10 Heartless Movies That Destroyed Cars

Movies like Die Hard and Marvel's Iron Man 2 might be beloved but these films are actually heartless as they destroyed several beautiful cars in them.

Why are cars made? They are made because we, the consumers, want to buy them. And we want to buy them to drive in them – so we buy them according to our driving needs and of course, the depth of our pockets. The one reason cars are not made, is to have them destroyed. No carmaker would want to put in hours of assembly plant time into making a car that simply had to be blown up.

Of course, production houses do not care. If they get a car to play with, they blow it up in a newer and more violent way to earn box office praise and moolah. Heartless? For sure, and these are ten movies that didn’t give a damn for the cars they destroyed.

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10 Matrix Reloaded

Keanu Reeves has finally said yes to the fourth installment of the series and while fans are over the moon, carmakers are having the heebie-jeebies. And the reason is simple. The last of the Matrix films, Matrix Reloaded, was a cool movie, at least for Neo fans. However, this movie also ended up destroying 300 cars just for one long, high-speed chase. One giant whoomph and 300 cars were gone, like that.

And this was the movie savvy General Motors we are talking about, and we are sure they were not happy with the totaling of so many cars, even if a few of them were just shells and not actual cars.

9 A Good Day to Die Hard

Die Hard. For most action fans, this is the ultimate action series ever. Short of maybe Lethal Weapon. Yep, die-hard action fan here too, so sue me. The last of the Die Hard movies (till now, that is) was the 2013 A Good Day To Die Hard with the unkillable if aged John McClane still doing his stuff. And while he does his stuff, now they are blowing up cars as well.

A total of 132 cars were decimated for this by being blown up, crashed off and into various things and otherwise destroyed. This cost the producers a cool $8.5 million, of course, the movie was a B.O. hit so they might just plan to do this all over again.

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8 G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Despite having Bruce Willis in this (again!) and also starring a hunky (meh!) Dwayne Johnson – the movie was panned.

Despite blowing up 112 cars, this movie did nothing to help the franchise as its 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes being a good indication of that.

7 Iron Man 2

From being at the top of his game to a complete write-off Hollywood would no longer hire, Robert Downey Jr. made an astounding comeback with Iron Man and the Avengers franchise, so helped by his long-time bud, Mel Gibson.

Of course, when Gibson was ousted from the red carpet because of his drunk outbursts, Downey returned the favor. The second Iron Man was a big theatre draw as well but did something that hurt the sensitivities of car aficionados. Other than destroying a myriad of cars, they also decimated a 1970s Wolf WR6 as well as two Rolls Royce Phantoms. The number of cars this movie destroyed was not very great, but the value sure was.

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6 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Honestly speaking, while Michael Bay may have made a killing from making the Transformers movies – everything good about it was the CGI. Everything bad about these movies was when real flesh and blood actors had to play out roles with decent believability. Anyhow, to each their own, but the third movie, which still had Shia LeBeouf but lacked Megan Fox was the most car destructive one ever.

Chevrolet (well, duh) donated some 530 flood-damaged cars to Michael Bay who then behaved like five-year-old on a sugar rush let loose in a candy shop. He diabolically blew up all of these cars in different shots and then made a huge profit off of it.

5 Gone in 60 Seconds

The original 1974 movie can only be described as car carnage in which 93 cars went up in flames (figurative, if not literal) in a hyperventilating 40-minute car chase. Starring, written and directed by H.B. Halicki, the movie may not have featured great acting but did feature gorgeous classic cars of the 70s.

But 93 of these beauties were destroyed just to give the audience some titillation. The original Eleanor Mustangs of this movie also made an appearance in the 2000 remake of the movie starring Nicolas Cage. Out of the eleven Eleanor Mustangs, only three were functioning and only one made it to the end whole. The count just got worse.

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4 The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers flick was supposed to be a musical comedy, so played out by SNL regulars. On the surface of it, one doesn’t know why a movie like this would ever have a car chase – but it did. And it had a spectacular one that involved almost 60 police cars all of which end up in one heaping pile of car horror.

This movie cost the lives of some 103 cars in total which had to be scrapped once production wrapped up. When the sequel of the movie came up, titled Blues Brothers 2000, it went ahead and destroyed the same number of cars, plus one – taking the sequels tally to a neat 104.

3 Ronin

Remember Ronin and that excellent car chase that featured Natascha McElhone, Robert De Niro and Jean Reno careening down the streets of Paris? It’s an unforgettable eight-minute sequence brought to life with some 300 stunt drivers in total, along with former Formula 1 racer Jean-Pierre Jarier.

The breath-taking sequence was directed by the movie’s director John Frankenheimer, who himself was an amateur race car driver. What we see is nifty editing. What we don’t realize is that 80 cars went down the drain for this car chase, often attributed as one of the best to be shown onscreen.

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2 Mad Max: Fury Road

Mel Gibson’s Mad Max was a good movie and did pretty well for itself even though it was made on a shoestring budget with Gibson’s Ford Falcon probably getting better paid than Gibson himself. The new dystopian vision of Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron’s Mad Max was a tad weird, and then so were the equally villainous characters on the other end of the spectrum.

And somewhere between all of that were the wild, wild vehicles that somehow looked totally at home with the wasteland they show the planet to be. 88 of these strangely put together vehicles were raced pell-mell across the Namibian sand and 60 never made it out alive despite being rigged for some rough riding.

1 The Fast and Furious Franchise

You cannot say movies and cars in one breath, and not talk about The Fast and Furious franchise in the other. To keep the movie as real as possible, including the CGI-doctored Paul Walker, real cars have been blown up, smashed, crashed, dropped or otherwise decimated in newer and more innovative ways. In total, the course of the 10 movies has been able to kill a whopping 1,500 cars – and this includes killing a beautiful Lykan Hypersport worth some $3.4million.

Who knows what the actual number will be if these movies continue to get made, and how many precious JDMs may get destroyed in the process.

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