Next-Gen Ford Focus Spotted In Portugal [Photo]

The next generation of Ford Focus has been spotted in sunny Portugal.

A photographer managed to snag two shots of the 2019 Ford Focus in Cascais, Portugal yesterday. The shots found their way to Hungarian car man Vezess, and then over to Autoblog.

You can’t quite make out the Ford badge that would normally be on the back of the car, but it certainly looks like a Focus. The lines, shape, and overall feel just screams Focus. There’s even an ST badge on the front fender.

The wheels are also reminiscent of a Ford Focus ST, given the two-tone alloy and funky rim shape. You can even make out the Ford oval in the middle if you really squint.

Differences between the old Focus and new one are subtle at best. Biggest of all is easily the redesigned grille which is reminiscent of the new Fiesta models. Rather than the wavy waterfall design, there are just straight lines all across. It’s also wider at the top rather than the bottom. All of this is to say the new front looks like a Ford.


The rest of the body seems a bit more tamethan the old Focus. There’s less interesting grooves, less outrageous bulges, less sporty lines than the original. It all seems rather boring, which is a bit of a turnoff for the formerly funky Focus.

This may have something to do with Ford CEO Jim Hackett’s claim that the Focus will be going up-marketat least in Europe. The Focus has been seen as trendy and fun in the European markets for some years, so deciding to take on higher-value targets like BMW and Audi rather than the Japanese and Korean imports that the Focus normally contends with is a big departure.

The European market will get the usual hatchback, but also a wagon and “crossover-inspired” version of the Focus, while in North America we’ll have to content ourselves with the usual sedan and hatchback versions, most likely.

As for what’s under the hood, that’ll have to wait until Ford actually gives us reveal date.


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Next-Gen Ford Focus Spotted In Portugal [Photo]