22 Pics Of Motorcycles That Were Completely Messed Up By Their Owners

We know it's not nice to make fun of what someone else has made, but check it out anyway and we can all have a good laugh together.

People have been modifying their vehicles since the beginning of time. Well, maybe not since the beginning of time, but definitely ever since they first had personal vehicles - like horse-drawn carriages with custom paint and such.

Having said that, there has always been different reasons for customizing one's ride. Some make changes in order to have something more practical that fit their needs, others are just going for maximum attention.

Unfortunately, there are some who just don't seem to understand how this whole modifying thing works. It doesn't matter if one does it for practicality or to look cool, at the end of the day, the vehicle should also be improved upon and end up better than the original.

That last part is where the owners of the motorcycles you'll see in this article failed. Some probably did set out to create a bike that was meant to be taken seriously, others have clearly spent a lot of time and money to create the bike of their dreams - unfortunately, the rest of us didn't share their dream. Then there are those who've just tried to repair their bikes with whatever materials they had access to. And the end result is far from favorable.

We know we're evil for making fun of what someone else has made, but check it out anyway and we can all have a good laugh together. Let's get started, shall we? Here are 25 motorcycles that were ruined by their owners.

22 Lobster

via Pinterest

This is how you go all out when using your vehicle to advertise your business. A van with a logo and a phone number? That's just so last year! We can't see any contact info on this lobster-bike though, so they have to make people follow them to the restaurant in order for it to work.

Clearly, it's meant to be parked outside the restaurant and attract customers, but we find that rather boring. What's much more interesting is figuring out how this thing rides in the wet conditions?

21 Butter Front

via Reddit

This bike is just all kinds of bad. While the colors might not be very attractive, we gotta give the rider some bonus points for actually color coordinating his backpack and helmet with the bike. Unfortunately, he also wears shorts and a t-shirt while riding, so we'll have to take those points back.

But... What the heck is going on with that front fairing? It seems to be made from butter that's melting in the sun. Most likely he broke the original fairing and decided to make a new one from foam. Not a great look.

20 Hayabusa Trike

via Reddit

And the prize for the worst Hayabusa ever goes to... this guy!! This thing just makes us want to cry. If you have issues balancing two wheels, just stick to driving a truck or buy a Can-Am Spyder - there's no need to ruin a perfectly good 'Busa.

Those wheels, combined with that swingarm and the lowered suspension just makes this bike 50 shades of wrong. Perhaps the only good thing about it is that it is all reversible, so someone should find this poor bike and save it from these people!

19 Rear-Ended

via Pinterest

We're not entirely sure whether this was planned or the result of an accident.

Option one; someone came out one morning and realized their bike didn't start. This person then sawed a car in half and welded it to the back of his bike.

Option two; someone rear-ended the biker, he then proceeded to tear off the front-end of their car and used it to convert his Honda into a trike to get himself home. While we prefer option two, we're fairly convinced option one is what really happened here.

18 Silver Biker

via Reddit

We're at a loss for words! It's one thing to think it might be cool to have your entire Honda Valkyrie covered in chrome. It might annoy oncoming traffic as the sun reflects off your bike and they are blinded, but hey, that's their problem, right?

This guy has taken it to a whole new level though. He's like the Silver Surfer's lame cousin. There's a lesson to be learned here; no matter how desperate you are for attention, don't go with an all chrome/silver look! It might look good on paper, but in the real world... not so much!

17 Danica Patrick Go Daddy Bike

via Pinterest

This bike looks so cute it makes us nauseous, most likely it's every seven-year-old girl's dream bike. Unless it is actually owned by Danica Patrick's or her sponsors, there are no excuses for this pink and snot green NASCAR paint job.

There's a fine line between being cool and tasteful or overkill. Guess which category this bike falls into - here's a hint; there isn't a single part on this bike that has escaped the lackluster paint scheme. Even the sidestand, floorboards, engine guards and highway pegs have the pink treatment.

16 Egyptian Pigeon Droppings

via Pinterest

Honestly, this has to be one of the worst looking bikes we've ever come across. Scratch that, this is definitely the worst looking bike we've ever come across! It looks like it was covered in a mountain of pigeon droppings, and then someone carved in those Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Credit where credit is due though, it does seem like the owner actually rides this creation. We can't imagine this work of "art" came cheap, so to actually see it being used on public roads means he earned our respect.

15 Dog Replica

via Pinterest

What do you do when you ask your mom for a dog, but she gives you a motorcycle instead? You take some inspiration from the Dumb and Dumber Mutt Cutts van and have your entire bike upholstered in 100% natural Rottweiler hair.

There is one massive problem with converting your bike into a dog - riding in the rain will make you smell like a wet dog,  which could potentially get you fired... unless you work in a pet shop. Other than that, we think it's a brilliant idea - and it just looks so comfortable.

14 Harley Scooter

via Pinterest

What do you do when you've always wanted a Vespa, but sadly, you only have a Harley-Davidson Sportster? Well, the solution to that problem was pretty simple if you ask this guy.

Of course, to any normal person, this makes no sense whatsoever. It might be the most pointless modification in the history of anything, ever. Scooters are supposed to be easily maneuverable and agile, this one is far from that. But at least he can't ride it very far before burning his butt off - and armed with that knowledge, we do actually feel a little better.

13 IKEA Fairing

via Reddit

We have no idea what's with all the wood, and we certainly don't want to know how it was fixed into the bike. Judging by all the different shades of blue, and the bad paint job in general, we think it's safe to say someone crashed their bike and attempted to fix it by using an old Ikea bookshelf.

Fuel consumption must be tripled with that wall on the front as well? And what's with the little windshield at the top? There's just too much weirdness going on here!

12 King Kong Hangers

via Pinterest

For those of you who don't know what ape hangers are, it's basically handlebars where the rider has his arms reaching out at more or less shoulder height, as these tend to be the most comfortable versions.

However, the doo-rag leather pirate on this bike must have bought ape hangers that were made for a giant gorilla. Riding with your arms in this position can't be comfortable over a longer period of time, it doesn't do anything to improve handling or control, and it certainly doesn't look cool.

11 Leatherface

via Pinterest

Just a wild guess, but there's a small possibility this bike has been in an accident. It lacks most of its fairings and plastics, with only part of the seat unit left - which also seems to be held in place with a cargo net.

We're not entirely sure why it has that thing surrounding the headlight hanging on the front. Perhaps to protect whatever is left of the electrics from the elements? Whatever the reason is, it reminds us of Leatherface - with the scariest mask on.

10 Bad Looking Welds

via reddit

Someone decided to hack off the subframe and create their own, which we have to admit suits the overall look of the bike. That's not a compliment though. The custom exhaust looks like it was welded by a blind guy... who's never welded anything before.

It's probably a good thing that the leather jacket is covering up the tank. Who knows what kind of awfulness is hiding underneath it? This bike is so messed up it can't even be sold for parts, so the owner might as well have some fun with it.

9 Offroad Trike

via Reddit

There are several reasons why someone might want to convert a bike into a trike.

There are also valid reasons why someone would want to turn a street bike into something with off-road capabilities.

Why someone would choose to run a wider rear tire on the front, thereby also getting rid of two big brake discs in exchange for one small one makes no sense though. Especially with all the added weight on this monstrosity. Running dual off-road truck tires on the rear along with the sportbike tire on the front also seems like a weird thing to do.

8 Puzzled

via Reddit

This paint job really has us puzzled. What are those squiggly lines supposed to be? Is it a labyrinth? Are they hieroglyphs? Since it's orange and black, is it supposed to be some kind of modern art tiger? We don't know!

What we do know is that this bike is now practically worthless. Congratulations on a modifying job well done. While it's not downright bad like some of the others, it sure is an acquired taste, and finding someone willing to buy it will probably take some time... unless the price is extremely low.

7 Speed Paint

via Reddit

Everyone knows that red exhaust cans make your bike faster... And after painting the exhaust, there was some paint leftover, so why not color coordinate some other parts and make the bike look even better?!

Look closely, and you'll see the owner has been touching up the black paint on the frame as well. From the looks of it, everything has been painted with a brush meant for nail polish. To complete the look of the bike, he had the exhaust wrapped in what seems to be electrical tape - but we really hope it isn't. Some people shouldn't be allowed to own nice things.

6 Stereotypical 'Busa

via Pinterest

There seem to be two types of Hayabusa owners. There are those who put a lot of time and money into making this already blisteringly fast machine even faster, and then there are people like the guy who owns this thing.

This bike seems to have every single modification that people joke about when talking about 'Busa owners. It's lowered, there's an extended swingarm, a fat rear tire, heavier than OEM wheels, obnoxiously loud exhaust, attention-seeker lights, and ridiculous paint job or hydro-dip or whatever it is.

5 Chiropractor's Dream

via Reddit

If you've been searching for a bike that would be absolutely rubbish to ride, look no further, this is the bike you've been looking for. The riding position is definitely interesting. Fully upright, well, actually leaning forward a little, arms in the air, feet in front of you, and you'll have to move your torso to the side to actually see what's ahead.

We're almost willing to bet that the guy who came up with this concept is a chiropractor, and by selling a few of these machines he will be able to get enough customers to keep his chiro-business running for years.

4 Vikings Fan

via Reddit

There are no prizes for guessing what sports team this guy supports. While we don't have any issues with people expressing their love for their favorite team, we do have to question this guy's taste in motorcycle mods.

Lowering a bike and fitting an extended swingarm ruins the handling, which is bad enough - but depending on what those horns are made of, things could get really bad in case of an accident. Finding a buyer for this creation could be problematic as well - not only would they have to love the Vikings, there's also the potential of being sued for copyright infringement.

3 CBR Trike

via Pinterest

We do realize there could be some legit reasons for someone turning this Honda CBR into a trike. But that doesn't really matter. It is a sportbike, it is built purely to go fast around a track and was meant to live its life at full lean through every corner it ever faces.

This one won't get to experience any of that. It will be forced to live its life upright... unless it enters a corner too fast, in which case it will flip over and lie on its side.

2 Cheese Snack

via Pinterest

We're trying to determine in what universe it looks cool to have a Cheetos themed motorcycle. It wouldn't be cool even if you owned Cheetos. Due to the color combinations and some of the parts that have been painted, this bike actually ends up looking like it's mostly made from plastic.

And then we spotted the helmet! If some poor guy has to ride around on that bike, wearing that helmet... what does the rest of his riding gear look like? Whenever you think you're having a bad day, just thank your lucky stars you don't have to ride this thing.

1 Conspiracy

via Pinterest

Please don't get us wrong on this one. We do realize that it's an incredible bike, and we have nothing but respect for the craftsmanship and money that has gone into building this bike. One might even call it a work of art.

However, as a motorcycle it kind of fails. There is zero ground clearance, which means you can't lean it into corners. Even if it has airbag suspension, that front wheel won't allow for any hard cornering. So other than being a work of art, it's a turbocharged Harley that will only go in a straight line - like any other Harley.

Sources: Reddit, Jalopnik & Revzilla

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