10 Netflix Car Shows We Trust 100% (And 10 That Are Wrong All The Time)

Netflix's TV programs detail some exceptionally talented individuals and their hard work, especially with regards to car and motorcycle transportation

Car television shows are all the rage these days, with most countries sporting their own versions of car modification, car restoration, car auctions, or plain-old car racing. Not only are they popular but they are also extremely successful and the genre has generated large amounts of money across the globe.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see Netflix (the hugely successful, internet-based streaming platform) come together with numerous car themed television shows to give audiences worldwide a selection of automobile fun. In fact, such shows are so popular that they now attract high-profile celebrities, with many of them even hosting, in some cases.

However, it's not all glitz and glamour and many of these TV programs detail some exceptionally talented individuals and their hard work, especially with regards to car and motorcycle transportation shows. These programs not only offer audiences a glimpse into the real lives of mechanics across the globe but also some insight into what exactly goes on beneath the hood, along with the intricate details of motor vehicle and design.

Yes, transportation shows have most certainly come a long way and are now somewhat taking over the world. In fact, there are at least 20 automobile-themed car and motorcycle programs on Netflix. However, not all of them are good. Here are 10 Netflix car shows we trust 100% (and 10 that are wrong all the time).

20 Trustworthy: Top Gear

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Top Gear has had its fair share of bad press over the years, including wayward presenters, silly storylines, and out-of-touch commentary. However, whatever the case, you can always trust them when it comes to cars. That's right, a few years ago, Top Gear was the best show on television—at least for petrolheads—with the programme regularly raking in millions of viewers across the globe. Sadly, the antics of the three presenters, Jeremey Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, have somewhat distracted real car fans from the actual car stuff but the reviews still manage to stay on point. Plus, the revamped show is just as good, with some viewers even preferring it to the old one.

19 Trustworthy: Inside West Coast Customs

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West Coast Customs (WCC) is one of the most famous car garages for vehicle upgrades in the world and is also highly regarded as one of the best. In fact, the garage is so famous, that it now has its own TV show, Inside West Coast Customs. Yes, the show is extremely popular and mostly known for their extreme car and motorcycle modifications, as well as some minor amateur dramatics from the staff—this is a reality TV show after all. However, despite the cringe-worthy storylines, the show delivers some exceptional engineering work, with a number of the automobiles and motorcycles going on to win awards for outstanding mechanical design.

18 Trustworthy: Highway Thru Hell

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Highway Thru Hell is not your average reality TV show, especially with regards to its content. That's right, the show hails from the wonderful lands of Canada and focuses on the rescue service located along the Coquihalla Highway, a long 201-mile stretch of road that connects Vancouver and the Rockies. Overall, the show is exceptionally popular, with the safety team particularly praised for their bravery and courage. In fact, Highway Thru Hell is so successful that it is now in its seventh season, with more seasons most definitely to come in the very near future.

17 Trustworthy: Monster Garage

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Monster Garage first aired in 2002 and ran for a lengthy five seasons, finally ending in 2006. Each episode saw a team of five people (with some mechanical and engineering knowledge) attempt to turn a regular-sized vehicle into a monster machine, hence the name Monster Garage. The show was extremely successful, with host Jesse James a large part of its success. That's right, James, who claims to be the great-great-grandson of the notorious outlaw, is the founder of the custom chopper garage, West Coast Choppers. James is also well-known among the petrolhead community and is not only highly regarded but also exceptionally respected as an engineer.

16 Trustworthy: Dirt Every Day

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Netflix has a number of exciting and interesting car-themed television shows, from restoration to racing vehicles. However, now and again, Netflix will somehow manage to find the not-so-obvious television programs, the ones that are seemingly under the radar but dynamite to watch. That's right, Dirt Every Day is one these shows and somehow manages to generate only a small amount of viewers. Despite the low ratings, the show ios exceptionally entertaining, mostly due to its focus on the 4x4 lifestyle. From off-roading tips and advice to tech upgrades and adventures in a variety of trucks, Dirt Every Day is one of the coolest TV shows to date.

15 Trustworthy: Fastest Car

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Fastest Car was first released in 2018 to immediate success and was one of the first automobile-themed TV shows created by Netflix themselves. The show mainly focuses on the drivers rather than the cars and how they manage to control some of the fastest vehicles in the world. Some of the cars involved in the first series include a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ford GT, a Ferrari 488, a Dodge Viper, and a McLaren MP4, as well as a variety of other exotic and expensive automobiles. As a result of its success, the show was given a second season with a further seven episodes planned.

14 Trustworthy: Car Masters: Rust To Riches

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Car restoration shows might be all the rage but Car Masters: Rags to Riches is most certainly one of the best. That's right, the show focuses on the boys and girls of Gotham Garage, a garage which focusses on restoring and flipping cars. The company is highly respected in the restoration game, with their prices certainly reflecting their success. The show is one of the most popular car-themed television shows on Netflix, mostly due to the work that is produced and the colorful characters of the staff. In addition, the show is also famous for its female mechanics, a fact that is sadly not too common elsewhere in the restoration business.

13 Trustworthy: Counting Cars

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Counting Cars is one of the best car restoration TV shows on television and is extremely popular all over the world. The show has a number of outlandish characters and is known for its funny storylines and eccentric staff members. However, it is the presenter, Danny "The Count" Koker who really stands out. Koker is the self-professed restoration king and seemingly talks, walks, and breathes all things automobiles. Furthermore, Koker is extremely vocal with regards to his opinions on cars, a fact that petrolheads are eternally grateful for. Yes, when it comes to reviews and knowledge, Koker most certainly knows what he is talking about.

12 Trustworthy: Heavy Rescue: 401

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Heavy Rescue: 401 is another reality TV show based in Canada that follows the operations of a number of heavy vehicle rescue trucks. The company, along with the help of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), deals with problems and issues that arise on the famed Ontario 4000-series highways. In fact, Heavy Rescue: 401 serves as a spin-off to the already popular Highway Thru Hell, which also focused on patrolling the dangerous highways of secluded Canada. The show is currently in its third season and is exceptionally popular all over the world. Yes, you can really trust this show when it comes to big trucks and saving lives.

11 Trustworthy: Sons Of Anarchy

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Sons of Anarchy first aired from 2008 to 2014 and was popular among petrolheads and motorcycle lovers alike. The plot focused on Jackson "Jax" Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam) and the ins and outs of motorcycling clubs and their communities. The show raked in an average of 4.9 million viewers each week, making it one of FX's most successful series. Overall, the show was praised for its close-to-the-bone plotlines, especially with regards to motorcycling clubs and culture. Therefore, it came as no surprise when FX revealed that real-life MC member David Labrava served as a technical adviser the show, as well as playing one of the main characters, Happy Lowman.

10 Don't Trust: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee 

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Jerry Seinfeld is known for his love of cars and has a number of expensive and exotic vehicles to prove it. In fact, Seinfeld even created his own show centered around cars and another of his loves, coffee, and aptly named it Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. However, the show isn't really about cars at all and is just a chance for Seinfeld to show off his wealth and the wealth of the guests that he "interviews" in his expensive vehicles. Furthermore, it was recently reported that the idea for the show was actually taken from another person, with producer Christian Charles claiming that he was the one who came up with the premise. Whatever the case, it's still a bad show.

9 Don't Trust: Paul H0llywood's Big Continental Road Trip

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Paul Hollywood is famous for the popular show, The Great British Bake Off, a show that focuses on baking and cakes. Hollywood is one of the judges and has somewhat managed to garner legions of fans all over the world, mostly due to his deep blue eyes. However, sadly, the Hollywood appeal didn't quite transfer over to this other show, Paul H0llywood's Big Continental Road Trip, a program that deals with cars instead of cakes. The show is nothing special and has been done countless times before, only with people who know what they are talking about. No offense, Paul, your cakes are great.

8 Don't Trust: Hyperdrive

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Hyperdrive is one of the most recent car-themed television shows to come from Netflix and is also set to be one of their worst. Yes, despite the hype, Hyperdrive is actually rather boring, which is a shame due to its interesting and exciting concept. So what exactly happens? The show is designed to be more of a tournament-type series, where drivers from all over the world compete in one of the largest, most dangerous, and over the top obstacle courses ever made. Sounds great, right? Wrong. Sadly, the show just doesn't quite deliver, with each episode more of a let down than an exciting idea.

7 Don't Trust: Corvette Nation

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Corvette Nation is basically what it sounds like; it is a show about Corvettes, and who doesn't like Corvettes? Sadly, Corvette Nation somehow manages to get it all wrong, with the show actually being rather boring. That's right, for some reason, Netflix has continuously attempted to try and persuade audiences across the world that the show is a unique series that focusses on one of the best automobiles ever produced by Detroit but instead, it leaves viewers empty, flat, and ridiculously bored. Yes, don't waste your time with this one, do your own research, or even better, go out and buy a Corvette and drive it in real life, instead.

6 Don't Trust: Epic Drives

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Epic Drives first came out in 2010 and lasted just three seasons. The show focused on host and self-professed "auto expert" Arthur St. Antoine as he embarked on a number of exciting and thrilling journies across the road. That's right, from the Bayou to Alberta and Australia to Big Sky Country, St. Antoine was one lucky dude.  Sadly, the journeys were not that exciting, with Arthur St. Antoine coming off as rather irritating more than anything else. Yes, despite the amazing cars that St. Antoine was allowed to drive, the episodes somehow managed to run dry and the show was forgotten about. Until Netflix, that is...

5 Don't Trust: Journey To Le Mans

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For some reason, car-themed documentaries just don't seem to work—most of the time anyway. Sadly, Journey To Le Mans just didn't quite cut the mustard when it came to gripping action, with the documentary somewhat boring. The doc centered on the privateer team Jota Sport and their final bid to win the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014. The main focus was on the racing driver Simon Dolan, along with his team and friends. Overall, the documentary told a seemingly interesting story, one with highs and lows and all the things you would expect from a mediocre documentary. However, it just wasn't enough.

4 Don't Trust: Apex

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Apex: The Story Of The Hypercar is another mediocre documentary film that can be found in the wonderful world of Netflix. The movie was first released in 2015 and focuses on the history of hypercars and what they are used for today. One of the main plotlines is the mission to beat the world record in Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps in the Koenigsegg One:1, a record that is hotly competed for. Sadly, the people involved in the documentary are actually rather annoying and spend the whole time preaching to the audience about how hypercars are going to change the automotive industry.

3 Don't Trust: A Faster Horse

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Netflix is usually great for documentaries, especially ones that have six parts. Yes, Netflix is responsible for a binging industry that allows regular folk to somehow manage to lose six hours of their lives sitting in front of a TV screen. However, sadly, car-themed documentaries just don't seem to work—with regards to the Netflix catalog, anyway. That's right, A Faster Horse, which focuses on Ford's beloved creation, the Mustang, is a severe letdown when it comes to enthralling and exciting documentaries. Furthermore, the documentary doesn't quite reveal anything new or at least, it doesn't to car enthusiasts, anyway. Better luck next time, Netflix.

2 Don't Trust: Wrecks To Riches

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Wrecks To Riches was a standard reality television show centered on restoring cars and selling them for the big bucks. Sadly, the show just didn't have that extra special something that most cars themed TV shows have today. In fact, the show has somewhat aged badly, with the first season coming out in 2006. These days, the car restoration industry has boomed and therefore, Wrecks To Riches comes off as a little cheap. Plus, the show just didn't have those meaty storylines that so many modification garages now have. For instance, the owner was actually somewhat of a nice guy—ridiculous!

1 Don't Trust: Roadkill

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Roadkill is an automobile-themed internet-based series produced by Motor Trend and Hot Rod magazine. The online show is extremely popular and can also be found for free on the Motor Trend channel. Furthermore, Netflix also has two whole seasons, with rumors of more to come. However, although it might popular, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is any good. That's right, Roadkill is actually rather boring and was only initially successful due to the smart move of putting it on the internet. Each episode centers around a group of people who have to modify or repair a scrap vehicle that is barely standing. Yes, you've seen it many times before and, usually, much better.

Sources: The News Wheel, IMDb, and Netflix.

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