8 NHL Stars Living Their B-List Life With Pickups (And 12 With A-List Cars)

The NHL produces a different kind of human being. In leagues like the NBA, it’s all about players promoting their own brands. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using social media applications such as IG, Twitter, and YouTube. In order to gain a following, NBA stars typically post pictures of their lavish lifestyle. That usually entails a fancy car. Heck, even retired players like Shaq swear by this formula.

In the NHL however, things are different. Players really don’t promote themselves like a brand. Instead, they choose to live quiet lives off the ice. As you can imagine, finding out info on what cars they drive wasn’t the easiest. Though thanks to social media, we were at least able to get some info. Ironically, in most cases, the players weren’t showing off the rides but instead, we just caught them in the background on an IG post. These NHL guys are a humble bunch let me tell you!

In this article, we’ll split the list up taking a look at those with A-list rides. That side of the list includes the likes of Connor McDavid, Alex Ovechkin, and Tyler Seguin. On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at NHL stars that drive pickups. You’ll be surprised by some of the players that are found on that side of the list.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are eight NHL stars that drive pickups off the ice and 12 with A-list cars. Let’s get started!

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20 Pickup - Carey Price: Ford 4X4 Heavy Duty Pickup

via Instagram/NHL

He lives the city life in Montreal during the regular season. Of course, Price is between the pipes for Montreal Canadiens. However, once the off-season hits, Price departs from Montreal heading back home to British Columbia.

He spends a lot of time out on his ranch in Kelowna, British Columbia. As evidenced by Carey’s IG account, he rides around with a Ford heavy Duty 4x4 pickup, the ideal ride to use when it comes to hauling and driving on rougher terrains. He reunited with Habs teammate Shea Weber this offseason in the BC area. In all likelihood, both teammates took a spin in the pickup.

19 A-List - Alex Radulov: Mercedes-Benz AMG S 63 Coupe

via Instagram

Speaking of Montreal, we now turn our attention to a former Habs player, Alex Radulov. He is now a part of the Dallas Stars origination. One would assume the purchase of this stunning Mercedes was made a lot easier after he inked a deal with the Stars worth $31.25 million for five years. Some might even say he could have made even more elsewhere. Perhaps back home in the KHL, he could have earned a bigger contract.

Nonetheless, that’s still a lot of money. Radulov, being a car fanatic spent some of the contract money on this stunning AMG S 63 Coupe, one of the better rides on the list.

18 A-List - Connor McDavid: Range Rover

via YouTube

You would expect the finest NHL star to drive the finest ride. However, NHL players tend to be simple dudes and so is the poster boy of the NHL Connor McDavid. He can afford the finest cars life has to offer but instead, he’s more than content with his white Range Rover. McDavid doesn’t show off the car, he chooses to keep a low profile instead unlike his play on the ice.

We caught a glimpse of the ride during his behind the scenes interview on Sportsnet over in Canada. Maybe he’ll upgrade in the summer once that Edmonton snow fully melts.

17 Pickup - Matt Duchene: Ford XR Series

via Instagram/NHL

It hasn’t been the easiest transition for Matt Duchene since making the move to Ottawa. Once he joined the team, the Sens plummeted the bottom of the league. Not only that, but Duchene was also caught in an Uber speaking ill about the team’s coaching staff. His days in Ottawa seem to be numbered with the trade deadline looming.

At the very least, his personal life seems to be in place. Matt’s a new dad and he also recently bought a really cool sporty pickup truck, the Ford XR Series. This ride is known for performance and speed more than hauling heavy loads. Needless to say, it can definitely handle a couple of sticks and a bag of equipment.

16 A-List - Jonathan Bernier: Land Rover Defender 90

via Instagram

Yup, playing as a backup in the NHL isn’t the worst gig either. You get to watch lots of games from the bench and if you’re like Bernier, you also get to buy a Land Rover Defender 90, a ride that definitely catches anyone’s attention.

Bernier was able to afford this ride in large part thanks to his contract with the Maple Leafs from back in the day. Despite not living up to the deal, Bernier has bounced back nicely with stellar play in the last couple of years. Although his record with the Wings this season says otherwise, Bernier is still a reliable backup goaltender.

15 A-List - Matthew Tkachuk: Audi R8

via Instagram

Life really isn’t too shabby for the Calgary Flames forward. He’s still only 21 and already has multiple 20 plus goal seasons. In addition, he’s already starting splurge off the ice alongside teammate Sam Bennett.

The two posted about their new rides via IG. We applaud Matthew for his decision as he purchased a stunning white Audi R8. Now it might be a little challenging to rev the engine in the Calgary snow but we have no doubt that he’ll enjoy the ride to its fullest once the winter months come to an end.

14 Pickup - Brent Burns: Ford F-250

via Auto Trader

This is one of two pickups featured on the list that can be found in Brent’s garage. He admits to Auto Trader that he isn’t a car guy. In fact, he bought his first ride midway through his first season, a Cadillac Escalade.

He isn’t a car guy but he definitely loves going off the road. His Ford F-250 is just one of the rides that he uses off the road. He also has two Polaris Rangers meant for the off-road as well. His coolest purchase, however, might be his King Aire Class Motorhome. Burns took it for a spin with Auto Trader and let’s just say the ride is pretty darn cool!

13 A-List - PK Subban: Lincoln Black Label Model

via Instagram

As if getting the keys to Lindsey Vonn’s heart wasn’t enough... Subban recently added the Lincoln Black Label to his collection. Not only is the car his but he also hinted at a partnership with the brand via IG. Subban had some fun with his followers asking for their opinion on a name for the new ride. What about, “The Subbanator?”

Signing a deal worth $72 million, Subban can definitely afford this ride and lots of others. It’ll be interesting to see if the Nashville Predator’ expands his garage in the near future. We’ll have another one of his rides a little later.

12 A-List - Erik Karlsson: Porsche 911 Turbo

via YouTube

Without a doubt, Erik Karlsson has to be one of the best players in the game. At the moment, his contract seems to be the biggest bargain in the National Hockey League with a worth of $6.5 million per season. We assume that value is going to skyrocket once his contract expires this offseason. Some expect his salary to actually double.

All that being said, his garage might expand a little more with all that cash. For the time being, however, he isn’t struggling with his beautiful Porsche 911 Turbo, a ride most of us can only dream of.

11 Pickup - Aaron Ekblad: Ford F-150

via Instagram

From Windsor, Ontario, the Panthers had high hopes when they drafted defenseman Aaron Ekblad. Still only 23, the defenseman is the biggest minute eater for Panthers despite his young age. We expect that trend to continue for years to come.

Given that he’s living out on Florida, most would expect Ekblad to spend his money on a luxury ride or sports car similar to some of his teammates (one we’ll include in the next entry). Nonetheless, Ekblad feels at home with his Ford F-150, a recent purchase made from the Florida blueliner. Ekblad posted the purchase to his IG, claiming he also has a partnership in the place with the local Ford company.

10 A-List - Jonathan Huberdeau – Corvette Z06

via Instagram

Now that’s more of a ride we would expect from someone playing in Florida. The St. Jerome, Quebec native purchased himself a lovely Corvette Z06. Surprisingly, he’s one of the few NHL stars that decided to buy a Corvette. BMW, Land Rover, and Audi seem to be the taste of the other players. Nonetheless, we applaud Jonathan for going off the map with this purchase.

The former third overall pick continues to be one of the more underrated players in the league given that he’s not playing in a hockey market. Driving down the street with his Corvette throughout the year, he likely doesn’t mind the lack of attention one bit.

9 A-List - Tyler Seguin: Mercedes-Benz G-Class

via Instagram

We assume Seguin spoke to his teammate Alex Radulov before his purchase. Seguin is also a fan of the Mercedes brand with a stunning G-Class ride just sitting in his garage. Seguin isn’t shy when it comes to taking this ride out for a spin, he’s often caught in the ride on the way to practices and games.

Along with his wealth and beautiful bachelor-pad, Seguin is one heck of a player. Although he got called out by the team’s ownership earlier in the year, Seguin is still on pace for yet another strong campaign.

8 Pickup - Matt Murray: Ford Raptor (posted in 2014)

via Instagram/NHL

Age 24, it is pretty crazy that Murray is already a two-time Stanley Cup Champion. Not only that, but he won a cup as a starter in his rookie year becoming only the sixth goaltender in history to accomplish such a record.

You would think that with all that success, Murray purchased this Ford following his cup victories. However, surprisingly, he bought the beautiful Ford pickup prior to his success in the summer of 2014. He posted the photo via his IG account. Given all the success he collected since then, we assume he upgraded pickups or at least purchased another new ride.

7 A-List - Alex Radulov: Dodge Hellcat

via Instagram

We include another ride from the Dallas Stars power-forward, a Dodge Hellcat. If we could compare Radulov to a car, it would probably be the Hellcat. Alex has blazing speed (once he gets going) but he also has tremendous power and size to back it up most of all. That’s reminiscent to the Hellcat which features similar characteristics. Suddenly, the purchase makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Some might prefer his Mercedes from earlier in the article but regardless, we credit Alex for changing it up and having such diverse taste in cars.

6 Pickup - Marc Methot: Ford F-150

via Instagram/NHL

Marc Methot seems to be the kind of guy that just doesn’t take days off. In the photo above posted to his IG account, Marc was getting some work done on a Sunday night during the offseason in September. Most would be taking it easy and bracing themselves for the season but not Marc. He was too busy filling up his Ford F-150.

Age 33, Methot recently switched area codes going from the Sens to the Stars. He seems to be adjusting nicely to the move in big D. In all likelihood, he’ll call it a career in the next couple of seasons (his health seems to be an issue) and take that pickup out for a couple more spins around the block.

5 A-List - Alex Ovechkin: Mercedes – G65 AMG

via Instagram/NHL

During the 2014 offseason, Ovechkin bought himself a stunning AMG G65. It was the right time to make the purchase as he came off yet another Rocket Richard winning season. The award is given out to the player with the most goals at the end of the season. Ovie might be in line for the trophy once again this season.

More importantly, Ovie recently became a Stanley Cup winner for the first ever time last season. It was literally all he was missing and now he truly has it all. He’ll be remembered as one of the best ever once he calls it a career.

4 Pickup - Brent Burns: Ford Raptor

via Instagram/NHL

Out on his 400-acre farm in Texas, Burns isn’t just riding around in his duo Polaris Rangers. He recently made another big purchase, a Ford Raptor. This is the most recent car to enter his garage. Brent admits that it is quite the upgrade to his Ford F-250 featured earlier in the article.

Burns loves the ride admitting to Auto Trader that he lusts over it. In addition, Burns also has a Kubota Tractor for his Texas ranch. The Burns garage seems to be pretty stacked but don’t expect some fancy sports car. The Sharks blueliner doesn’t seem to be that kind of guy. Maybe, teammate, Erik Karlsson might sway him the other way with his magnificent Porsche Turbo.

3 A-List - PK Subban: Range Rover

via Instagram

Another bomb of a car from PK Subban, a lovely Range Rover. Not a bad duo to have in the garage, SUVs from both Land Rover and Lincoln.

Subban isn’t just about SUVs. He also took a ride in a stunning Bugatti just a couple of years back. Although most fans thought he owned and purchased the ride, that wasn’t the case. PK simply took the car out for a test run. He can definitely afford the ride but Subban seems to be more than content with his SUVs for the time being. Maybe he’ll revisit the Bugatti during the offseason.

2 Pickup - Wayne Simmonds: 2017 Honda Ridgeline

via Instagram

As a promotional tactic, various sports leagues usually give out cars to athletes for free. It can make for an awkward scenario especially given that the players likely have better rides stashed at home. That was the case with Ovechkin and his Honda, though to Ovie’s credit, he decided to donate the car. He told NHL.com, "It means a lot," Honda connected with my agent and they just gave me a car, so I'm going to donate to [Ice Dogs] and that sweet little girl."

Simmonds also won a car back in the 2017 All-Star game. He won the MVP of the night taking home the grand prize which was a Honda Ridgeline pickup truck.

1 A-List - Evgeni Malkin: Porsche Cayenne

via Wheels

Unlike his counterparts from Russia (Alex Ovechkin and Alex Radulov) who both opted for Mercedes, Malkin has a different appreciation for a particular car brand. Evgeni is all about Porsche owning a stunning 911 that he typically takes out during the summer. Several fans spotted Malkin in the sleek and clean ride. He’s not flying under the radar in that car.

As for his daily rider, Malkin stuck with Porsche buying the Porsche Cayenne luxury crossover. That’s not a bad car to call a daily driver. Making close to $10 million per season, Malkin definitely has the funds to cover this ride.

Sources – Auto Trader, Wheels, Instagram & Twitter

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