NASCAR: 10 Best Tracks To Watch The Race, Ranked

Many Nascar tracks cover the states, and a few of them stand out against the rest as the best places to rally around with others and watch the race.

NASCAR, the home of horsepower, was formed on February 15, 1948. It held its first race at Daytona Beach on the east coast of Central Florida. It is theorized that the majority of the drivers were part of the moonshine trade, hence the quick driving skills.

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Whether or not that is true, the speed of the cars and the skill paired with no fear certainly caught the attention of the world. NASCAR quickly earned their name, the National Association Stock Car Auto Racing. Now, many tracks cover the states, and a few of them stand out against the rest as the best places to rally around with others and watch the race.

10 Daytona Motor Speedway

Coming in as number one on the list is none other than the Daytona Motor Speedway. Located in the sunny east coast of central Florida, it is only minutes from the world-famous Daytona Beach and is just one hour from Orlando.

The Speedway itself, which used to have part of the track on the beach, holds a myriad of history in its name. It is most prominently known for the Daytona 500 an annual and nationally recognized race. The speedway holds 167,785 people with 101,500 front stretch seats that have both armrests and backrests. Not to mention the 11 social areas, each the size of a football field, that cover the front stretch.

9 Bristol Motor Speedway

The Bristol Motor Speedway, which is known as the "cereal bowl," is arguably one of the most enjoyable speedways to watch a NASCAR race at. It has been coined the "cereal bowl" because of its small size and tight turns. It harbors a small circle and high pitches all the way around, especially in the middle.

It is only .533 miles long, and when you get that much horsepower pushing for first place around that concrete track, things can get messy fast. After all, who does not like to see a good wreck of cars traveling 200 miles per hour?

8 Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, located in none other than Indianapolis, Indiana spans a total of 560 acres and seats 257,325 people with an infield that raises the capacity to 400,000 people. This is the home of not only the largest NASCAR track but also the second-largest track in the world.

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It is not possible to gather with more NASCAR fans anywhere in the world but the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The track is a two-and-a-half mile oval of fury. It has been home of historical races like the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400. There is not another place like it.

7 Talladega Superspeedway

The Talladega Superspeedway, which was formerly known as the Alabama International Motor Speedway, is located just north of Talladega, Alabama. This track itself comes in as a 2.66-mile long oval, which is even longer than the Indianapolis Superspeedway.

Talladega is home of the fastest lap ever recorded in NASCAR because of the sick banking of the track. The cars actually need restrictor plates to run on this track to keep them from going too fast. This fast track holds 80,000 people of the NASCAR community, which only adds to the roar of the horsepower steaming around that long oval.

6 Darlington Raceway

This track has been nicknamed "The Lady in Black" and "The Track Too Tough To Tame" by the many fans of NASCAR and their drivers. These nicknames are derived from the difficulty of the track due to its egg shape. The shape of the track is actually due to a logistical problem as the track was being built in 1949, some 68 years ago.

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This track holds 47,000 fans and is 1.366 miles. NASCAR has been holding races at this track since 1950, which makes Darlington a historical track. The raceway has a museum that covers the history of the track and all the greats who have burned rubber on that old asphalt track.

5 Martinsville Speedway

Founded in 1947 at .526 miles in length, it is the shortest track in the NASCAR Cup Series. This track is commonly coined as the "paperclip" due to its unique shape with tight corners and small size. This track is known as having one of the best views for the price, known as the top bargain in all of the NASCAR Cup Series.

The track width is 55 feet, with 740 feet of elevation, and a typical 500 lap race. The turns are nice and tight at 588 feet and 800-foot straightaways. The uniqueness of this track with shape and size is what makes it such a fun race to be a part of.

4 Charlotte Motor Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway is home of the annual Coca-Cola 600 race. The first race was held here in 1960, which was also the first World 600 race that has ever been held. The Charlotte Motor Speedway has installed the worlds largest 720P, HDTV along the backstretch of the speedway.

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This HDTV is an insane 200 feet wide, stands 80 feet tall, and weighs 165,000 pounds, which cover 16,000 square feet. So, the fans from turn four to turn one can see it clearly. This track is a 1.5-mile oval that holds all of the horsepower NASCAR brings with it.

3 Texas Motor Speedway

There is not any place quite like Texas. Just ask any Texas native if that is true and they will talk about it for days. So it is no surprise that the Texas Motor Speedway is featured on this list.

The Speedway is placed right in no other than Fort Worth, Texas. It is 1.44 miles with 20-degree bankings in the corners 1 and 2, while turns 3 and 4 have slightly more at 24 degrees. The Texas Motor Speedway holds the record for the 9th highest attendance record at 212,585 people. That is a lot of people piled into this Speedway in the middle of vibrant Fort Worth, Texas amidst the roar of all those NASCAR cars racing for first place.

2 Sonoma Raceway

The Sonoma Raceway, which was formerly the Sears Point Raceway, is located in none other than the beautiful Sonoma County, California. It is a 2.52-mile road course, which also includes a drag strip. It has a seating capacity of 47,000 people and has been going strong since 1967.

What other place would someone rather be gathered with the fans of NASCAR to cheer on these drivers than under the California sun and soaking up that west coast weather? The road course features 12 turns across a hilly path with a total of 160 feet of elevation change.

1 Richmond Raceway

The Richmond Raceway is a fun, short track, coming in at just .75 miles and D-shaped for that nice long backstretch. These long stretches provide a great spot for the drivers to really wind out their cars and see just how quick they can get them going.

This track is just outside of Richmond Virginia in Henrico County. It compacts 51,000 fans in one place with one thing in common: NASCAR. The highest turn is 14 degrees, with its lowest being 2 degrees on the backstretch. This provides the drivers with the opportunity to really work the turns with speed and precision and allows the fans a great opportunity to see some real skill at work.

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