New Project M Mustang From Ohio Ford Dealer Will Give You 1,000 Horsepower For Under $50K

An Ohio-based Ford dealer is selling a Mustang GT with 1,000 horsepower for under $50K, but there's a catch.

High Performance Package adds Mustang GT brakes, and GT Performance Package aerodynamics and suspension components to make it the highest-performing production four-cylinder Mustang ever.

This Ford Mustang GT has over 1,000 horsepower and can be yours for the low price of $49,995.

Remember Lebanon Ford Dealer in Ohio? The ones that want to sell you a 2,000-horsepower Mustang or a 650-horsepower supercharged Ford F-150 pickup? Well, they’re back with yet another insane deal for this most auspicious of shopping weekends.

They call it "Project M," and it’s a Mustang GT. Sure, that’s a great place to start, but it’s not just any old Mustang GT. It’s a tuned and supercharged GT with 1,000 horsepower. And best of all, it’s cheap. Real cheap. Like, under 50 grand cheap. Why would you get anything over 50 grand if you can get a Mustang GT with 1,000 horsepower?

To start, you get the most barebones Mustang GT you can possibly get from Ford. It’s a 6-speed manual transmission with basically nothing else. You’ll get the smallest infotainment screen, a manual air-conditioning system, and cloth seats. That’s it.

Then the magic starts. Next, you get your choice of Pro or Whipple superchargers. Then after that, you get a new engine control unit that’s been calibrated to run on E85 racing fuel. These two together give you 1,000 horsepower.

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However, that’s all you get. If you want to have an automatic transmission that might have a hope of shifting into second gear on time, then that’s an extra $5,000, but you also get the 300a equipment group that gives you Brembo brakes, larger wheels, a larger radiator, a performance rear wing, Torsen differentials, and larger sway bars.

via Ford

And here’s the catch: there’s no warranty. If something breaks (and with 1,000 horsepower, something will definitely break) then it’s all on you to fix it. The other catch is that a 1,000 hp Mustang needs to have a lot more upgrades to effectively use those 1,000 ponies, which Lebanon Ford Dealer offers for an additional fee. They highly recommend the oil pump upgrade and half shafts rated for 2,000 horsepower, otherwise you’ll almost surely shatter your driveshaft the first time you send it.

(Source: Lebanon Ford Performance, Driving)

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