New McLaren Owner Gets His Supercar Impounded Just Minutes After Driving Off The Lot

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The owner of a brand new McLaren 600LT had his supercar impounded not 10 minutes after driving off the dealer lot.

Summer has finally arrived. The sun is out, the rain has gone, and the roads are begging to be driven. However, enthusiastic new owners of expensive and exotic supercars should keep in mind that the highway is not a safe or legal venue to get their need for speed fulfilled.

A 39-year-old man from Coquitlam, British Columbia found that out the hard way just 10 minutes after buying a brand new McLaren 600LT. That’s the one with the upgraded 3.8-L twin-turbo V8 with almost 600 horsepower and a zero to sixty time of just 2.9 seconds.

600LT impounded
via West Vancouver PD

According to a report from the West Vancouver Police Department, the McLaren was spotted traveling at “a high rate of speed” heading westbound on Highway 1 on June 17th shortly after 10 PM. He was doing 160 kph in a 90 kph, which for our American friends, is basically like doing 100 mph in a 55 mph zone.

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Naturally, the police pulled over the lucky new owner of a 600LT and found out that he’d just purchased his new whip 10 minutes ago. That’s when they informed said lucky owner that his vehicle was being impounded for 7 days for excessive speeding. Then they handed him a $368 speeding ticket on top of that.

600LT impounded
via West Vancouver PD

“While we get closer to the July long-weekend, which typically means more vehicles on the road, West Vancouver Police want to remind everyone to obey all speed limits and drive responsibly,” said Constable Kevin Goodmurphy of the West Vancouver PD. “Your life is worth it.”

This goes the same whether you’re driving a brand new McLaren, Ferrari, or even a tricked-out Subaru: just because the road is clear and the sky is blue doesn’t mean you can do 150 in a 90, or 100 in a 60. The cops are always watching.

(via Vancouver is Awesome)

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