25 New Cars So Strong Mechanics Have Forgotten They Exist

The rising costs in vehicles have spurred consumers to purchase cars that are fuel efficient and reliable. Besides the exorbitant costs of filling up a guzzler or fitting the repair bills, consumers don't want to waste their time at the repair shop.

Although safety is an important feature that consumers look for when purchasing a vehicle, they also want a reliable vehicle. Having ten airbags that provide safety won't make a driver feel safe if he or she is stranded on the side of the road at night due to a breakdown.

The problem with purchasing a reliable vehicle is that most consumers don't know what to inspect. They think that the engine is the most important part, but a car has many parts. If one of those parts malfunction, the driver could be stranded.

To help consumers purchase the most reliable cars, we gleaned information from watchdogs such as Consumer Reports and J.D. Powers, as well as repair statistics from insurance companies. Although many of the most reliable cars were from Asia, some U.S. and European manufacturers also produced reliable vehicles. Our list features cars that have garnered a reputation for reliability, so mechanics have forgotten that they exist.

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25 2018 BMW 5-Series

via NY Daily News

Search the market for one of the best luxury midsize cars, and you'll find that the 5-series is a candidate. When U.S. News scrutinized the 5-series, it gave the car 4.5 out of 5 for reliability and an overall score of 9.1 out of 10, as well as a near perfect 10 score for safety.

BMW offered six powertrains for the 5-series, all with good fuel economy. Consumers who want a luxurious vehicle that is safe, reliable and provides great performance won't mind forking out around $53,000 to own the impeccable 5-series.

24 2018 Lincoln Navigator

via Car and Driver

Drivers with deep pockets will love the Lincoln Navigator. Apart from the incredible reliability of the vehicle, it is the king of the large, luxury SUV class. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine is capable of spurting out 450 horsepower and towing up to 8,700 pounds.

You might not need to tow anything, as the Navigator provides ample cargo space and three rows of seating that's comfortable for adults. Inside the cabin, Lincoln fitted the Navigator with six USB ports, a Wi-Fi hotspot and a SYNC 3 infotainment system. Navigator's starting price is $73,000.

23 2018 Chevrolet Silverado

via GM Authority

Sedans and SUVs aren't the only vehicles that provide safety, as the Silverado has proven it can haul heavy loads without leaving the driver stranded. Pickup enthusiasts who want a vehicle that that has an attractive exterior, a rear-view camera and a mild-hybrid eAssist package won't mind parting with $28,000 to own the Silverado.

Under the bonnet is a powerful V8 engine that can handle good towing capacity, and the cabin boasts a user-friendly infotainment system. The car received 4.5 out of 5 for reliability.

22 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata

via CNet

Cars that are fun to drive but also provide reliability are difficult to find. Since Mazda released the MX-5 Miata, the consumer's job of finding the perfect roadster became easier.

Considered a sports car, the MX-5 Miata is one of the most fuel-efficient sports cars on the market and has a manual soft top that lowers without a hitch and quickly closes. One of the drawbacks of the Miata is that the cabin becomes a bit rowdy at highway speeds and provides limited cargo space in the small trunk. Consumers can expect to pay between $25,000 and $31,000 for the 2018 model, according to Edmunds.

21 2018 Hyundai Elantra

via The Car Connection

When Consumer Reports conducted tests to determine which car was the most reliable in its segment, the Hyundai Elantra won the compact car category. Pundits have claimed that the Elantra is affordable to purchase and cheap to maintain. With a purchase price of $18,000, I'm inclined to agree.

The Elantra's competition is the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla, but the Elantra has evolved over the years. Although affordable to purchase, the Elantra has an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility, as well as 35 mpg combined.

20 2018 Porsche 911

via Leith Porsche

Which man hasn't thought about owning a Porsche? The best part about owning a 911, besides the dashing looks and speed, is the reliability that the car offers. When you purchase the 911 for $91,000, you'll get a vehicle that U.S. News ranked 5 out of 5 for reliability and an overall rating of 9.4 out of 10.

No need to purchase the variations, as the base engine provides ample power for you to enjoy the daily commute. The front seats are comfortable but not the back ones. Porsche fitted the 911 with Apple CarPlay.

19 2018 Lexus GS

via Edmunds

Reliable cars aren't only limited to the compact segment, as those in Japan have provided reliability with luxury. Apart from the comfortable interior, the GS has a dashing exterior to make the driver feel that he's behind the wheel of a superb vehicle.

Getting so much from a vehicle doesn't always come cheap, as Lexus has priced the GS at $46,000. While some of Lexus' competitors provide vehicles that have electrical issues, the manufacturer has made reliability its top priority. You don't have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road if you drive the GS.

18 2018 Honda Civic SI

via The Car Magazine

If performance and reliability are what you're after, then look no further than the Honda Civic. I'm not the only one who thinks so, as Consumer Reports voted the SI as the most reliable performance car.

Consumers who purchase the SI will get a practical and dependable car that won't run up repair bills. The car is a perfect daily driver that starts at $25,000. Honda has offered a coupe and sedan options with a lighter and more rigid chassis than the previous generations.

17 2018 Toyota Prius

via Toyota of Seattle

Since consumers demanded environmentally-friendly cars from manufacturers, companies such as Toyota and Tesla have responded. Many drivers believe that an electric car's performance is subpar, but many hybrid vehicles have proven the contrary.

When you buy a Prius, not only will you increase the chance of owning a reliable vehicle for at least ten years, but you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money at the gas station. According to Digital Trends, the Prius starts at around $23,000.

16 2018 Toyota Sienna

via AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia

Drivers who are family-orientated will find the Sienna to be the dream vehicle. If you need to transport your family in comfort and not worry about breakdowns, then the Sienna is the vehicle for you.

Starting at just above $31,000, the Sienna is the most reliable minivan, according to Consumer Reports. The front-wheel drive is standard, but Toyota has offered an all-wheel-drive option. The 3.5-liter V6 engine is capable of pumping out 296 horsepower, sent through the eight-speed automatic transmission.

15 2018 Ford F-150

via Diesel Army

What can be said about the best selling vehicle in the U.S. that its reputation hasn't already stated? Apart from the amazing off-road capability, the F-150 can tow an incredible 13,200 lbs. Under the bonnet is a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, capable of pumping out 375 horsepower through the 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford built the F-150 to last, regardless of the terrain. That has been one of the biggest attractions that has brought the market back to the F-series every year. At $35,000, the F-150 is a steal.

14 2016 Honda CR-V

via Asheboro Honda

Drives who want a keeper should test drive the CR-V. When iSeeCars.com surveyed the CR-V, the study revealed that one in four owners kept their vehicle for more than a decade.

The CR-V has a history of providing reliability, as it received the top reliability score from Consumer Reports six out of eight times since 2011. Consumers who want an awesome SUV to transport their family for a base price of $26,000 should look into the CR-V. The car's reliability is surreal.

13 2018 Toyota Tacoma

via CNet

Consumer Reports stated that the Tundra was the most reliable pickup, but we featured the Tacoma, as it provides as much reliability as the Tundra and better fuel economy. The Tundra allows drivers 15 mpg in city and 19 mpg on the highway while the Tacoma will provide 19 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway.

The Tacoma also received high safety ratings, as well as new driver assistance features in the 2018 model. The car has seats for five passengers, great off-road capability and an easy to use infotainment system.

12 2014 Acura TSX

via TSX Strong Auto

Although the TSX is no longer in production, consumers who purchase it don't have to worry about taking it to the repair shop, as this beast is in it for the long haul. The final edition, 2009 until 2014, was the best that Acura released.

Not only was the car reliable, but it also provided luxury. Consumers who prioritize practicality when purchasing vehicles want to get their hands on the TSX. It seems that Lexus isn't the only luxury car to get top marks for reliability, according to Cheat Sheet.

11 2018 Ford Fusion

via Groove Ford

Although Consumer Reports ranks the Focus and the Fiesta as one of the most unreliable vehicles, the watchdog thinks highly of the Fusion. Consumer Reports stated that the most reliable family sedan was the Ford Fusion.

Ford might be ceasing production of many of its sedans, but the Fusion is a strong contender to stay due to the reliability it provides. The distinct styling of the Fusion transcends the typical styling of a family sedan. Under the bonnet is a Fusion V6 Sport engine, capable of pumping out 325 horsepower.

10 2018 Chevrolet Cruze

via Motor 1

Car reliability doesn't have to cost a fortune, as the Cruze has proved. Consumers who are looking to spend less than $20,000 on a reliable vehicle that has a feature-filled infotainment system, excellent fuel economy and a comfortable ride can purchase the Cruze.

The car has a base price of $17,000 and is engaging to drive and available as a sedan, hatchback and diesel models. Besides the low purchase price and reliability, the Cruze offered five seats and received high safety scores. Consumers will get a buck for their money with the Cruze.

9 2018 Ford Expedition

via Ford

The Expedition was the winner of U.S. News' Best Large SUV for Families award. Considering that it received a near perfect 10 overall rating, it's easy to see why the Expedition is a must-have vehicle for consumers who want to purchase a reliable SUV.

The cabin is plush, the engine is powerful, and the three rows of seats provide ample space for adults. The Expedition seats eight people, provides plenty of cargo space and has best-in-class towing capacity. At $51,000, the Expedition is a bargain.

8 2018 Buick Enclave

via Review Cars 2019

Safety is one of the aspects that has lured in numerous consumers to the SUV market but so is the reliability that the vehicles offer. U.S. News made the 2018 Buick Enclave a finalist in its Best 3-Row SUV for Families award.

Drivers who want to offer their passengers lots of space and a quiet cabin will love the Enclave. The car provides a comfortable ride over rough roads and maintains composed handling. The cargo area is spacious, and the cabin boasts a user-friendly infotainment system.

7 2018 Hyundai Tucson

via Motor 1

Considering that most reliable and safe vehicles are SUVs, it's no wonder why the market has veered to that segment. One of the most reliable SUV models on the market is the Tucson.

Besides boasting Bluetooth connectivity in all the variants, the Tucson GLS comes with a 4.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a reverse camera. In the city, Tucson drivers will get 21 mpg and 28 mpg on the highway. The starting price for the car is around $22,000. For everything that drivers get, the Tucson's purchase price is low.

6 2018 Audi A7

via Audi Woman

For some drivers, reliability and a comfortable cabin aren't enough; they also want performance. Consumers who don't mind spending $70,000 on a car and want a complete package can get their hands on the A7.

The car has a well-designed interior, with an MMI infotainment system that includes handwriting recognition. Audi offered three high-powered engines, and the Quattro all-wheel drive is standard. Passengers who sit at the back will find the sloping roofline limits their headroom.

5 2018 Kia Stinger

via Top Speed

More than a decade ago, Kia was one of the car brands that was floating around the market but never made a strong impact. Since Kia started manufacturing reliable vehicles that had an alluring exterior design, the market took notice of its cars.

The Stinger fits into the luxury segment but provides reliability and an aggressive drive without sacrificing a smooth ride, according to U.S. News. The fuel economy is below average, but it offers lots of cargo space and a simple infotainment system.

4 2018 BMW 4-Series

via Guide Auto

No 'reliable cars' list would be complete without featuring a BMW. When U.S. News examined the 4-series, it gave the car an overall score of 8.6 out of 10 and 4 out of 5 for reliability. How can drivers not love a vehicle that provides luxury, performance and reliability?

The 2018 model includes several upgrades such as the updated suspension system to improve its athletic handling. The car features wireless charging, Apple CarPlay, comfortable front seats and decent cargo space.

3 2018 Infiniti QX80

via Motor Authority

Drivers who want a luxurious, reliable SUV but don't want to break the bank should opt for the QX80. The large, luxury SUV has a lower starting price than its competitors. At $65,000, the QX80 offers three rows of seating, more cargo space than its competition and navigation.

Although the infotainment looks outdated, Infiniti makes up for it with the V8 engine and superb handling that make the ride a pleasure, not a chore. U.S. News gave the QX80 4.5 out of 5 for reliability. The car is perfect for a family who wants to feel safe.

2 2018 Audi Q3

via Audi Ireland

Some of the best car engineering that I have seen has been on German vehicles. When Consumer Reports inspected all the vehicles in the crossover segment, the watchdog announced the Q3 as the most reliable.

Consumers who were aching to purchase a luxury hatchback but caught onto the crossover fever will find the Q3 to be delightful. Priced at $33,000, the Q3 boasts a 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is capable of producing 200 horsepower, as well as MMI infotainment and a panoramic sunroof.

1 2018 Toyota 4Runner

via Classic Toyota of Tyler

The SUV market has expanded tenfold in the last several years, as consumers have become pedantic about safety. The safety features and the car's elevation gives consumers peace of mind.

Some SUVs also provide surreal off-road capabilities. One of those SUVs is the 4Runner. Not only can it handle any terrain, but the 4Runner was also the most reliable SUV, according to Consumer Reports. Starting at $35,000, the 4Runner is a dual-purpose machine. When you're not off-road, you'll enjoy incredible comfort and sophistication in the 4Runner while cruising through suburbs.

Sources - Digital Trends, Car News & Cheat Sheet

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