20 Movie Prop Cars We Wouldn't Touch With A Ten Foot Pole

Gearheads notice the cars that are used in films when watching anything from an action film to the sappiest romance.

There is no question that movies play a major role in the way that we observe the world. This is exactly why we are so in love with them. However, since we are car enthusiasts, we tend to notice the cars that are used in films the most when watching anything from an action film to the sappiest romance. There is no question that the vehicles that are chosen to be in movies can end up being the primary reason why they end up being remembered by so many fans.

It is an absolutely intriguing element that we see and this is likely never going to change, given how prominently cars fit into our real lives, as well. With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 20 movie prop cars we wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. It is important to note that these vehicles will be coming from films that range from a variety of decades.

A lot of these cars are also replicas of the actual cars that are used in the movies, so that is very crucial to keep in mind. There is no question that a lot of these cars were absolutely amazing in the actual films but the fan-created versions of them just are nowhere close in terms of greatness.

Now, let's take a gander at these movie cars!

20 Ghost Busters Ecto-1

via SimpleMost

Ghost Busters is one of the most popular movie franchises in the history of film. This makes a lot of sense, as its topic was quite original when it first entered the theaters. However, when it comes to the replica car in this photo, we actually are not the biggest fans of it.

There is no question that the signature logo is legendary, but the way that this car was designed just does not look right. It is understandable that the owner of this vehicle was trying to make this car capture the theme of the movie, but it ultimately failed because of the strange way it made the car look.

19 Jurassic Park Benz

via CarScoops

Jurassic Park is still very popular today. This is because this film has yet to be outdated, and even the modern films have gotten a lot of praise, as well. However, this replica from the film is just not as good as the classic Jeeps that we saw in the older films.

This is not necessarily a bad car, but it is clear that it does not reach the same level of success as others. The color pattern also is not the best of choices, and it honestly takes away from the natural appeal that made the older cars so much better from this series.

18 Scooby-Doo

via Ideal Classic Cars

Scooby-Doo was one of the best cartoons in the history of television. The live-action films were also quite impressive and The Mystery Machine played a large role in that. However, when it comes to seeing replicas on the street, they just do not capture the beauty that is found with the animated version from the cartoon.

The task of creating an animated vehicle in person is so much more challenging than in any other situation. This is not the worst replica of this iconic car, but it is fair to state that it does not come close to the original look of it.

17 Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12

via CNBC.com

Back to the Future was one of the most popular films during its time in theaters. It definitely had a very cool concept and plot, so this makes a lot of sense. However, the reason why we would never drive the classic car from this film is that it is a DeLorean DMC-12.

Although they look extremely nice, they are widely considered to be one of the biggest lemons in the history of the automobile world. This is because they were structured extremely poorly and had many major problems. At the end of the day, although it is one of the coolest looking cars ever, we still would pass because of this.

16 1989 Batmobile

via Ideal Classic Cars

The wide range of Batman movies has created easily one of the most popular film series in the history of entertainment. This is largely because of the fact that it has been in the works for a number of decades. The Batmobile also played a major role in this happening, as it is one of the most recognizable cars in all of film.

However, when it comes to the replica that is being presented in this photo, it can honestly be stated that it is a bit underwhelming. The maker of this car definitely had the color right, but the way that they opted to structure it is truly questionable.

15 Cars

via WorldWideInterWeb

Man, Cars is an amazing animated film series. It still is beloved today and people are desperately hoping that more is to come with it. This photo shows one of the most popular characters from the movie, Mater, but it is him in real-life form.

We must say that this design of Mater borders on scary. Although the idea of bringing these cars to life sounds cool, this photo displays the fact that it just does not work when put into fruition. At the end of the day, it is fair to state that we all prefer Mater in animated form, rather than in person.

14 Speed Racer Mach 5

via Ideal Classic Cars

We car enthusiasts are absolutely in love with the Speed Racer cartoon series and the semi-real-life movie. It is cool that they have been able to make live-action films for it, as well as animated versions of it. The legendary car from the film is also beloved by many and it would be cool to purchase.

However, the version that is shown in this photo is rather questionable. It is understandable for replicas to have a few difference from the original form, but these are far too distracting ignore with this car. At the end of the day, it just is not the version that we would like to possess.

13 Captain Nemo

via AutoEvolution

Captain Nemo would show off this very strange car in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. It should be noted that this car in the film perfectly depicts the quintessential life that all of us yearn to have. However, this replica of it is a bit tacky and underwhelming.

There is no question that building a replica version of a movie car is a very hard task. It requires an abundance of close observation and effort to pull it off. However, even with this being the case, it is quite clear that this version of the legendary car just was not adequate enough for praise.

12 Bonnie & Clyde

via Wikimedia Commons

The Bonnie & Clyde movie that portrayed the famous couple is one of the most important movies to ever make its way to the big screen. This is constantly discussed in many film studies courses today, as many see it as one of the best historical films of all time. Anyone who has seen it would likely agree with this statement.

However, in this picture specifically, the iconic car from this film is not something we'd ever want to drive around in. Whether it's the car that the duo actually met their ends in or the version from the film, both are a little too haunted for our taste.

11 Ferris Bueller's Ferrari

via CNBC.com

When it comes to cult classics, it is hard to find one that was as impressive as Ferris Bueller's Day Off during its time. This movie was a great coming of age flick that still is extremely popular to this very day. The car in this film is also outstanding and we wish we could drive it.

However, the one that is presented in this photo is a clear replica. That is totally fine, but the issue is that it simply appears to be built in a poor fashion. This car looks as though it would not be able to last for a long period of time, and that is why we would opt to avoid this specific one.

10 Cars 2

via Ideal Classic Cars

This photo shows the face of this film series, Lightning McQueen. There is no question that he is definitely one of the most popular animated characters of this century and this likely will not be changing any time soon. However, this replica of him is absolutely unfortunate.

Like the Mater picture above, it is just extremely strange to see this car brought to life. Although the actual car itself is nice, the painted-on appearance is just strange. With all of this being stated, it should be quite clear that we would not want to touch this car with a ten-foot pole.

9 Tucker: The Man And His Dream

via Autoclassics.com

The movie, Tucker: The Man and His Dream focuses on the life and career path of inventor Preston Tucker. The film would go on to get a lot of positive reviews during its time in theaters. It also focused on the Tucker 48 car that we see in this picture.

There is no question that this vehicle has a very large history behind, so some may want to drive it. However, when seeing how this vehicle is extremely old, it just does not hold up to the rest of today's world. The car in this photo specifically also is just not very appealing to us.

8 Hooper

via People

The film Hooper definitely is one that many car enthusiasts love to watch on replay. This is because it is a very car-heavy film, and that, of course, is very appealing to us. One of the most legendary scenes from this movie is when the main characters jump the bridge with their Trans Am.

This vehicle is a copy of the one from the film, but that is where we run into some issues. It is apparent that this vehicle would be full of issues that just takes away from the beauty of actually driving it. This is not the worst movie-inspired car, but we still would like nothing to do with it.


6 James Bond's Aston Martin

via Hemmings Motor News

Everybody knows the impact of the James Bond movie franchise. This is easily one of the most impressive series of action films in the entire history of entertainment. Of course, another major element that we tend to love is his beautiful Aston Martin DB5.

However, the customized version that is seen in this photo is nowhere as appealing as the one in the film. It may look somewhat like a real DB5 with Bond's gadgets, but it falls flat. At the end of the day, the idea of this version is nice, but it just does not hit the level in which one would expect it to.

5 Herbie

via AACA Museum

The Herbie series has been around for a long period of time. The last film to come from it was in 2005 and, of course, starred Lindsay Lohan. This vehicle has been able to gain a lot of attention in the entertainment industry, and this will likely always be the case.

The car itself is made from a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle and it is a major reason why the series is so popular. However, when it comes to the car in this picture, we would not want to take it for a spin in the slightest. It is far too damaged to be taken seriously.

4 The Dark Knight's Tumbler

via Rinsou Coleccion

The Dark Knight trilogy is definitely a very popular part of the movie world. There is no question that many of us still watch these films as often as we can. Of course, a major reason behind this is the monstrous Tumbler car that Christopher Nolan introduced instead of previous, sleek Batmobiles.

This photo shows us a replica of the one from the film. It is quite clear that this definitely is a beefy version of it, but we would not necessarily want to take it for a spin. It simply looks like it needs more work to be done to it. Once that occurs, perhaps it will be enough to change our minds.

3 Bumblebee

via YouTube

The Bumblebee film definitely helped bring back some positive reviews for the Transformers franchise. This definitely is a movie that we all should check out, as it has a strong cast of actors and the overall plot is quite entertaining.

However, the one issue that can be argued is the fact that the Camaro they chose just does not match the classic one they once had. This photo has a modern Chevrolet, as well, and it just is not the type of car that we would want to be driving. However, one has to admire the owner's admiration for the film.

2 The A-Team

via Hemmings Motor News

The A-Team is a movie series that definitely brings up a strong sense of nostalgia. These films were absolutely beloved during their time and that is why many people are still introducing them to their families today.

The A-Team's van is definitely a very popular aspect of this film. However, the customized version that is seen in this photo just does not match up to it in the slightest. This was a good attempt by the person who customized it, but that does not mean that it translates to actual success. The real van had much more character to it.

1 Smokey And The Bandit

via The Miami Herald

Smokey and the Bandit is easily one of the most popular films to have ever centered around cars. There is no question this film helped spark a lot of us into loving cars to the high degree that we do. Of course, the legendary Firebird Trans Am played a major role in this.

The replica that is pictured in this photo just does not seem to reach the same level of prestige as the actual movie car. A major reason behind this is the fact that it is rather clear that this car has not been through the hardcore scenarios that Burt Reynolds and his car did. This is why we would rather have the one from the film.

Sources: Hemmings Motor News, Ideal Classic Cars, and CNBC.

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