10 Motorcycles That Could Outrun Most Police Cars (And 10 Cop Cars That Could Actually Catch Them)

We can associate a motorbike with not so many things, except a gang of heavily built bearded men who have a strong belief that they rule over a given city. To be precise, the bikes we are referring to in this context are not scooters powered by a 100cc engine that churns out 10hp at full grunt. We are talking of mean bad machines, such as Harley Davidson tuned to produce enough power as a Chevy Cruze.

With such kind of bad boys in the hood, it is common tendency for cops to try and calm things down around the streets. This always translates to a spectacular duel against mean machines on four wheels and the meanest machines running on two wheels. But who would win? Surprisingly, there are motorbikes that are way too powerful for a standard American Chevy Tahoe police cruiser. Chasing one of those would be literally like chasing the wind. So, after the police realized that the motorbike can be a machine powerful enough to be the choice of transport for Captain America, the defense department decided to invest on better, faster, police cruisers.

So in this list, we will highlight the 10 fastest motorbikes that a standard police cruiser may never catch up with, and 10 cop cars that can match up with those bad boys. First off, the 10 fastest motorcycles fit for a cop chase.

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20 Yamaha YZF-R1M

via cyclingonline.com

In the tenth position, we have the Yamaha YZF-R1M. For you to know if a motorcycle is as fast as you want it to be, there are certain things you should consider such as maximum power, maximum torque, weight, and other high-spec features that help it to make this list.

The maximum power of this Yamaha model is 200 HP and the design comes with a compact and streamlined nature that takes full adavantage of lightweight parts.

Apart from a maximum torque of 83 lb-ft, it also has a top speed of 179 mph that brings the reality of speed right to your footsteps.

19 MV Agusta F4 RR

via columnm.com

The MV Agusta F4 RR is another motorcycle that you should consider when speed is a criterion. It comes in ninth on this list with a 988 cc, 16 valve, four-stroke engine that propels this bespoke machine to produce a maximum power of 201 HP at 13,600 rpm. It also produces a maximum torque of 82 lb-ft at 9,600 rpm. The MV Agusta has an engine that features a surplus of lightweight billet and titanium parts that gives it the ability to hit a maximum speed of 174 mph while using a 6-speed transmission. The MV Agusta can go from 0 to 100kph in about 3.1 seconds.

18 Suzuki Hayabusa

via greatwesternofhickory.com

Suzuki has been in the business of manufacturing the Hayabusa for the purpose of gifting the world with speed and they have not failed at it. Bad boys that plan to outrun the cops would find this piece of art interesting because it has a beast engine – a 1340 cc inline-four motor that helps it “dish out” a top speed of 194 mph on the road.

This machine has an idle speed control system that helps it check that the engine is stable.

This is regardless of the conditions. Suzuki “iced the cake” by adding an advanced fuel injection system that promotes high combustion efficiency and a sweet 197hp of maximum power at 9,500 rpm.

17 Ducati Panigale

via ducati.com

When you go in search of a superbike that ticks off the boxes for speed, agility, good design, power, beauty, then the Ducati Panigale is a prescription you would find addictive. This is because it meets the need for speed and much more. With a maximum speed of 186 mph, you can’t help but notice that it has an impressive 1199cc engine that churns out a maximum power of 205hp. The Ducati has a twin cylinder engine that helps produce a maximum torque of 100 lb-ft. The best thing about these bikes so far is that apart from outrunning a Toyota Prius while at idle speed, you can catch the wind if you ever need to.

16 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R

via 7wallpapers.com

If at any point you have preferences that tend towards a highly powered superbike with a big engine, then the Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14R would make your day. By merely looking at this machine, the different set of tires would get your attention and the small gearing adjustment would leave you begging for more. The Ninja ZX does more than just impress your eyes because it has an impressive maximum speed of 186 mph. Just when you assume you have seen it all, it blows your mind with a whopping 200hp produced from a 1441cc engine. Also, the 113lb-ft maximum torque of this machine helps to roll the 548lb behemoth up and down the drag strip, and the freeway of course.

15 BMW S1000rr HP4

via wallpapers.com

Even though this motorcycle has a factory limit of 190 mph, BMW created this machine in a way that it requires no introduction. Nevertheless, this superbike is super-fast. It practically spells speed in uppercase. When you go through its features such as a 999 cc transverse four-cylinder engine, it makes you imagine what was going through the mind of the manufacturer.

The four-cylinder engine also has the ability to produce 199hp, with 83 lb-ft of torque.

In case you feel disappointed about the factory limit of this superbike, the good part is that it can be disabled – meaning you can have the thrill of your life and probably crash to death thereafter, a happy rider.

14 Lightning LS-218

via motorrad.com

From the name of this superbike, you can’t afford to mistake it for thunder because it has an enviable top speed of 218 mph. if you’re planning to outrun the cops anytime at all; this baby is what you will need. It’ll get you moving at the speed of light – which is what the name is all about. The lightning LS-218 produces maximum power of 200hp, has a maximum torque of 168 lb-ft and covers 0 to 60 mph in about 2 seconds. Yes! The performance of this regular production bike can be overwhelming because it is the fastest motorcycle in the world. But there is a “clause”. The “clause” that rips this superbike of its super-title is the fact that it is electric. Why? Well the car will hit 60mph in 2 seconds but probably water done to standstill in 5 minutes – meaning you will be spending the rest of your life in a stripped overall with metal bars all around you.

13 MTT Turbine Y2K Superbike

via mecum.com

The key reason why the Marines turbine test and photograph their bikes on airport runways is simply because they have been clocked at 227 mph. Therefore, the airstrip is the best place to do a test run. Another good reason is the motorcycles run on turbine engines.

With all this, it's easy to tell that this superbike has superpowers.

Hence, it’s no surprise that it made the number three spot. This monster has a maximum torque of 420 lb-ft and can produce maximum power of 320hp. Basically, it’s a Porsche Carrera on two wheels. This monstrous baby can also clock 200mph in 5.4 seconds, just to prove how insane it is on the road.

12 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

via steemkr.com

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is not a street legal motorcycle. Rather, it is a production bike that is reserved for track riding only. It’s one of the fastest motorcycles in the world but it requires a lot of expertise to be handled effectively. When the Kawasaki Ninja was used by the super sport guru Kenan, the superbike attained a maximum speed of 400kph. This is no surprise because it uses a supercharged 999cc transverse four-cylinder engine that has the ability to produce a maximum power of 300hp. To put that into perspective, the only cop car in the world that can ever catch up with this machine at top speed, is a UAE Bugatti Veyron.

11 Dodge Tomahawk

via youtube.com

Now, this is what you have all been waiting for – the number one spot. And we present to you, the beast of all beasts and the bike with the “greatest” speed so far, the Dodge Tomahawk. The fact is this bike remains in a class of its own with no rival in existence, at least not yet. The Dodge Tomahawk has an 8277cc 10-cylinder, four-stroke-engine within it that causes a chain reaction in your tummy once you hit the throttle. The Tomahawk uses a traditional chain and sprocket system as well as a two-speed manual toe-shift transmission. To the part you love to know about, this beast covers 0 to 60 mph between 1.75-2.5 seconds and has an amazing maximum power of 500hp at 5600 rpm. To put this in proper perspective, this bike has an 8.2L V10 engine, almost similar to the one in the Audi R8 V10 plus, with as much power as that supercar can produce.

10 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor: The United States

via thetruthaboutcars.com

The Ford's Police Interceptor isn’t a police car you will want to scoff at. It’s an all-wheel-drive that has got an Eco-boost 3.5-liter engine.

This police car is actually the fastest in the US as its engine can propel the car to 60mph within 5.8 seconds.

Which, despite being alarmingly disappointing by Tomahawk standards, is still enough to dust the Chevrolet Caprice and the Dodge Charger by nearly one second. The fact that the Interceptor is the fastest cop car in the US was affirmed when the Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department did a driving test for the Interceptor against other high speed police cars. It clearly came out as the champion. Surprisingly, even the V8 engine powered cars were no match for this beast.

9 Ariel Atom: The United Kingdom

via independent.co.uk

This cop car is one of the most unique pieces of art in the world. No wonder the cops in the Somerset and Avon Police division in the United Kingdom are glad to be the custodians. The unique design of the Ariel Atom contributes to its high speed characteristics. This flash-looking car looks almost like one of the Formula 1 race cars Lewis Hamilton uses to dust his contestants on the track. In 2.5 seconds, the Ariel Atom can clock 60mph. This speed beast reaches a maximum speed of 168 miles per hour. It speeds obviously sends a message to anyone planning to run from the police in Somorset and Avon districts, especially in either a Suzuki Hayabusa, or Yamaha YZF R1M. With anything faster than those, you are still set to survive.

8 Ferrari 458 Italia: Milan, Italy

via youtube.com

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a priced treasure for the cops in the City of Milan. It will interest you to know that this machine is presently the only “458 police car” in the world. With this car, the police in Milan will try to show citizens that they can still drive responsibly, no matter what they are packing under their hood. Thus, if a cop could adhere to the displayed speed-limit signs on Milan's roads and maintain his speed while driving “the 458,” then anyone can do same. But in all honesty, having a V8 engine under the hood with 398lb-ft of torque and 570 horsepower can be a hard temptation to quell.

7 Nissan Skyline: Japan

via thedrive.com

For this car to be the only Japanese car on this list, tells a lot. This baby has got a lot of accolades from many car enthusiasts all over the world. This’s because of its reliability which gives a smooth and fun driving time for the driver.

The exceptionally lightweight Skyline R34 is an All-Wheel-Drive that has got a 2.6-liter twin turbo RB26DETT engine.

It also has a six-speed automatic transmission. The most interesting thing about this awesome patrol machine is the fact that it can generate much more power and speed if it’s well tuned. And above all, it is the loins from where we got the Godzilla.

6 Bugatti Veyron: Dubai

via jalopnik.com

The Bugatti Veyron can be best represented in one word, “Wicked.” This baby has got a W16 gasoline powered 8.0-liter engine. As if that’s not enough, the engine’s 16 cylinders carry four turbochargers and 64 valves. With these extraordinary features, the Veyron is among the crowned princes of Dubai’s highways. The engine of the Bugatti Veyron outputs a whopping 1,200 horsepower. This just affirms that this machine is no match for any offender that decides to put the Dubai police to a chase – sadly even in a Tomahawk.

5 Lotus Evora: The United Kingdom

via autoevolution

In terms of specs and price, the Lotus Evora is just the perfect cop car. That must be the reason why it’s commonly used by police officers in the United Kingdom. This beast has a maximum speed of over 200 miles per hour. You could grab one for $69,297, which is somewhere around 52,915GBP. Now how is that for affordable? The Lotus Evora has got a 3.5-liter engine that outputs 302 lb-ft of torque and 280 horsepower. So far, the specifications of this V6 engine powered vehicle are not so striking, but thanks to its practicality, it can pass for service. Nevertheless, it’s a sure winner when it comes to its price. In addition, cops in the UK using this car have got nothing to worry as long as the two wheeled vehicle in front of them is not the Lightning.

4 Ferrari LaFerrari: Dubai

via motor1.com

The Ferrari LaFerrari has a large 6.3-liter V12 engine that propels the car to a top speed of 217mph, which it’s never shy to brag about. And to make matters worse, this car is worth around $1 million.

The engine of this baby is boosted with Ferrari's HY-KERS system which electrically helps the engine to output a maximum of 950 horsepower.

No matter the gear you are driving, at any speed, the power still stays with the car. This work of art has a unique Formula 1 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The Ferrari LaFerrari also has a ravishingly beautiful interior that goes on head to head with the astounding exterior finishing.

3 Porsche 911 Turbo S: Austria

via pinterest.com

The Porsche 911 Turbo S is special highway patrol car that is set to be released soon, on the highways of Austria. The cops believe that these super-fast cruisers will aid them to teach drivers responsibility and connect more with the community. This baby reaches a maximum speed of 180 mph. It has got a 3.4-liter engine that super boosts the car efficiently. It has great cornering agility that comes from its high-performance suspension system. Thus, the Austrian Porsche 911 Carrera can give a good chase even in the toughest of Austrian roads.

2 Lamborghini Huracan: Rome, Italy

via autodevot.com

This is another astounding cop car that is used by the Rome Police unit in Italy. It will interest you to know that this beautiful Huracan was specifically built for the Rome Police by the Italian carmaker, Lamborghini. The previous car used by the police was the Lamborghini Gallardo, before it was replaced by the Huracan. However, both car models are very much similar especially from the exterior features. Matter of fact, you can say that the Huracan is the descendant of the Gallardo. The car performance is mainly centred on the gear transmission, engine configuration, and tuning compared to the earlier version, Gallardo. But most importantly, the enormous V10 engine fitted at the center gives this car a special feel.

1 Bentley Bentayga: Dubai

via cnn.com

For the Dubai police unit, this is the newest kid in the block. This baby was added this year. Thus, it has all the latest Bentley upgrades and features. It even has the Dubai Police emblem imprinted on it, which is sort of a marketing campaign to educate citizens about the Police department. This big boy SUV has totally changed what a normal SUV engine can do because of its brand new W12 petrol engine. Presently, is known to be the fastest SUV ever built in the world. Also, for the first time, we see the start-stop technology available for the Bentley. In collaboration with the Variable Displacement System, this SUV can attain 21.6mpg fuel consumption and 296g/km of emissions. This is surely the baby of all babies in cop cars.

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