Mustang Dominates 2018 Sales While Challenger Outsells Camaro

The Ford Mustang once again dominated sales in the American muscle car market, but the Dodge Challenger isn’t too far behind.

And the Camaro… well.

Ford’s muscle car favorite, the Mustang, remains the top-selling American sports car for the bajillionth year in a row, but there appear to be cracks forming in the Mustang’s armor. Although 75,842 Mustangs were sold in 2018, that’s actually a drop of 7.4% compared to sales from last year.

It’s likely that the Mustang is falling prey to the overall downward pressure that all cars are suffering from that are still powered by gasoline. The upcoming Shelby GT500 might turn things around for the suffering Mustang, but likely not by much as the GT500 will be a top-tier (and thus expensive) sports car that few will be able to afford.

The Dodge Challenger, on the other hand, had its best year yet in 2018. Sales of Challengers are up 3% from 2017, up to 66,716 vehicles. This makes the Challenger the only muscle car to see a sales increase of the big three competitors.

Dodge can be credited with doing what they do best for the Challenger, and that’s having great sales and tons of special edition vehicles to make it seem like each car is just a little bit special. And of course, 2018 was the year of the Demon, which is a car that will live on in legend for decades to come.

Mustang Dominates 2018 Sales While Challenger Outsells Camaro
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Unfortunately, the Camaro might just be on its way out the door. A disastrous facelift has caused sales to fall a whopping 25% compared with last year, down to 50,963 Camaros sold. That kind of drop is never a good sign for a car’s survival, and you can honestly consider the Camaro on life support for 2019.

But at least the poor Camaro has company. FCA also revealed in their year-end sales report that Chrysler sales are down 28%, practically leaving the Pacifica minivan as its only profitable vehicle. Fiat too is also on its way out, with sales down 44% compared to last year. Nobody wants tiny clown cars, and that’s killing the little Fiat in North America.


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