10 New Car Tech Features You Should Consider Adding To Your Vehicle

Your vehicle may be older than the new car tech features, but that doesn't mean they can't be added — and these are worth the money.

Cars have been upgrading their interior tech for years, coming out with bigger and better ways to defeat their competitors with superior upgrades. You don't have to buy a new car to add these features to your car, but rather, you can buy a piece of addable technology. This tech ranges from expensive to inexpensive, but they serve the purpose of increasing the joy you find while driving your car.

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Each piece of new car tech is geared towards a specific audience, hoping to meet the needs of a smaller more centralized group of people. It ranges in style and usability, but there is something for everyone. Keep reading to learn about ten new car tech features you should consider adding to your vehicle!


This tiny piece of tech plugs into your vehicle and only costs $96, in addition to a $10 a month data plan. It provides your vehicle with a wifi hotspot, adding internet to a long journey and a great addition to any travelers checklist. You can also stick it in your children's vehicles so you can monitor their driving habits and make sure they are actually going to study at Jack's house, rather than the wild party at Jessica's. You can sync multiple devices to a single account, creating a driving network to monitor where everyone is going.


This camera can be used by anyone but is geared for those looking to make memories out of their trip. It records what is happening out on the road, as well as what the people inside of the vehicle are doing. It can hold up to two weeks of footage and you can always view your car's live feed from anywhere if you add LTE for $10 a month, but the device is a little expensive at $349.

It also protects you by alerting you of any collisions made with your car while you are away, allowing you to identify the culprit of the incident. It even has a 911 assist program in case you find yourself in dire need of emergency help.

8 Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

This tech device gives users peace of mind about the state of their tires as it actively monitors their pressure. It alerts you of any slow leaks, by connecting to an app on your phone, as well as any major tire blowouts.

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The install is easy as it involves you twisting each cap onto your tire valve and plugging in the receiver into your vehicle. Having properly inflated tires can increase your gas mileage and the device costs $120 which isn't too bad if safety is your main concern.

7 Garmin Speak Plus Amazon Alexa

The cost of this nifty device is $180 but it provides you with a boatload of features. It has a dash cam that provides warnings about possible collisions on the roadway, as well as recording any incidents that occur. It can play all of your favorite tunes, whether it's through Sirius, Pandora, or Spotify. This device is also made by Garmin, which means it provides you with directions and all you have to do is ask Alexa. It is great for the whole family as it can create lists and includes some interactive games to entertain the children.

6 FRiEQ Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier

This provides your dirty car with the clean fresh air it needs, as it destroys odors with its mini HEPA filter strength. It is easy to install as you plug it directly into your vehicle and crisps the texture of your air. It helps severe allergy sufferers remove unwanted particles from their vehicle, but also assists smokers in ripping the horrible stench clinging to every surface of their car. It costs $18 and it can help reduce the air pollution within your bacteria-infested vehicle, increasing healthy breathing as you drive to your next destination.

5 Stakol Portable Refrigerator

When traveling across the country or even to your friend's house down the road it can be beneficial to have a refrigerator in your car. It keeps food and drinks chilled to perfection, providing you with the sustenance you need on the road. Many foods can go bad when sitting in a hot car, such as meats or cheese, but this erases that problem. The price is a bit high at $400 but it is well worth the convenience. It can be run by plugging into your car's 12v outlet with the converter attachment or brought into the house and used there.

4 Fixd OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor

This device helps you stay on top of problems with your car by alerting you to any malfunctions that occur. It plugs directly into your vehicle and continuously runs the codes as well as interprets them for you to understand. The device connects to an app on your phone and warns you when it is time for an oil change or other preventative maintenance. You can buy one sensor for $58 but they also have package deals so you can keep tabs on all of your vehicles.

3 Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display

Many drivers find themselves distracted by their phone as they struggle to follow directions, but this device alleviates the problem by placing everything you need in front of you. It will keep the navigation on the HUD device, but it allows your smartphone to switch between calls or change the music without veering off of the navigation.

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The app on your phone also makes it easier to manage other things by using a simpler platform. It costs $189 but it is well worth it to help you keep your eyes on the road.

2 Bay Alarm Medical Splitsecnd In-Car Medical Alert

Family members might worry about their elderly relatives driving from place to place and what they might do if they encounter health problems or other troubles, but this negates that fear. It saves all of your family member's details in the app and tracks their driving history so you always know where they are. It has a back-up battery in case the car dies and can sense when the vehicle has been in an accident.

If the worst happens, the driver can also push the help button and someone from their emergency response team will assist them and call their emergency contact to let them know. It only costs $20 per month, which isn't a bad trade-off if you are concerned about your older relative's well-being.

1 Audiovox 7-Inch Headrest DVD Player

This is a great way to entertain your kids without installing DVD players in the roof of your vehicle. They can be quite expensive, as they are custom made to fit your vehicle, but your kids won't be pestering you for the entire ride. You can connect anything to them as long as they have an HDMI wire, meaning your children can televise their Playstations for the ride. They do come with headphones and the units are equipped with USB ports to charge your phones or other devices.

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