Mustang GT500 Takes On Dodge Demon In Quarter-Mile Action

Demon vs GT500

A Dodge Demon takes on a previous-gen Shelby Mustang GT500 in a drag race.

The last time we caught up with Demonology, he was busy taking on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. After slaughtering the Trackhawk, which featured the same 6.2-L engine as his Demon but without the 840 horsepower, Demonology took a break to get some upgrades from his local garage.

After getting a brand new JMS PowerMAX fuel pump and ignition voltage booster installed (which would theoretically improve the engine’s consistency on launches), our large Demon driver met up with an arch rival, the Mustang GT500. This was a previous-generation model, naturally, so we won’t be seeing the upcoming 2020 GT500 race against the Demon, but that day is almost certainly coming.

We’re pretty sure this Mustang has had some additional work done in order for it to even have a hope of standing up to the Demon’s 6.2-L supercharged V8. The GT500 has a 5.8-L V8 that produced 662 hp and 631 lb-ft when it left the factory floor. Zero to sixty took 3.5 seconds on its way to a theoretical top speed of 202 mph.

If we were to guess, we’d say that this GT500 has a larger supercharger to bring its output somewhere north of 800 hp, along with the drag radials to improve its traction immediately after launch.

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Meanwhile, we’re pretty sure Demonology’s Demon still produces close to the original 840 horsepower that Dodge advertised soon after the Demon’s arrival, although he’s certainly added his own tweaks to the now-classic design. Most of them allow him to consistently run a quarter-mile drag race in the mid-9-second range.

As you can see in the initial part of the video, it looks like Demonology was still having some teething issues with the new voltage booster judging by how he seemed to lay off the throttle soon after launch. That issue appeared to be rectified for the second launch, which was a lot smoother.

It also came just in time for his impromptu race against the GT500. Check out the video above to see how these two muscle cars stack up.

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