Custom Muscle Cars & Hot Rods Take On Kawasaki & Suzuki Superbikes In Drag Race Action

Sportbikes are some of the fastest vehicles on the planet, but can they keep up with these tricked-out muscle cars?

Cuda vs Kawasaki

We once again get to see how sportbikes and muscle cars stack up in this series of drag races at Mission Park Raceway, British Columbia.

We’ve seen these bikes in action before at this particular dragway. Normally, bikes are slated against their own kind, but everyone so often Mission Raceway Park allows them to go head-to-head against their powerful automotive cousins with four wheels instead of two.

Most of these bikes top out at 200 hp, but don’t let the Honda Civic-levels of power fool you--these bikes are tiny, so 200 horses go a long way. Power to weight means a lot in a drag race, and nothing beats a sportbike when it comes to raw speed.

In order to keep up, these muscle cars need to be some of the fastest vehicles around. The first one is a Plymouth Barracuda that we’ve seen before, which is why we know it has 925 hp from a supercharged 7.0-L HEMI V8 engine. It typically runs quarter-mile races in the 9-second range, but can it keep up with a Kawasaki H2 Ninja?

The H2 Ninja is known for being the fastest sub-1000cc engined bike on the planet. It’s supercharged, so it still makes 200 hp despite having such a tiny displacement. Back in August of 2018, an H2 set a record at Bonneville Speedway for sub-1000cc bikes by hitting a top speed of over 209 mph.

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At those speeds, even the protective gear that motorcyclists must wear won’t do a whole lot to keep the driver from turning into a red smear should they lose control and crash.

It looks like the Barracuda might have jumped the light just a bit since it roars into the lead well before the Ninja could react. It does eventually, though, and even though the Barracuda seemed to have an insurmountable lead, the Ninja miraculously catches up.

It’s not quite enough to catch the ‘Cuda, but it came very close. The final time for the ‘Cuda was 9.41 seconds at 143 mph while the Kawasaki managed 9.89 seconds at 153 mph.

If that’s not fast enough, there’s a rotating cast of Dodge Demons, Suzuki Hayabusas, Kawasaki Ninjas, and tricked out hotrods waiting for you in the rest of this video. Check it out.

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