New York Auto Show: The Genesis Essentia Concept

With the New York Auto Show in full swing, one car has everyone talking— the Genesis Essentia Concept.

New York Auto Show: Everyone's Talking About The Genesis Essentia Concept

Taking a bow at the New York Auto Show is Genesis’s latest concept, the Essentia electric car.

Hyundai’s luxury brand continues to make a big splash on the international scene. They’ve already been rated the best car brand to buy in 2018 by Consumer Reports, and their line of luxury sedans continue to perform in an overall market that favors SUVs and crossovers over conventional cars.

Now Genesis proves that it can innovate with the best of them by revealing their first all-electric car, the Essentia concept.

It is undeniably a beautiful car. Based on a gran turismo style, the Essential is spacious and luxurious in all the ways that a grand tourer should be. Although there are only two doors the Essentia seats four comfortably, while also providing plenty of space in the front thanks to the extensive use of touch screens to replace the usual dials and knobs.

via Genesis

And by extensive we mean they entirely replaced the dash with a giant touchscreen display and the instrument cluster with a slightly smaller LCD screen.

The Essentia is built out of a monocoque carbon fiber chassis that makes the car light enough install a massive battery pack in the center line and still not weigh the same as a bus. Genesis says that the car has a "multi-motor electric powertrain", but declined to say just how many motors or provide any details on power.


They also declined to provide us with numbers on the battery or any kind of range estimate. All they’d tell us is that it can theoretically go from zero to sixty in 3.0 seconds. That’s fast, but it’d be nice to know how it got to that speed or how long the Essentia could keep it up.

It wouldn’t be a concept car without some wild new technologies. The Essentia comes equipped with Genesis’s next-gen Genesis Intelligent Assistant, which allows you to have a two-way conversation with the onboard computer. Voice commands are, naturally, a part of the everyday driving experience.

Essentia Cockpit
via Genesis

To get inside you just need to present either your face or your finger to the B-Pillar where a sensor will determine whether or not you’re allowed inside. And the doors open in grand style too, with Butterfly hinges that reveal a G-Matrix material that connects the car’s outer shell to the monocoque chassis.

The car is just a concept, so don’t expect it to be the basis for any future cars, but it does give us a good idea as to where the next generation of Genesis cars are headed, and it seems pretty sweet.


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