23 NBA Players That Drive Sick Cars (That'll Make Shaq Jealous)

Cars are one of the finest things that you can buy if you have the opportunity to. There are countless people who collect cars that would absolutely blow your mind. This is true for NBA players as well. Most of the guys who step onto the court, end up having some of the most extensive collections of cars around.

If you haven't seen the collection that Shaquille O'Neal has, then you are missing out. However, there are many other NBA players and former players that have collections that would even make Shaq jealous.

These are guys ranging from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryan, LeBron James and a number of other players that are in the league or have retired from playing in the NBA. Now the collections that these guys possess are staggering, ranging from custom Jeeps to million-dollar Ferrari models. There is no shortage of NBA players who like to ride in style and that goes for this list of 23 NBA players who drive sick cars, that will make Shaq jealous.

Finding the collections that you will see here, is nothing less than amazing. You will find cars of many types and even see some of the same players repeated due to the amazing cars that they indeed own. So to get started we will begin with a few of the custom cars that the players own.

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23 LeBron James' Ferrari F430 Spider

Via Sporteology

The king of the NBA, LeBron James has to be one that drives some of the coolest cars in the NBA. However, his collection spans over some staggering cars that he owns in the multiple houses around the country. However, the Ferrari F430 Spider was one that he purchased while playing for the Miami Heat.

This car is becoming rarer as is, plus being in the color configuration and being a Spider version, gives this car a value that most of us will sit in awe at. But for LeBron James, this is another car to the collection of many.

22 Michael Jordan's Ferrari Testarossa

Via Ballislife.com

The man himself comes in on our list with one of the rarest and sought after Ferrari models of all time. The Ferrari Testarossa is a car that was seen in the likes of video games and movies alike. It is fitting that such a car is owned by one of the greatest basketball players in history.

Fortunately for MJ, he actually owns a few of these so he doesn't have to put that many miles on the cars. The red one along with the white one make up an extensive collection that Michael Jordan continues to grow to this day, long after he stepped off the court.

21 Rudy Gay's Dodge Challenger SRT8

Vai Autowise

While you might not think that this is a super extravagant car, the Dodge Challenger SRT8 is no car to sleep on. This one, in particular, is customized in a flat black paint job, with matching aftermarket wheels and tires to give it a truly menacing looking for a player who's game is equally as strong.

Not to mention, with the Hemi-powered V8 this car is just as fast as it looks, plus with a player on the level of Rudy Gay, you need a car that is going to have the looks and performance as well.

20 Gerald Green's Chevrolet Chevelle

Via Autowise

It isn't too often you see NBA players customizing older cars. This one is Gerald Green's Chevrolet Chevelle that is completely customized inside and out. From the custom interior to match the body's paint to the wheels and the paint itself.

This car is one that you have to admire for the amount of work that went into not only restoring this but adding a ton of customization options on top of the already classic car that is the Chevrolet Chevelle.

19 Andrew Bynum's Custom SRT8 Dodge Challenger

Via Autowise

Back on track with some custom cars, this time it is another SRT8 Dodge Challenger owned by Andrew Bynum. This car has gone through some extensive upgrades to get to the point that he has it now. Not only does it have a wide body kit, but a full custom interior with custom audio as well.

To top it off the color matched wheels give the car a very aggressive look that is fit for Andrew Bynum himself. However, this one wasn't a cheap customization at all, let's just say the upgrades cost as much as the car itself.

18 Tim Duncan's Punisher Dodge Challenger

Via Autowise

Tim Duncan, being one of the best basketball players of all time for his position, has to have a car that is fit for someone who stands among legends. This is his Dodge Challenger in which he actually had it customized by a designer at Marvel to come up with the Punisher Challenger.

This car is a one of one and Tim Duncan actually ended up auctioning off the car to charity shortly after its completion. While the car is surely amazing, the gesture that Tim did was over the top for any person, let alone a future Hall Of Famer.

17 George Hill's Oldsmobile Cutlass

Via Autowise

Another classic car for the beginning of our list here, this time it is actually owned by George Hill. This car is a fully custom Oldsmobile Cutlass in which Hill has owned and had customized from start to finish.

Not only does this car have a custom paint job, but it also features color matched wheels, a redesigned interior, and a fully restored body inside and out. This goes to show you that NBA players also have class and appreciate classic cars as well.

16 Kobe Bryant's Lamborghini Aventador

Via PPcorn

The legend himself has a very extensive car collection. One of the most notable cars that Kobe Bryant owns is this Lamborghini Aventador. This car alone fetches an extremely high price tag that very few people in the world can afford. However, when you are Kobe Bryant you always have to ride in style.

This car is one of the best Lamborghini models ever made, and Kobe is one of the best NBA players of all time, so it is fitting that he rides in style to the games. While he has retired, his legacy continues on through his deal with Nike as well.

15 Lamar Odom's Rolls Royce Phantom

Via PPcorn

Lamar Odom is one of the players that have found himself in controversy, however, he doesn't hide the fact that he rides in style to and from the basketball court. This is his Rolls Royce Phantom that is a car that is fit for stars and royalty alike.

While the luxurious aspect of the Rolls Royce line of vehicles is obvious, the price tag can be justified by those who can afford them. With some of the best quality materials in any car in the world, these are ones that will blow your mind, which is why Lamar Odom made the list.

14 Dwight Howard's XV Knight

Via PPcorn

Now, this is something that you don't see very often, an XV Knight. This one is actually driven by none other than Dwight Howard. This is just one of the cars that make up his collection, however, it can't be denied that it is truly amazing.

Not only does he own it, but this Knight has also been customized to fit Superman himself in Dwight Howard. From custom wheels, Superman emblems and everything in between this isn't just your ordinary XV Knight, well, this truck isn't ordinary at all.

13 Michael Beasley's Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Via PPcorn

A Bentley is a car that you see fairly often when it comes to celebrities and athletes. The luxury of the car and the status of being able to own one is always something that these people want with this car. However, this isn't just a regular Bentley Continental, it is actually a Flying Spur edition.

Michael Beasley owns this car, among others. However, the Flying Spur version of the Bentley Continental was a car that was meant to rival Rolls Royce and their Phantom and Ghost lines of cars. It looks like they've done just that and more with this car.

12 Dwyane Wade's McLaren MP4-12-C

Via PPcorn

Dwyane Wade is most known on the basketball court for being one of the best Miami Heat players of all time, leading them to multiple championships under his reign as king of South Beach. However, on the contrary, he is also known for having some of the rarest and expensive sports cars in the NBA.

This is the McLaren MP4-12C which is owned by Dwayne Wade. Not only is this car essentially a street-legal race car, but its mind-boggling performance isn't anything to overlook. Not only that but it fetches a price tag well in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

11 Steph Curry's Porsche GT3 RS

Via Rennlist

Another rising star in the NBA is Steph Curry. His success as the Golden State Warrior's Superstar has helped him gain insane popularity around the world. It shouldn't be a surprise that he owns some pretty awesome cars.

The car in question is the Porsche GT3 RS. Like the McLaren above, this car is a street-legal race car that was manufactured to be on the race track, not the highway. However, with the performance like Steph Curry's you have to have a car with equal performance to match.

10  Eric Gordon's Porsche Panamera

Via Car Magazine

Porsche is one of the most luxurious cars in the world. Not to mention the level of performance that they come with as well. This is a car that you might see a bit later on the list owned by a different player as well.

However, the Porsche Panamera owned by Eric Gordon is one that combines the performance of a Porsche vehicle with the luxury that you would look for in a sedan. This car was originally designed to compete with the BMWs of the same era as well.

9 Dwight Howard's Bentley Mulsanne

Via MoeJackson

Another car by none other than Dwight Howard. This one is a bit different than the last, but still holds a ton of value in terms of a car that isn't like anything else we've ever seen. This Bentley isn't just a normal one, it is a Mulsanne version.

This special edition car owned by one of the most popular basketball players in the NBA is one that has undergone quite a few changes over its normal trim counterpart. However, with the price tag in the hundreds of thousands, this Bentley doesn't come cheap to anyone.

8 James Harden's Range Rover Sport

Via Celebrity Carz

Quickly one of the rising stars of the NBA is James Harden. With his potential to be the MVP of the league, and performances to carry his team to the NBA playoffs multiple years in a row, he is definitely a player that deserves to have some nice cars.

One of those that he owns is a Range Rover Sport. This is one of the cars that he finds himself driving most often, due to it being one of the most comfortable SUVs on the market. Plus being a Ranger Rover, it is a car that is quite reliable as well for a daily driver, who happens to be an NBA star as well.

7 Carmelo Anthony's Custom Jeep Wrangler

Via YouTube

Although Carmelo Anthony isn't the player he once was, his legacy continues to amaze many people around the league as one of the best players to step on the court. With his unique play style, and ability to score, he will always be known in the NBA.

However, something more unique is the custom Jeep Wrangler that he owns. Not only is this Jeep completely custom inside and out, but it carries the eccentric personality of Carmelo Anthony. Custom wheels and tires, a special red soft top, body kit and much more make this unique ride.

6 DeMar DeRozan's Mercedes Benz G63

Via Pro Motorsports

DeMar DeRozan is an NBA player that has slowly started making a name for himself. Playing alongside the likes of other superstars for the Spurs, he has surely become a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court.

However, his style in cars is equally as unique. Owning none other than the Mercedes Benz G63, otherwise known as the G-Wagon. This custom flat black paint job, with custom wheels, gives this G63 a menacing look that rules the road similar to how DeRozan rules the basketball court when he steps on the floor.

5 James Harden's Rolls Royce Wraith

Via GQ

Of the many cars that superstars like James Harden own, he had to have a car that completely turned heads when he drove around. The car of choice, the Rolls Royce Wraith. This car alone fetches a hefty price tag and turns heads simply due to the famous RR badges on the car.

Not to mention the custom paint colors that Harden has opted to have on the car, which gives this even more of a serious head turning ability. Fortunately, this is a car that he drives less than the Range Rover, but it is a car that he prefers nonetheless to drive whenever he can.

4  Dwyane Wade's Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren

Via Pinterest

Dwyane Wade is hitting our list yet again with another rare piece of automotive machinery. This car is the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. Mercedes Benz has been known for having some of the best luxury cars on the planet for a reasonable price for years, however, they also release gems like this car to win over the higher end buyers as well.

The SLR Mclaren was a car built along the lines of the AMG team, adding superior performance, styling and track worthiness. This makes the SLR McLaren a car that is truly to fit a superstar like Wade himself.

3 Derrick Rose's Bugatti Veyron

Via Ubuntu

Derrick Rose has been one of the basketball players that has made waves on and off the court. However, the negative coming when he isn't consistent on the court. However, this doesn't stop him from owning the fastest car on the planet.

Derrick Rose owns a Bugatti Veyron. Keep in mind this car has a starting price of around $1.2 million. Making this by far one of the most expensive cars on the list that we are going through today. This car also matches the performance that Derrick Rose is capable of with its W16 quad-turbo engine.

2  Steph Curry's Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Via Alux

Back on the list again is another vehicle owned by none other than Steph Curry. This time it is his Porsche Panamera Turbo S. This is the top of the line Panamera that is offered by the luxury car maker and gives added performance as well.

The turbocharged engine gives this all-wheel-drive beast a boost in horsepower, grip, and of course added luxury on the interior as well. Given that this is owned by Steph Curry, this car is also customized slightly to his liking.

1 Kevin Durant's Ferrari California T

Via Bloomberg

Rounding off the list is by far one of the most humble NBA players in the league now. Not to mention he is a complete superstar and an NBA champion as well. Who are we talking about? Kevin Durant and his beautiful Ferrari California T.

This car is one that has been recently introduced by Ferrari and has had purists going all over the place because of its non-traditional Ferrari front engine layout. This doesn't overshadow the fact that this beauty is driven by Kevin Durant either. With his recent success for the Golden State Warriors, he has earned the rights to drive such a machine.

Sources: GQ, Bloomberg, Complex Magazine, Sporteology & Ballislife

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