Next-Gen Nissan Juke Gets Bigger Tires, Bigger Chassis, And More Horsepower

Nissan's latest teaser reveals a bigger, sleeker Juke with larger tires and hopefully a few more horses.

Next-Gen Nissan Juke Gets Bigger Tires, Bigger Chassis, And More Horsepower

Nissan has revealed the first full teasers of the next-gen Juke crossover with bigger wheels and a roomier chassis.

Last month, Nissan released its very first teaser image of the 2020 Juke. What we say was the same split headlights, but with brand new LEDs and a sleeker form than before which will hopefully make it appear a little less bug-eyed. A widened V-motion grille was also showcased, and since we really only got a peek at the nose, that was it.

But now we've got a full view of the incoming Juke and it's redesigned chassis. As part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi global alliances, Nissan tapped Renault for their CMF-B platform when designing the new Juke which is the same as found in the Clio and Captur. It's expected to give the Juke a slightly longer wheelbase and also greater interior space.

Which Nissan has confirmed in its latest release. Shown at the Milbrook test track in jolly old England, the 2020 Juke is shown in new "worldly" camouflage--all except for North America, where the Juke was discontinued in 2017.

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Although the headlights are now covered, we see that the grille has indeed widened and the roof has a very Supra-like groove in the middle. In the back, the taillights have been redesigned to flow directly from the rear fender while also following a line that runs down the Juke's flanks.

Next-Gen Nissan Juke Gets Bigger Tires, Bigger Chassis, And More Horsepower
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However, the essential Juke hallmarks remain: a squat, compact body with rear door handles mounted in the c-pillars, big, bulging headlights, and big tires.

Bigger than last year, in fact. Nissan revealed that those rubbers are riding around 19-inch alloy wheels. They also said that the new Juke will be the third Nissan model to feature their ProPILOT technology suite of advanced driver assistance software. This includes stop-and-go automatic cruise control and automatic lane keeping.

Despite the added toys, Nissan assures us the Juke will remain “fun to drive.” With a rumored increase to 200 horsepower from a 1.6-L turbocharged 4-cylinder, fun should definitely be achievable.

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