Motorist Lands Himself In Hot Water After Swearing At Cyclists Who Turned Out To Be Policemen

An Australian man found himself in some trouble after cursing out the cops.

A driver in Australia got himself in a bit of a pickle after yelling obscenities at two cyclists riding their bikes on the road instead of an available bike track.

Thomas Harris, 28, came upon the pair of cyclists riding two abreast on a single-lane road in New South Wales and purposely switched his utility vehicle to the bike track, swearing at the duo as he overtook them.

“What’s the point of us spending this money if you’re not going to use it, you f**king d**kheads,” he shouted as he passed by.

"Hey, pull over, so I can have a chat," one of the cyclists yelled back. But Harris was in no mood for a chinwag and proceeded to further lambast the pair with words we dare not repeat here.

There's a video below, though, so hit play if you think you're ready for this (yes, he recorded the thing).

Road rage is pretty commonplace nowadays and an incident such as this one should have simply fizzled out as Harris sped away. Unfortunately, for him, the cyclists turned out to be off-duty policemen.

His outburst landed him in some pretty hot water and it didn't take long before he was interviewed by police and issued a notice stating he's due for a court appearance.

Harris' own recording probably served as evidence in the matter but it also went viral and many lent their support. While he was totally correct, he didn't go about dealing with the situation in the best manner.

Outraged Australians have since started up a GoFundMe page to help cover Harris' legal fees.

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"Let's get behind this Aussie Hero and help put an end to this Sh#t," a statement from the page reads. "Thomas Harris, 28yo has been charged for trying to prove a point to the media about cyclists hogging roads when there are clearly government funded cycle ways in place for their safety and the safety of other road users. There needs to be a stop to cyclists riding two abreast on roads where there are cycleways, and something needs to be done about these ignorant and "uninformed" cyclists.

"The donations will help go towards the cost of his lawyers. All Withdrawals will be made by Thomas Harris himself."

This all worked out pretty well as the page made $4,030 (at the time of writing), surpassing the $2,000 goal by quite the margin.

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