Watch: New Ford GT Absolutely Owns Lightning Lap

Watch: New Ford GT Absolutely Owns Lightning Lap

Ford managed to offer up one of their newfangled GT’s for Car and Driver’s Lightning Lap, and it absolutely crushes it.

Whoever thought the makers of America’s trucks and reasonably priced family sedans could be compelled to create a masterpiece of a hypercar? Anyone paying attention to the Le Mans races knows that Ford has been paying close attention to their branded speedster, noting what works, what doesn’t, and making incremental improvements year after year until they’ve wound up with a car that is apparently very fast.

So fast, in fact, that it recently took the crown as Car and Driver’s Lightning Lap king.

And it almost never happened. Last year, Car and Driver reached out to Ford to ask for a lap in their GT, but Ford informed them that unfortunately all their cars were already sold and they didn’t have any to test.

via Car and Driver

This yea,r Ford must have taken one off the factory line in Markham Ontario to bring it all the way to Virginia International Raceway where it could finally strut its stuff.

On paper, the GT doesn’t seem like it would be one of the world’s fastest cars. Both the Lamborghini Huracán and the McLaren 720S have greater horsepower at a fraction of the GT’s half a million price tag, making one wonder just where all that money is going.


Wonder no longer. The GT comes with a body that looks straight out of science fiction and made completely out of carbon fiber to be as absolutely light as possible. Those deep grooves and hard angles are all designed to keep the car on the road with a little help from the rising rear wing. The windshield is made of Gorilla Glass—the same stuff you see on your iPhone—which is both lighter and stronger than regular glass.

And of course, there’s all manner of techno-wizardry distributing the car’s ludicrous 647-hp to all four tires in just the right way to keep it all from flying off into the stratosphere.

When all is said and done, the GT managed a lap time of 2:43.00, the fastest car ever to lap the VIR.

But if you haven’t already signed up to buy one, you’ll be in for a wait. The car is being produced at a rate of one per day, and there’s already a waiting list about 1000 people long.


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