Which Muscle Car Should You Drive Based On Your MBTI

Muscle cars say a lot about the people who own them, so why not get the right one based on your Myers-Briggs® type?

Muscle cars are arguably the single greatest contribution America gave to the automotive community. Characterized by an excellent power-to-weight ratio, timeless looks, massive engines, and pure no-frills driving pleasure, muscle cars will by definition attract almost every true car enthusiast out there. However, not all muscle cars will fit every personality type the same.

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The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator is a great tool to categorize people's personalities in 16 groups, helping us to understand both each other and ourselves better. Of course, there's a lot more to consider when buying a car than your personality. However, if you're wondering what kind of muscle car would fit your particular MBTI® type best, this list might just provide you with the answer you're looking for.

10 ISFJ - Mustang 1967

ISFJ represents one of the most common personality types in the world. Also referred to as "Sentinels" or "Defenders," people with this personality type tend to be sensitive, caring, and protective. If you belong in this group, you are someone anyone can easily rely upon.

You also have a good eye for detail and are well-tuned into how others around them feel, despite being reserved and quiet. As someone who values tradition, you might be averse to change. Because you're more likely to stick to your car for a longer period of time than most people, a timeless classic like the original Mustang is ideal for you. With proper maintenance, this car can last you a lifetime while always looking equally sharp and iconic.

9 ISFP - 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

If you're an ISFP, you're probably the creative type that enjoys his own company more than the company of others. Because you live in the moment and don't bother yourself too much with the future, you are highly aware of everything that goes on around you which helps you focus on details when creating. This is why ISFP personalities excel at arts and crafts.

Your muscle car would not just be a car, it would be an expression of yourself. As such it would have to both look nice and feel nice, which is why few choices are better than the iconic 1963 Corvette Sting Ray - widely regarded as the most beautiful Corvette (and muscle car) ever created.

8 INTJ - Cadillac CTS-V

If you're the type of person who hates small talk, doesn't do well in crowded places, and prefers the intellectual stimulation of a good book or movie to spending time with others, you're likely an INTJ. Apart from these traits, INTJs or "Architects" are known for their ability to devise bulletproof strategies and plan far ahead in order to achieve their goals. Though others may perceive you as a bit distant or cold, your mind is brimming with new ideas, projects, and plans. Besides, INTJs are the biggest perfectionists, so everything they do, the muscle cars they purchase must be virtually flawless.

One option is the new Cadillac CTS-V. This supersedan features a massive 6.2L V8 producing 640 horsepower and 630-lb of torque. But it also has a practical side, boasting an upscale interior comfortably seating five and a spacious boot for any luggage you may have. With the CTS-V you can plan years ahead knowing you can take it anywhere.

7 ESTP - Shelby Cobra Super Snake

You're a risk taker and go-getter, and your fearlessness and action often make you seem impulsive. But this is mostly because you're so quick on your feet. Because you're ready to face any challenge and love a good thrill, the average muscle car just won't do.

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Open to new experiences and people in general, ESTPs enjoy a good convertible more than other personalities, and none is more thrilling than the Shelby Cobra. Powered by a 4.7L V8, this agile convertible was once one of the fastest cars on the globe, producing up to 800 horsepower depending on the trim, and a top speed that could only be estimated as close to 200 mph.

6 ENTJ - Ford Mustang Boss 429

Your personality type is known as the "Commander," and the car you drive should reflect that. Naturally assertive and confident, your peers look up to you for leadership and advice. No obstacle is too daunting for you, and when it comes to muscle cars, you have what it takes to handle a classic beast such as the Ford Boss 429.

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The Boss is a special trim of the Ford Mustang devised in 1969 in an effort to create the most powerful and competent Mustang yet. Though the model's official production ended in 1970, it's still remembered for its sheer badassery. Ford never disclosed the actual horsepower numbers that come courtesy of its V8, but it was advertised as having at least 375 horsepower.

5 ESFP - 2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

People come to you for advice and comfort. As an ESFP, you are usually the warmest and most sociable person in the room and everyone wants to be around you. Your optimism and positive attitude simply draw people to you. And you don't mind the attention, in fact, you probably love entertaining others.

Your ideal muscle car is something that will allow you to fully live in the moment and attract others to come and take a ride with you. Something like the Ford Mustang GT Convertible - a beastly 5.0L pony car that guarantees countless hours of fun.

4 ISTP - 1971 Plymouth GTX

As an ISTP, you're an extremely perceptive, quick-paced, and practical individual and probably so far ahead of everyone that normal things bore you. You require some stimulation in your life and hence frequently engage in new activities where you like to learn by hands-on experience.

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Your perfect muscle car would not only be a car; it would be your life project, something you can work on, and improve every day. There are numerous classic options that fit this description, but few as exciting as the 7.2L 1971 Plymouth GTX boasting an impressive 385 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque, making it one of the most powerful stock muscle cars of its era. But you're not going to keep it stock, now, are you?

3 ISTJ - Dodge Charger Hellcat

You're an extremely organized and practical person. You keep a cool head and view the world through logic and analysis. This makes you incredibly detail-oriented and perceptive, which is why you want your muscle car to be a logical and intelligent purchase decision.

A practical and insanely powerful four-door with an attractive design, the new Charger Hellcat is the perfect muscle car for you. It's a practical five-seater with a decent rear boot and a monstrous engine. At under $70,000, this 707-horsepower Hemi V8-powered supersedan offers one of the best price-to-performance ratios on the planet, able to reach 60 mph in 3.6 and easily attaining a ridiculous top speed of 204 mph.

2 ESTJ - Equues Bass 770

You are the "Executive," and your people-oriented and highly organized nature pulls others to follow you. With a logical outlook on problems and a decisive nature, you help direct others and allow them to achieve the best results. Because you stand out from the crowd, the muscle car you drive needs to be something premium and truly special. So for you, we've picked the one and only Equus Bass 770. If you're never heard of this brand before, don't worry.

This all-American manufacturer set out to create the best of the best classic-inspired modern muscle cars and decorated them with the most upscale features. Under the hood of this beautiful car is a 640-horsepower V8 capable of shuttling the car to 60 in just 3.4 seconds and onto a top speed of at least 200 mph.

1 ENFP: 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Being around you is endless fun. As a future-focused and enthusiastic individual, you inspire everyone around you. You need a car that will allow your spontaneous and creative nature to shine, an open-top classic masterpiece that everyone will want to ride in, making you the center of attention.

A car that is as free in spirit as you are, such as the 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda - arguably the best year for the Cuda - is perfect for you. This is one of the most attractive classic American convertibles with a powerful 7.0L Hemi V8 under the hood that releases a stampede of 424 horses and 490 lb-ft of torque.

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