Everything Drivers Know About Next-Gen RAV4

Toyota is prepping the next generation of RAV4, but before that happens, we can look at what has been revealed so far.

Everything Drivers Know About Next-Gen RAV4

A new RAV4 is coming.

Toyota’s signature crossover (or compact SUV, or elongated mutant hatchback—the line between all these titles is pretty blurry) is about to get a complete rework. Toyota announced earlier this week that the new RAV4 will be taking a bow at the end of August at the New York International Auto Show.

That’s March 28, 2018, at 9:10 a.m. Mark your calendars.

To go along with the date we were given a beautiful teaser image of an enormous RAV4 superimposed on a picture of a pond just before sunset. It’s beautiful, but as far as teaser images go, maybe a bit much on the photoshopping.


via car and driver

The RAV4 is long overdue for a redesign, what with the current generation first hitting the roads for the 2013 model year. The car last saw a refresh in 2016, but competitors Honda and Mazda recently redesigned their CR-V and CX-5 compact SUVs, and Toyota can’t afford to fall too far behind.

The new version of the RAV4 has been seen in the wild with vinyl and camouflage, and with the release of this teaser image, we can confirm a few big changes from the previous model. To start, the new one is certainly longer, with a longer nose and a more protruding rear. The front is also a bit flatter in comparison to the current model and seems to take some design points from the FT-AC concept we saw last year.

As for what’s going on beneath that steel skin, we can safely assume the new RAV4 will be based on Toyota’s New Global Architecture, will include all the latest in technological accouterments like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and should even have some available autonomous driving options and safety features.

We may even see some of the new powertrain technologies that Toyota showcased last month. It seems unlikely we’ll see a 2.0-L engine here in North America, but it will likely be sold with one internationally while we make do with a 2.5-L engine. Hybrid options are almost certain, and we might even see a plug-in electric hybrid.

With a debut in New York, we’re likely to see the new RAV4 hit showrooms in the fall.


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