10 Awesome Race Tracks You'll Only Find In Nevada

Nevada may be known for Las Vegas and Reno, but there are also some truly great racetracks for racing fans to visit!

Nevada is sin state with sin city Las Vegas in it; for what happens in Vegas, stays put there. And then there is Reno, Henderson, and Sparks. With a large area and a rather sparse population, it is but natural that all that vast expanse of land in Nevada is being put to good use.

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And by that, we mean race tracks, speedways and all things smooth to zip fast at. They may not be the biggest and the most rad in the world, but Nevada speedways offer wholesome entertainment and some cool driving experiences. Here are 10 of the most awesome race tracks found only in Nevada.

10 Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Motor speedway may not be as big as the Daytona International Speedway, simply because it is way bigger! The Daytona International Speedway is all of 488 acres but the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a mind-blowing 1,200 acres – like 1,000 football fields put together.

The parent company is Speedway Motorsports Inc which is not from Nevada, but headquartered in North Carolina. This is where the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and the Baja 100 is held. You can sign up for the Richard Petty driving experience here, to get a chance to drive a 100% authentic NASCAR car.

9 Rattlesnake Raceway, Fallon

The Rattlesnake Raceway is located in Fallon, Nevada. It is run by Lahontan Auto Racing Association (LARA) which is a non-profit company that was formed and is run by racers and racing fans. It is one of the oldest continuously running dirt tracks of Nevada, oval in its layout.

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A quarter-mile from start to finish, it is a high-banked the dirt track that most people love to hang out at. While some go there just for the fun of watching the race cars whiz by, some also love to drive their karts on that dirt track; dust and exhaust fumes be damned. Tickets come pretty cheaply as well.

8 Summit Raceway, Elko

A D-shape quarter-mile dirt track, the Summit Raceway lies between Elko and Spring Creek in Nevada. The racing season here is between early spring and ends in September. The audience can choose to park their cars and buy seat tickets or use the viewing shelf-like parking to stay near their cars and watch the race.

There is Pro, Pure and Sport Stock car racing here, as well as modified mini racing too. Then there are races around micro sprint cars as well – and most believe it to be a rather nice stock car track with an interior go-karting track as well. With a little community support, this one can grow bigger.

7 Pahrump Valley Speedway, Pahrump

Nestled in the tiny town of Pahrump, this is a fun race car track that sees plenty of racing around just about every four-wheeler you can think of. Mini stocks, modified cars, super stocks, sports stocks, micro or dwarf cars, cam coupes – you think of it, and it races on the Pahrump Valley Speedway.

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With plenty of snack stalls in the stands as well as the pits, this a perfect place for a speed-needy family to come, unwind and stuff themselves silly while watching all the heart-pacing action on the track. The track itself is a quarter-mile one with high-banking, clay-based and high speed for perfect weekend fun.

6 Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, Pahrump

The Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch first track was built by Canadian racer Rupert Bragg-Smith in 1998. Now owned by John Morris and Brad Rambo; this ranch hosts multiple tracks as well as a private motorsports country club. One of its race tracks is very interesting because it is 6.1-miles long – which makes it the longest racing stretch in all of North America.

It also houses performance driving schools for both Corvette and Cadillac and owners of new models of these cars often get a subsidized rate from General Motors. There are plenty of club racing events as well as chances to rent many of the available tracks for members – so while this one is one cool speedway, its better when you are a member.

5 Exotics Racing, Las Vegas

Exotics Racing is the place to go is driving a supercar has been your lifelong dream. With both a racecar track and a go-kart track, Exotics Racing lets you experiment with the speedster within you. The 1.2-mile race-track is the fastest track in Las Vegas, and they have a fleet of over 50 supercars for your driving pleasure.

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The fleet itself holds a massive value of $12,000,000 so you can understand that these are going to be quality cars you will be driving. Of course, technically speaking, the Exotics Racing track is located within the 1,200 acres of the Las Vegas Speedway but exists as an autonomous track.

4 Top Gun Raceway, Fallon

So we are guessing this one is for all those Tom Cruise fans out there. Drag racing has had a history in Fallon since the 50s. Without a proper drag strip, the interest sparked and waned in repeated cycles. For a while, one of the runways of the Naval Air Station of Fallon was used for this.

When many out-of-town cars also began to show up to take part in the races, more space was needed. Finally, a highway strip was leased and the MSSI (Motor Sports Safety Incorporated) was born to make the Top Gun Raceway – a drag strip perfect for amateurs, newbies and professionals alike. And perfect for some spectator sport as well.

3 Wild West Motorsports Park, Reno

This one is for all the off-road racers out there, for it hosts the Lucas Oil Off-Road Race (LOORRS) in Reno, Nevada. The chairman of Q&D construction wanted to transform a long-lease landfill he had into something that would stimulate interest into Reno, and also help the economy.

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So The Wild West Motorsports Park opened to the public in 2012 and has been seating more than 10,000 spectators ever since. It has the highest speed for any LOORRS track to date with huge jumps, steep climbs, crazy descents, as well as heart-pounding hairpin turns. One of the most fan-friendly tracks, this one is a must-do in Reno.

2 702 RC Raceway, Las Vegas

For those who prefer to race from a distance holding a radio controller, this one is for you. The 702 RC Raceway is Vegas’ only indoor race facility that offers both on-road and off-road RC racing tracks. They have volunteer staff who have been in the RC-racing business for years.

This racing strip has an on-site hobby shop as well. They can not only increase your RC-racing factor but also supply you with all the tech or parts you need to make any upgrades and repairs. And do not snigger, these RC racers take their RC-ing business very seriously and as passionately as does a hands-on racer.

1 Fernley 95a Speedway, Fernley

Located just a short drive from Reno, the Fernley 95a Speedway has been host to many national and prestigious racing events. The National Sprint Car Racing, Go-Kart Racing and many more have happened here and keep happening with regularity.

An oval dirt track some three-eighth of a mile in racing length, it was built in 1999 and has been open to an avid spectator audience ever since. Since it is located in the middle of nowhere, the speedway offers dry RV/car or tent camping depending on the weather and the event. Or the audience can choose to stay in Reno and travel to and fro.

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