This Could Be What The Mustang-Inspired Crossover Looks Like, Maybe

The upcoming electric Mustang-inspired crossover might very well look like this artist's rendering.

Mustang SUV

We could be looking at the upcoming “Mustang-Inspired” crossover.

A Mustang crossover is coming. How you feel about the Mustang being taken and used to become the face of a new Ford SUV is irrelevant because it’s the only sporty thing that Ford makes that reasonable people can still afford, so of course it’s going to become the face of a new SUV.

We believe it will have an electric powertrain. Ford might make a hybrid version or even a regular gas-burning version as a sort of concession to Mustang purists, but the big expectation here is that Ford will make it electric to compete with the upcoming Tesla Model Y

Last April, we learned from Ford execs that the Mustang crossover will have a range of 370 miles and be more performance oriented than expected. We didn’t really have much in terms of expectations, but performance is always good, right?

We’ve only been given two teaser photos to go on, and we’ve used those liberally at this publication when discussing the electric Mustang crossover. Now, Russian site Kolesa.ru has given us a look at what might actually be the true look of the upcoming Mustang crossover.

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There is definitely Mustang heritage in this theoretical car. The headlights, grille, tail lights, hood, and even the GT logo on the back are all lifted directly from the current model Mustang. It’s got a taller roof, bigger fenders, and a much higher ground clearance, but there’s no mistaking its Mustang heritage.

Mustang SUV
via Kolesa.ru

The grille seems to be a bit unnecessary, given the fact this car is supposed to be electric. Perhaps some cooling will be needed, but so far, other carmakers have managed to keep their batteries from melting without using a perforated nose.

It’s interesting that the Mustang crossover is a 5-door rather than a 3-door hatchback. Perhaps that would be a little too Mustang even for a crossover.

We’ll find out how accurate these drawings are when the Mustang crossover eventually appears sometime in 2020. Until then, we’re going off this as the best idea out there.

(via Motor1)

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