10 More Awesome Race Tracks You'll Only Find In Nevada

Many might not realize that Nevada is home to a lot of race tracks, and these awesome locales are just part of the state's immense racing charm.

Nevada's state motto is "Battle Born." This phrase showcases the individuals who built up the society and those who still remain there. After all, you need to be battle born when you're dealing with dryness, heat, and boredom. However, Nevada isn't devoid of opportunities to have a good time.

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You could, of course, go gamble at The Strip, but why lose money for no reason and (for some) do something regrettable when you can go racing? Believe it or not, Nevada has some cool venues to choose from, especially dirt-racing. To illustrate this point, here are ten awesome race tracks you can only find in Nevada.

10 Tonopah Speedway

Unlike states such as California, Florida, and Connecticut, Nevada seems to have a larger focus on dirt racing rather than road courses (As evidenced by the majority of Nevada tracks being dirt-based). Of these tracks, one to visit is the Tonopah Speedway.

Located in Nye County, Nevada, the Tonopah Speedway is a very niche race track. This is primarily due to its focus on dirt-oval racing. Either way, though, it can still be an awesome showing, regardless as to whether you like off-road competition or not.

9 Thunderbowl Speedway

As mentioned previously, Nevada really does love their off-road racing, particularly those of the oval variety. Along with the Rattlesnake Raceway, Nevada also has the Thunderbowl Speedway: A clay oval course.

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Like with Rattlesnake Raceway, Thunderbowl is well-known for their astounding off-road oval circuit. What differentiates the two, though, is their location and preferences. Thunderbowl focuses primarily on motor cross racing/karts and can be found in Carson City, Nevada. Their website hasn't been updated in a long time, but seems to still be fully operational.

8 Hawthorne Speedway

A creative name isn't always necessary to attract people's attention or have a good product. What's more important, is the quality of the good/service and whether it provides value. For all intensive purposes, this seems to be the thought process behind the makers of the Hawthorne Speedway: A simple name for a marvelous road.

The track is a great place for families, with countless racing series and fun for the entire unit. Sadly, though, it appears that they've been dealing with regulatory and financial issues as of late. Hopefully, the dirt oval course can be saved for all the fans and drivers who call that place "home."

7 Desert Park Raceway (Northern Nevada Kart Club)

For many decades, racing drivers have started their careers with a fundamental building block: Karting. Karting can do multiple things for an aspiring driver: It can hone your skills, expose you to wheel-to-wheel racing, and be a blast to participate in. Luckily for Nevada residents, they can experience it too at the Desert Park Raceway.

The Desert Park Raceway is home to the Northern Nevada Kart Club. As the name would suggest, this group is mostly involved in kart racing and developing drivers. Even if you're not a wannabe racer or young child, karting can still be a bundle of fun for everyone.

Not to mention the fact that Karting is the most affordable form of motor sports out there.


With the excessive amount of dirt tracks, oval circuits, and clay surfaces in Nevada, some businesses have stepped up to fill the whole in market demand for road courses. One such company are those behind Nevada's SPEEDVEGAS circuit.

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SPEEDVEGAS (Yes, it's all caps.) is a high-end racetrack that provides equally as high-end vehicles for customers to rent, drive, and race. If you've got the spare dough, SPEEDVEGAS is a car enthusiast's dream, with multiple foreign supercars and a well designed track to boot. Also, it's very close to The Strip, so you won't have to go far for more entertainment.

5 Top Gun Raceway

If you've got a need, a need for speed, then there are only a few places to go to satisfy that craving. For the purposes of comedic value and location, why not go to one of the coolest tracks in Nevada? The Top Gun Raceway.

Obviously, with a name like that, the Top Gun Raceway has to provide some hair-splitting speed. Thankfully, the Fallon track does exactly that with its vast drag strip. Here, cars anywhere from a daily driver to a NHRA racer can fight for the fastest time. Whether it's sitting on the bleachers or behind the wheel, odds are you'll find something to enjoy at Top Gun.

4 Reno-Fernley Raceway

Upon first glance, the Reno-Fernley Raceway may be confusing and intimidating. From above, the track looks like a plate of spaghetti that's been thrown on the ground. However, there is a method to this madness, as the Reno-Fernley circuit has been popular and beloved by thousands.

Since the Reno-Fernley Raceway has so many alternative routes and a litany of different sections, the track can be divided and changed in countless ways. This freedom grants the hosts of the track to have everything from road racing to drag racing. If you want it, the Reno-Fernley Raceway probably has it.

3 Dream Racing

Tracks like SPEEDVEGAS aren't the only ones in Nevada to utilize rental cars and race tracks. One of their competitors is Las Vegas' Dream Racing: A high-end sports car rental service and open circuit.

According to Dream Racing's website, their services are "The highest rated driving experience in Las Vegas." At first sight, it seems to be the truth, with a large number of supercars, a private track for customers to use, and all the amenities you'd expect. Just be prepared to fork out a good bit of cash to do so, since these sort of activities are not cheap.

2 Champion Motor Speedway

Compared to the other tracks on this list, Champion Motor Speedway is very different. So different, actually, that the track isn't even running anymore. However, the remnants of the past still exist there and can provide a cool experience.

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Originally, Champion Motor Speedway was a medium-sized oval track that attracted thousands of visitors. For unknown reasons, the track closed down. Nowadays, the speedway looks like a slice of Chernobyl with the abandoned articles and old setup. Although there's no racing going on anymore, the history itself should be interesting enough to prompt a visit.

1 Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway: Nevada's crème de la crème of motorsports. Here, you can find NASCAR, GT racing, the S.C.C.A., and countless more series'. This makes sense, as L.V.M.S. is one of Nevada's largest tracks.

Every year, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway draws huge crowds and millions of views. Most of these come from large events like IndyCar or NASCAR, but still have other forms of competition. In all honesty, the Speedway feels more like a football stadium than a track with the huge crowds, vast seating, fast food, and screaming fans.

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