25 Movie Characters With Nicer Cars Than Brian O'Conner

When we're first introduced to Brian in The Fast and the Furious, he's deep undercover driving his company Ford Lightning to a little store where he asked for a tuna sandwich. Throughout the entirety of the film, we see Brian in two other cars, his first being the green 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS and later on in a 1995 Toyota Supra Targa.

With the success of the first movie, Brian has been in just about every sequel since then, driving some of the coolest cars ever seen on the big screen. Some of his best include a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII in the 2 Fast 2 Furious, along with a 1969 Yenko Camaro later on. An old school Ford Escort RS200, a 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-R, and a couple of Subaru Impreza WRX STI Hatchbacks are really nice cars but the most iconic one that O'Connor is fond of is his R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, which is an absolute beauty no matter what sequel it's in.

The franchise has turned out some impressive cars driven by the entire cast, with Paul Walker's Brian always getting a wicked cool ride for each film. All can be deeply admired by motorheads and fans alike, but the Fast and Furious franchise isn't the only movie to give us some truly beautiful cars. Hollywood is practically built off of car movies, from the era when car chases and muscle cars ran supreme to today's blockbuster films. With all due respect to Paul's legacy and memory, these are some of the owners who drive nicer cars than Brian O'Conner.

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25 Frank Bullitt's 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT Fastback - Bullitt


This beautiful Highland Green 1968 Mustang plays a crucial role as a car of Frank Bullitt, a cop who's hunting down a conspiracy surrounding a witness that Frank was protecting. The car isn't stock, as it has been modified and tuned by Max Balchowsky, who was one of Hollywood's top automobile experts at the time, along with likes of George Barris. The work done to the Mustang made it powerful (as well as good looking) when it chased down the bad guys driving a Dodge Charger.

24 Bo Darville's 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am - Smokey and the Bandit


This Pontiac (as if there's any other as beautiful or recognizable as the Black and Gold 1977 Firebird Trans-Am) was driven by a well-known truck driver to assist with keeping the cops busy as his friend Cletus “Snowman” Snow delivered illicit alcohol across state borders from Texarkana to Atalanta, Georgia. From the time the Trans-Am was introduced, she took on a personality of her own at the hands of the Bandit, jumping over bridges and thwarting any cop that stood in between her and completing her journey.

23 Kowalski's 1970 Dodge Challenger - Vanishing Point


What started as a delivery became an incredible car chase as this beautiful white 1970 Challenger Hemi is taken from Denver, Colorado, to an abrupt and heartbreaking end in California. Along the way, the Challenger and the driver make a name for themselves as the “Last American Hero” opposing the police that are slowly closing Kowalski in. He finds any way he can to get out of the chase with the majestic pony car, only to find that the only way out is the end.

22 Charlie Croker's 1967 Austin Mini Cooper 1275 - The Italian Job


By utilizing the little Mini's unique size, Charlie performs a gold heist through the streets of Turin, Italy, by causing a traffic jam that would prevent any sort of retaliation by the cops. What wasn't expected, however, is how nice the Minis looked )even in their stock form with nothing added but rally lights. The Minis may not be as good looking as the Lamborghini Miura at the beginning of the movie, but they look so good performing the escape that they upstage the driving scene of the Miura.

21 Walt Kowalski's 1972 Ford Gran Torino - Gran Torino


Another Kowalski on this list (coincidence or relatives?), this one owns a well taken care of Ford Gran Torino that Walt has owned since new. Though the car doesn't have a lot of screen time, every scene it steals as it sets the stage for the movie. First, Thao tries to steal Walt's prized Ford and through the events of the movies, he inherits the car, which he too has learned to cherish and respect almost as much as Walt.

20 Steve Smith's 1972 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 “Daytona Spider” - Gumball Rally


Despite all the awesome cars featured in Gumball Rally, the red Ferrari takes center stage as Steve Smith races his beautiful Daytona across the country with his co-driver, Franco, in an effort to beat the other teams from New York City to Long Beach, California. This beautiful Daytona may get embarrassed by a Cobra but for the speed that the Daytona lacks, it makes it up by being one of the best-looking cars in the movie, if not the whole world.

19 Marty McFly's 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab - Back to the Future I & II


The DeLorean is a cool car, don't get me wrong, but realistically, I think a lot of us really wanted Marty McFly's sweet off-road prepped Toyota 4x4. The truck is seen usually in the beginning and the end of the movies, starting as a desire of Marty's in the first film. W see him in the truck in later scenes, as well. The black Toyota is equal parts beauty and beast, as the truck's iconic boxy body is lifted above aftermarket rims and fitted with a steel tube brush guard and roll bar, all making this truck look at home on the streets or down any dirt path.

18 John Milner's 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe - American Graffiti

FreakingEagle on Youtube

American Graffiti is filled to the brim with gorgeous Detroit steel. Bel-Airs, Impalas, and even an old Edsel roam around the big screen. This car may be the most featured and for good reason, as it's the coolest hot rod throughout the whole movie, often seen cruising the streets and racing the black 1955 shoebox driven by Bob Falfa. Whether racing or sitting at a stop light, the Deuce Coupe stands out proudly against the awesome backdrop of 1960s Americana.

17 Memphis Raines' 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 “Eleanor” - Gone in 60 Seconds


The history that Memphis had with Eleanor (he had become particularly fond of her) makes it almost funny to see him treating her with the utmost respect when he tries stealing her again. Eleanor is a beautiful, custom 1967 Shelby Mustang that quickly became the centerpiece of the movie. Of course, the beautiful Eleanor gets destroyed during the final bits of the movie, but a similar car is resurrected again as a gift from Kip. Eleanor still gives Memphis trouble, but I have no doubts that Memphis restored her back to beauty.

16 Britt Reid & Kato's 1965 Chrysler Imperial “Black Beauty” - The Green Hornet


Playing second fiddle to the Batmobile in the 60s, the Black Beauty is a gorgeous 1965 Chrysler Imperial with some “defensive mechanisms” to assist Britt Reid and Kato when they go out to fight crime. Even without its massive amounts of weaponry, the Black Beauty is just that, a beautiful vintage car with a few performance upgrades, as well as a slick appearance that doesn't deviate too far away from the car's base look, which is the whole point of the vintage car's looks.

15 Dave Owens' 1965 Plymouth Barracuda - Fireball 500

TJMorgan on Youtube

This Barracuda may be the strangest custom 'Cuda around, but it's featured heavily throughout the movie as Dave's personal car that doubles as a tow rig for his race car, as well as his personal car that he enjoys. Although the quirky Barracuda may seem strange to look at, we can't help but love the idea of a mid-60s roadster Plymouth with that wild grille and huge dual cowls behind the separated seats. This was another fascinating custom by Hollywood automotive guru George Barris.

14 Frankenstein's 1975 VW-based Shala-Vette - Death Race 2000


Though the movie car looks a bit different, with a giant fin running down the center of the convertible bodied car, the civilized version is much more realistic and appealing. The Shala-Vette is essentially a Corvette body shrunken down almost cartoonishly to a VW Bug's proportion. Built by Dean's shop “Glass House” in the early 70s, very small quantities of these Shala-Vettes were built, in both hardtop and soft-top versions. These cars are little beauties that may not have gotten the attention they deserve, but they certainly turn heads as they drive on by.

13 Mike Lowrey' 1993 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 - Bad Boys


Porsches in any movie are a treat and this one is no different as it shows what it's made of throughout the movie, from casually speeding down the highway in the beginning to chasing down and beating a Cobra in the final moments of the movie. This car is the last of a generation of Porsches and retains the brand's beauty in its purest form. Almost nothing is done to this car from an aftermarket perspective, and nothing has to be for a Porsche to take the screen and win over any car buff.

12 Sean Boswell's 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback - The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift


Both of Sean's cars could fit ont his list, as the no-holds-barred Monte Carlo at the beginning of the film was a monster in its own right, keeping ahead of a Viper using every shortcut known to man. It's the Mustang at the end, though, that gets the mention, as it's not only a beautiful piece of Detroit muscle but is injected with serious power that keeps the old Mustang firmly planted on the rear end of the Nissan 350Z. The old fastback isn't only a highly controversial part of the movie, but a solid representation of Sean as well.

11 Jill Rivers & Marcie Thatcher's 1980 Lamborghini Countach LP400S - Cannonball Run II


Who can forget the beginning credits of Cannonball Run II that heavily displayed a beautiful white Lamborghini Countach driven by two beautiful women getting every cop they come by to chase them, only to lose them in the Lambo's dust. The Countach was the poster-child for any car lover of the era and this movie played on that love even further with the glorification of this wedge-shaped masterpiece, complete with plenty of glorious revving and roaring from that beautiful V12.

10 Max Rockantansky' 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT "Pursuit Special"- Mad Max


Perhaps the nicest car seen throughout the wasteland, this highly customized 1973 Falcon may be a bit deceiving as it has a Monza-swapped front end and a couple of spoilers off the rear, giving it a more modern appearance than that of a stock XB. Many cars have been in the movie, its sequels, and remakes, but the Falcon always returns by Max's side like his dog, loyal and willing to do whatever it takes to survive and looks really cool doing it, too.

9 Baby's Subaru WRX STI - Baby Driver


Perhaps the newest entry on this list, the Subaru may not serve a big role in the movie (being left in a car lot after serving its purpose in an escape from a bank robbery). The custom, rear-wheel-drive, hawk-eye Impreza gives all its best in the chase, in part thanks to Baby's advanced driving skills. The different maneuvers it pulls off could've been done in just about any other car but the bright red Subaru does it best, all the while making sure no other car steals its spotlight, which it rightly deserves at the beginning of the movie.

8 Lieutenant Marion Cobretti's 1950 Mercury Monterey - Cobra


This car is indestructible! Lieutenant Cobretti isn't scared of getting his ratty Mercury dirty and does so frequently during an awesome chase. The Mercury is tastefully modified with go-fast bits that are not shy of giving away the type of speed and power she has, all the while looking like a Bonneville Salt Flats record-breaker with those dish wheels. The ratted-out muscle coupe is a beautiful car just to look at, even after the merciless beating it receives from the car chase.

7 Michael Delaney's 1969 Porsche 917K - Le Mans


In Steve McQueen's passion project, Micheal Delaney is a talented driver who partakes in the 24 Hours of Le Mans driving a blue and red Porsche race car. The movie heavily displays the Porsche alongside all the other competitors who are driving some of the fastest cars of the time and are constantly on Delaney's tail throughout the movie. The Porsche shines brightly as not only the star of the movie, but one of the most recognizable race cars of the era.

6 Aki's 1966 Toyota 2000GT Convertible - You Only Live Twice


Easily one of the nicest cars on this list, only two of these Toyota 2000GT Convertibles were made for the movie and became the most sought after classic from the country of Japan. Owned by Aki, an SIS agent who knows how to masterfully drive this one-of-a-kind beauty, the car is given the chance to display its owner's skills during a chase scene where Bond and she are being chased by some assassins in a black sedan. Though the car isn't one of James Bond's, it's well known as one of the fan favorites among “Bond” cars.

5 Frank Macklin's 1974 Ford F-250 “Bigfoot” - Take This Job and Shove It


Back when this movie came out, monster trucks were still a new thing and the father of all monster trucks took the screen as Frank's truck. During the movie, Bigfoot takes part in a race against other off-roaders and stands above all the others. A true show of power comes in the end of the race when a yellow Chevy who has been antagonizing Frank during the race gets rammed in the side and buried in the mud. The Bigfoot in this movie may not play an important part but it looks awesome playing in the mud.

4 Dr. Strangeways' 1961 Sunbeam Alpine - Dr. No


The first time we're introduced to James Bond in the cinema, we see him driving this beautiful Sunbeam Alpine. The Alpine is largely unknown and yet beloved by people who know its history. The car is known as being a sort of “baby Cobra” as it has the same Ford V8 after Sunbeam reached out to Carroll Shelby for help to try to save their sales. He gave them this awesome little roadster that makes a terrific cameo in the film as the first beautiful car you see Bond getting chased in.

3 Darius “XXX” Stone's 2005 Shelby Cobra Prototype - XXX: State Of The Union


The only movie you'll see this car in, according to IMCDB (Internet Movie Car DataBase), the actual Cobra prototype is only seen for a few moments throughout the movie before chasing the train on the tracks, where a CGI Cobra replaces it. In these few moments, the Cobra is the coolest car of the movie, even when sitting in the foreground of a Ford GT40 and a Saleen S7. It's just a shame we never got to see this car in anything else besides being in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

2 Cameron's Dad's 1961 Ferrari GT250 SWB California Spider - Ferris Bueller's Day Off


This Ferrari has become an icon of the 80s, as many fans remember the joyride Ferris took during playing hooky in the most legendary way, “borrowing” his friend Cameron's dad's car, a beautiful GT250 California Spider. It's the perfect car for anyone looking to enjoy a spring day in the city. Though the car is only seen for a few scenes in the movie, it is given the stage in each scene on full display for car lovers who, no doubt, wept when the car was accidentally reversed out of a cliffside garage and into the brush below.

1 Ben Braddock's 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto - The Graduate


This may very well be the most beautiful car of this list, at least in my opinion, and for it to be shown throughout The Graduate is a treasure, as the movie itself is good in its own respects. The Duetto was designed by Pininfarina and only a few thousand were made. The car has an absolutely lovely shape and the bright red color makes the car stand out even more, almost making Ben more of a stand-in than the main character.

Sources: IMCDB, James Bond Cars by Fredric Brun, and VW Heritage.

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