New And Insane Bugatti Hypercar Coming To Geneva... Maybe

New And Insane Bugatti Hypercar Coming To Geneva

Bugatti is making a new one-off hypercar that will reportedly debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Don’t get too excited. The apparently upcoming Bugatti hypercar is just a one-off and more than likely will be built around the Chiron’s platform. It won’t go into production as a brand new model, and you won’t have a chance to buy one.

It’s not a concept though (we think), and it does have an owner: former Volkswagen Group Chairman Dr. Ferdinand Piëch. This guy apparently has absolutely no worries about retirement because he just spent $18 million on getting Bugatti to engineer this special one-off.

All this comes from an anonymous tipster over at The Supercar Blog, so take it with a grain of salt. We could be in for a complete surprise once Geneva rolls around.


The big mystery is in the price. At a sticker price of $18 million, Bugatti is really charging a lot over the price of a standard Chiron (starting price $3 million) or even the new Divo (starting price $5.6 million). So what could those many millions of dollars be spent on?

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Our money is on a highly modified version of the Chiron. Expect the same chassis and same 8.0-L quad-turbo W16 engine as the regular car, but may be tuned to produce a few more horses over the standard 1,479 ponies. We wouldn’t be surprised to see some (or all) of the aerodynamic tweaks from the Chiron Sport, or even a completely new carbon fiber body with even greater aerodynamic performance.

Or maybe we’ll see it come out with a jet engine. Eighteen million is a lot to spend on a car, and a Bugatti is already very well made. There’s not a lot left to improve on.

The $18 price tag also makes this special Bugatti the most expensive new car ever purchased. The previous record holder (according to Motor1) was the Rolls-Royce Sweptail which sold for an assumed $13 million in 2017. Neither the owner nor the company officially disclosed the sale price, so we’re going off rumors there too.


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