New Photos Show Aston Martin DBX In More Detail

More DBX photos are popping up online.

More photos of Aston Martin's DBX have emerged ahead of the company's first luxury SUV launch.

We've already seen images of the car in disguise but some fresh pics of the upcoming ride have hit the internet showing even more detail.

The photos make it so that fans could get a look at the car's dashboard without any camouflage. Unfortunately, it's a bit blurry but one can tell that the DBX will have a distinctive layout, not similar to what Aston Martin has made available before.

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via automobilemag.com

While the Vantage and DB11 both have infotainment screens at the top of the dashboard, the DBX's looks to be central. It also appears that there are round buttons above the screen which are likely the trademark push-button gear selectors from other Aston Martins, but just higher.

You can also get a look at a bit of the car's rear end. The lower bumper area has perforated detail on display around the exhaust tips like what's seen on the Vantage. The red paintwork is likely to be one of the many colors for the DBX. Meanwhile, Aston Villa has announced they will offer three different custom seats for children of different sizes.

via automobilemag.com

The DBX is also likely to be a great performer on the road but it appears that it will be great off-road too as the Adventure Pack offers mud flaps and heavy-duty tread plates for the exterior.

The intrigue over the DBX should be settled as early as next month as Aston Martin will probably have it on display in Los Angeles.

Source: Automobile Mag

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