10 Of The Best Car-Based Myths Featured On Mythbusters

The team at Mythbusters have busted a lot of myths over the years, many of which pertained to cars. Here are 10 of the best featuring automotives!

Mythbusters was an amazing show that was based on testing out myths to see if they were true or false. The two main hosts were Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman who put science and their brains to the test to uncover the truth. They tested everything under the sun, but one of their specialties included cracking famed car myths.

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We have compiled the top myths they featured on the show and revealed the outcomes associated with their findings. If you want to see them solve the puzzles in real-time then you can watch ten seasons worth of myths on Hulu. Keep reading to learn about ten of the best car-based myths featured on Mythbusters!

10 Did Something Die In Here?

This myth tested if it was true that a car would not sell if something had died, or smelled like something had, inside of the vehicle. They tested this theory by placing two pigs who had died of natural causes into the vehicle and let them fester there for two months.

They used a 1987 Corvette for the task, but the result was a smell worse than they could handle. They ended up ripping out the entire interior, and even then no one wanted the poor and abused thing. It did end up selling, but only for used parts, so they stated that this particular myth was entirely true.

9 The Effects Of Adding Different Things To Your Engine

They decided to try adding different things to the engine of the vehicle in order to see the results and how it ran. They found that liquid drain cleaner and sugar could be put into the fuel tank and nothing would happen, and actually discovered that it ran better with the added sugar.

They did, however, confirm that adding bleach in with your oil will cause your engine to overheat and burn up, so that is one thing you definitely want to avoid trying in your car.

8 Adjust Your Truck's Tailgate For A Better Fuel Economy

There is an old myth that leaving the tailgate of your truck down will actually give you better gas mileage. They decided to test this theory and took it a step further to also test if a cover for the bed made a difference.

They tested each of the vehicles at 25 mph and 55 mph, but they found that neither of those things made a difference in its fuel economy. However, they did find that replacing the tailgate with a mesh gate would help a little bit, but this is most likely due to the decrease in the weight of the truck.

7 Could You Escape Your Submerged Car?

The hosts decided to see if you could escape your car if it happened to become submerged underwater. They concluded in their tests that the car had to be completely submerged before you could escape as the pressure inside and outside the vehicle would have to equalize.

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They determined that a panicked person would drown before they were able to escape the vehicle, but if you conserved your energy and your air then you had the ability to make it out alive. They also discovered that your best chance at survival is to open the car door immediately when you hit the water to avoid a buildup of pressure.

6 They Tested If It Was Safe For The Blind To Drive

Mythbusters wanted to see if a blind person could drive if given directions from a passenger. When the hosts attempted the feat themselves they both failed miserably and were skeptical that this could be confirmed.

The next test involved an actual blind person behind the wheel, and they were able to complete the course with ease. This confirmed the myth to be true, but they did find that if the passenger was intoxicated then the driver's abilities made it look like they too were over the limit.

5 The Movies Rip Rear Axles Off Of Cars

This myth came about after a movie ripped the rear axle off of a car. They tested this theory by attaching a cable to the back end of a remote-controlled police car and a telephone pole, then continued to drive it until something snapped.

Well, the car held strong but the cable didn't so this myth was technically busted. It didn't even work when they loosened the bolts and found an even stronger cable, so it is safe to say that movies have been lying to us for ages.

4 Motorcycles Can Ride On Water

This myth seeked to find the truth behind the tale that a motorcycle could be driven across the water. The test began when they used a remote-controlled toy as their first test, but it was inconclusive as the wheel seemed to sit on the bottom of their makeshift pond.

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Next, they invited Eric McCrummen, a supercross motorcycle racer, to test their theory and ride across the lake at top speeds. They found he could make it a length of 100 ft, but their longer tests proved to be a fail as they only made it 300 feet.

3 Dirt Doesn't Help Your Fuel Economy

The myth they were testing in this episode was whether or not dirt on the exterior of your vehicle makes your car more fuel-efficient. The theory was that the dirt would have a dimpling effect similar to that of a golf ball, but their tests told a different story.

It turns out the dirt had a negative effect on the car's fuel economy but creating a car with a golfball exterior actually helped. They managed to gain an extra 4 miles per gallon after adding over 1,000 dimples to the outside of their Ford Taurus.

2 Driving Shoes Don't Really Matter

It has been believed that certain shoes will impair a driver's ability to navigate the roadway safely, but it was proven to be false. The hosts both donned six different pairs of shoes including heels, wedges, and snow boots.

They found that none of the shoes affected their times by more than two seconds, so they decided this myth was busted. It might have proven a bit more difficult at times, but no one could ever call them unsafe ever again.

1 How To Beat A Radar Gun

No one likes speeding tickets, so this show decided to try everything to avoid the detection of a radar gun. They pulled out all of the stops as they jingled a set of keys, hung a disco ball and CDs in the rearview mirror, and wrapped the hubcaps in foil.

They even went as far as wrapping the entire car in tin foil, but nothing had any effect on the radar gun. They found that this myth was busted, so there is nothing you can do to avoid a ticket except drive the speed limit.

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