Next Gen Kia K900 Teased For New York Auto Show

The next-gen Kia K900 will be at the New York Auto show, and before that, the luxury car was spotted out in the wild.

Next Gen Kia K900 Teased For New York Auto Show

Kia just teased some images of their refreshed 2019 K900 luxury sedan.

When you think of Kia, you normally think of affordable cars and not expensive luxury sedans. That’s sort of the problem with the K900, Kia’s flagship luxury car.

Originally built beginning with the 2013 model year, the K900 didn’t come to America until the 2015 model year. By then, the platform had gone through a few iterative improvements, but never really made a big splash here in the West. The K900 had its best year in 2015 when it sold just over 2500 units in the US, but since then hasn’t broken four digits in terms of sales.

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The problem with the K900 has always been the fact that Kia is never seen as much of a luxury brand. If you can afford a luxury sedan you opt for a German car, and if you can barely afford a luxury car, but want some neat bells and whistles you go for an American sedan. Kia never really had a niche, and it shows in their sales numbers.


So, abysmal sales and dated looks mean it's time for a refresh. Kia has gone back to the drawing board to offer something a little new. From the teaser images released, we can see the K900 has some fancy new headlamps and taillamps, a somewhat more refined body than the simple lazy arch that defined the previous model, and the same many-spoked wheels we remember.

Besides that, we know nothing. The only real way that Kia can define itself in the segment is via technology though, so expect the new K900 to come with tons of cutting-edge gadgets—think impressive semi-autonomous or even fully autonomous driving functionality.

It’d also make sense to up the power numbers on the previous models to outshine the competition. Last year’s model had a 3.8L V6 that pumped out 311 hp and an optional 5.0L V8 which put out 420 hp, so a bit of an upward bump would give a bit more “wow” factor. Or, even better, a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric drivetrain to really capture a new market and steal a few sales from the Model S.

Expect the new K900 to appear at the New York Auto Show ahead of its showroom floor debut in the latter half of 2018.


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