 'Jax' Teller, who was the leader of an outlaw motorcycle club that operated in Charming, a fictional town in California's Central Valley. The program depicted an outlaw motorcycle club as an analogy for human behavior.

The seventh and final season ended in December 2014. Fans were disappointed to see one of the best motorbike programs leave the air. During the seven seasons, stars of the show rode fantastic bikes that made many motorbike enthusiasts green with envy.

Most of the actors rode Harley Davidsons that had viewers drooling. Although the on-screen bikes were a sight for sore eyes, we were curious to find out if the actors were motorbike lovers off-screen. When we inquired about the daily vehicles used by the cast, we saw that most loved motorbikes and owned at least one. That piqued our curiosity, so we went behind the scenes and gleaned photos of the private bike collection that the cast of Sons of Anarchy rides.

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15 Charlie Hunnam - Harley Davidson

via Eonline

The producers of the show wanted to make the program as realistic as possible, so they hired actors who had an affinity for motorbikes. Viewers who thought that Hunnam pretended to like motorbikes for the sake of the show would've been surprised to see him rolling down the street on his Harley Davidson.

The 39-year old actor rides Harleys not only on screen but also during his spare time. One of the reasons the show was successful was due to the actors being passionate about bikes off-screen. Hunnam's passion for bikes solidified his casting as the main character on the show.

14 Charlie Hunnam - Custom & Blacked Out

via 1DOWN Motorcycle Club

The show's popularity spread and made Hunnam a star. The third season generated an average of 5 million viewers per week, making Sons of Anarchy highest rated show on FX and surpassing other top shows such as Nip/Tuck and The Shield. Considering millions of viewers tuned in every week to see what Jax was up to, it shouldn't be a surprise that Hunnam became a celebrity.

Hunnam is a motorbike lover, who uses his bike as a daily rider. While he's on the road, Sons of Anarchy fans and fellow riders stop him to get a picture with the star.

13 Kim Coates - Harley Davidson

via Regina Leader-Post

Coates has worked as a Shakespeare actor and on Broadway by portraying Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. His most prominent role is Alexander 'Tig' Trager on Sons of Anarchy. Coates loved acting in Sons of Anarchy and used his role as a biker to organize protests. In the above picture, Coates got onto a Harley Davidson and led the film tax credit protest ride.

According to Leader-Post, supporters of the Saskatchewan motion picture industry walked and rode to the Saskatchewan Legislative building in Regina to promote the reinstatement of the Sask. Film Tax Credit.

12 Kim Coates - Harley Davidson

via Twitter

Besides motorbikes, Coates loves his son. He shared a picture of his son and his motorbike to Twitter followers. Coates wrote, "My bike and my boy @AjohnBuckley din-din stories of his movie North Of Hell and my #SOAFX season six. KC."

It seemed that Coates' son shared his dad's affinity for motorbikes. Maybe, Coates was the one who taught his son how to ride. Nothing beats father and son bonding time. Besides the motorbikes, the father and son also love acting and producing movies. They seem to have a lot in common.

11 Kim Coates - Harley Davidson

via Twitter

When Coates wasn't shooting Sons of Anarchy, he used his spare time to catch up with his friends. The Harley bikes on the show weren't the only ones that Coates loved. He also had an affinity for road hogs. After the ride with his friend, Louis Billittier, owner of Chef's Restaurant of Buffalo NY tweeted, "Day off from filming so out with2 of my besties for some motorcycle therapy. Kim Coates and COCHISE REDEYE. Sons of Wild Hogs baby."

The boys seemed to have a lot of fun, as they were all smiles while standing next to their rides.

10 Tommy Flanagan - BMW Motorcycle

via Omaze Blog

Flanagan is an actor from Scotland, who portrayed Filip 'Chibs' Telford. It seems that Flanagan doesn't play only tough characters on screen, as his facial scars happened outside of a nightclub when he worked as a DJ. He has starred in movies such as Braveheart, Face/Off, Gladiator and Sin City. When Flanagan wasn't on the set of SOA, he took time off to meet up with fellow SOA actors and go for a ride.

The affinity that the cast of SOA had for bikes off-screen was one of the reasons that the show was successful. Flanagan's choice in motorbikes was a BMW when he rode with his co-stars.

9 Tommy Flanagan - Harley Davidson

via Thunderbird Harley Davidson

Being a star of a motorbike program allowed Flanagan to numerous perks. Thunderbird Harley Davidson supported several charity organizations and other good causes, so the company invited Flanagan to participate in their first Celebrity Ride. Flanagan led the ride that 8,000 bikers purchased tickets for, raising $8,000, which was adequate to fund the program for two years, according to Thunderbird Harley Davidson.

The cast of SOA might play bad guys on screen, but they are big teddy bears off-screen. Flanagan and several other cast members used their celebrity status to raise money for good causes. Well done to them.

8 Tommy Flanagan - Blacked Out & Customized

via Twitter

Although Flanagan rodes bikes during the shooting of SOA and for good causes such as the ride that Thunderbird Harley Davidson organized, he never seems to get tired of riding bikes. During his spare time, Flanagan jumps onto his bike and goes for a ride in the city. It seems that Flanagan, much like Hunnam, can't get enough of the two-wheel machines. The only suggestion I would make to Flanagan is to wear a helmet when he rides.

He seems to have the time of his life when he's riding a motorbike. His passion for motorbikes was one of the reasons he was cast on SOA.

7 Theo Rossi - Harley Davidson

via Karenhalliburton

Rossi loved to ride dirt bikes while growing up and studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. He has acted in movies such as The Informers, Lowriders and Kill Theory. One of the roles that Rossi enjoyed the most was playing Juan Carlos 'Juice' Ortiz on SOA. The show allowed Rossi to explore both of his passions: acting and motorbikes.

Besides acting, Rossi also got involved with the men and women of the military, alongside fellow actors Kim Coates and Ron Perlman. He also supports animal welfare.

6 Mark Boone Jr. - Harley Davidson

via Zimbio

Being bitten by the motorbike bug means that you love them for the rest of your life. Although Boone Jr. is 64-years old, he's not ready to let go of his obsession with motorbikes. Besides portraying Bobby 'Elvis' Munson on Sons of Anarchy, Boone Jr. also starred in Memento and Batman Begins. Although the movie roles were a highlight in Boone's career, he loved his role on SOA due to the character being a bike rider.

In an episode of Quantum Leap, Boone played a biker named Maddog, a character similar to the role he portrayed in Sons of Anarchy.

5 Kurt Yaeger - BMW GS

via BMW Motorrad

Yaeger is an actor and a professional athlete, who is a below-the-knee amputee. His most prominent role was appearing in the fifth season of the show as Greg 'The Peg.' Yaeger got the nickname Crowbar during his time as a BMX rider. On his way to a school in San Francisco, Yaeger was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in multiple injuries. Doctors amputated his left leg below the knee.

That might've made many people quit, but Yaeger was determined to ride bikes and motorcycles. Yaeger got a prostatic leg and made a return to acting and participating in BMX contests.

4 Kurt Yaeger - Customized BMX Ride

via Pinterest

Nothing can stop Yaeger from living the life that he wants. Although the motorcycle accident that he was involved in resulted in a severe concussion and several other injuries, Yaeger wasn't one to mope around and let the injury set him back. He recovered a year after the accident and returned to professional sports and acting. When Yaeger wasn't on the set of Sons of Anarchy or competing in BMX contests, he used his spare time to ride his motorbike.

Most of the Sons of Anarchy cast rode motorbikes off-screen as much as on-screen.

3 Kurt Yaeger - Customized Ducati

via IMDb

I have to commend Yaeger on his courage to return to professional BMX competitions and riding bikes after his accident. Not many people would've had the same faith and determination as Yaeger. He is an example of what a person can achieve when one puts their mind to it and doesn't let anything stand in their way.

Yaeger wasn't adamant on only returning to professional competition; he wanted to be the best. He's ranked as one of the best adaptive BMX riders in the world. Yaeger's spirit shows that if there's a will, there's a way.

2 David Labrava - Cutsom-Made Motorcycle

via Twitter

Labrava hadn't veered too far from his personal life when he got the role on SOA to play Happy. Besides acting, Labrava is a tattoo artist and a member of a popular biker group. Labrava grew up riding dirt bikes and got his first Harley Davidson at the age of 17. He has authored a best-selling book autobiography entitled Becoming A Son.

Labrava shared a picture of him with his chopper to his Twitter followers and said, "Heres a pic from Holland 17 years ago. I built that chopper from scratch." Once a motorbike lover, always a motorbike lover.

1 Ray McKinnon - Harley Davidson Annecy

via Moto Zombie

McKinnon played Lincoln 'Linc' Potter, a recurring role for twelve episodes. He has starred in movies such as Driving Miss Daisy, Apollo 13, Footloose and The Last Ride. Potter was the assistant attorney investigating the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

He was ruthless and prepared to cross legal boundaries to get the job done, according to Sons of Anarchy Fandom. He was the main antagonist in the fourth season. Potter also appeared on FX series Mayans MC, a spinoff of SOA. McKinnon's appearance on the show was unique for an attorney considering he sported long hair and a beard.

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