20 Sick Cars Nicolas Cage Blew All His Money On

Alright this might come as somewhat of a shock to any of you who know that Nicolas Cage has had some pretty bad financial issues over the past few years but he has (or at least had) a massive car collection. This is a guy who once had about (if not more than) 50 cars! That is a crazy amount of cars. To be fair, it's not exactly the craziest or largest car collection ever but it's still Nicolas Cage's, so it's at least a little crazy.

Anyway, a lot of this collection (including a significant number of cars on this very list) have had to be auctioned off thanks to Cage's insane amount of spending. It seems like every time that Cage has been paid for a movie, he's gone out of his way to buy more mansions, cars, castles, dinosaur bones, comic books, and more. He is certainly not someone you would want to entrust your money to.

But who really cares about Nicolas Cage and his financial woes? This isn't a celebrity site after all. It's a car site. So, perhaps we should start digging deep into some of the star cars from the Nicolas Cage collection. There are some goodies. From a small army of Rolls-Royce cars to a Ferrari Enzo and even beyond to the infamous Eleanor from Gone In Sixty Seconds fame, Nicolas Cage has had his hands on some pretty golden pieces of machinery.

So here, I'll stop jabbering on in this intro and let you take a look at just some samplings from the Nicolas Cage collection.

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20 Rolls-Royce Phantom

via autoblog

For those of you who don't know about the Rolls-Royce Phantom, just assume that it's like the luxury of any Rolls-Royce but with a whole lot more power under the hood. This thing might seem like a boat but that doesn't change the fact that it can move. And it handles like a luxurious dream. Nicolas Cage has been fortunate enough to own one of these bad boys. To be fair though, he has and does own several different models of Rolls-Royce. And, I think, for that we both love and hate him. And there is definitely every reason to be jealous...except for the money issues, of course.

19 Ferrari Enzo


This just makes me sad. This was once the fastest Ferrari on the market. It most certainly is not now but that is entirely beside the point. It is a hot car that sports a wicked V12 engine that can punch out 225 mph and runs with the power of 651 horses. That is a mean machine. Nicolas Cage was a very lucky human being too. It's a good thing he is so high-profile. Why? Well, because only 400 of these cars ever actually made it out of the Ferrari factory. Now that is saying something special about the Ferrari Enzo.

18 2001 Lamborghini Diablo


I will forever be jealous of Nicolas Cage for this one. The Lambo Diablo is one of my favourite cars. Sure, it looks a little 90s but...well it belongs to the 90s so why not? It literally ran from 1990 to 2001.

Sure, the one above isn't the classic and awesome purple that pretty well everyone remembers the Diablo for, but that doesn't change the fact that it was and is an iconic member of the Lambo family.

If nothing else, I have to say that Cage made a good choice with this car. And if it ever or already has left his collection, well, then I will think less of him as a person.

17 Rolls-Royce Ghost


I have to say that this is pretty crazy. And I don't think it's crazy simply because Nicolas Cage has or had a Rolls-Royce Ghost. I mean, that's fine. It's a nice car but I don't think it's quite as nice as the Rolls-Royce Phantom. What is crazy about this is the fact that Nicolas Cage seems to have a huge hard-on for Rolls-Royce in general.

I mean, this is the guy who once purchased nine Rolls-Royce Phantoms for pretty well no good reason.

No matter how many different types of Rolls-Royce you have...why would you bother having nine of type? Have one Ghost, one Wraith, one Phantom and then just enjoy each. You don't need to buy one for each of your friends.

16 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB


This car was once owned by Nicolas Cage, so it would seem to make sense to some people that they could make a wicked amount of money for this car. Typically it wouldn't fetch more than a couple hundred grand. And don't get me wrong, that is a whole lot more money than I could ever throw at a car. But people who acquired this previously-Nicolas-Cage-owned car figured they could make $600,000! I'm not sure about that. I mean, it's a hot car. It does what you expect it to do. It looks good and it drives fast. But $600,000 just because of Nicolas Cage? Give me a break.

15 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster


This is a pretty sweet little Porsche. It's from a good year, that's for sure. Not necessarily a good car year but it is the year I was born so that's got to count for something. Anyway, this little speedster, considering how much the Ferrari 599 was being sold for, you'd expect would pull in a decent amount of scratch.

However, the reality is that this former Nicolas Cage Porsche only went for about $57,000. I have to say that that's a pretty low price for a car that was once owned by this crazy, money-blowing celebrity. I would rather other cars from his collection but this still isn't a bad piece of machinery.

14 1973 Triumph Spitfire


This is a pretty important car when it comes to Nicolas Cage. Why? Well, this is because the Triumph Spitfire was the very first car that Cage ever owned. That's not a bad car to have as your very first one. I can't imagine having this as a first car. That might be because my first vehicle was a 1988 GMC 1500 that I bought for $1,000. Oh well. We can't all have the privilege that celebs like Nicolas Cage have. Of course, that means very little since Cage sold the bloody thing anyway. I know he's got money troubles but wouldn't you want to keep this first and iconic car?

13 1971 Lamborghini Miura SVJ


The Miura isn't exactly the rarest of all the Lambos in the world but that doesn't mean that the one Cage owned is not. The specific SVJ model of the Miura actually only has 16 left in existence around the world.

Of those 16, there were only four that were specifically built by Lambo.

The Lambo that Cage ended up buying had actually belonged to the Shah of Iran who specially ordered this car. Given that, Cage ended up paying a whopping $3 million for this car when it certainly costs nowhere near that on a typical day. Though, I have to say that the custom winter tires must be pretty expensive...

12 1970 Hemi Cuda Hardtop


Alright, I have to say here, straight away, that I absolutely love muscle cars. I think they just look wicked. And who doesn't want a Hemi engine roaring when you are blasting around in a classic muscle car. Of course, like much of the massive collection that Nicolas Cage once had, you will not be surprised to know that Cage ended up selling this sick car. And I don't know about you but that makes me think a little less of him. After all, this is a pretty sweet machine. I was going to say that he doesn't have to care given that he has so much money...but he doesn't and I guess that's why he got rid of the car in the first place.

11 1965 Lamborghini 350 GT


Lambo has been around for a while. There is no denying that. And while they have been staggering people with their pretty awesome cars, the 350 GT was perhaps one of the most iconic cars of its time and it truly helped to kick Lambo into legendary status.

So, of course, Nicolas Cage just needed one of these. This Lambo is one of only 135 in total.

So it is a pretty rare car. Now, here's the thing...does anyone really know if Cage still actually owns this car? I wouldn't be shocked if he sold this sweetie too. Too bad.

10 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III


This is a pretty special one. Mainly because this car is worth $550,000. I can't imagine paying that much for a car. Though I have to say, it is a pretty sexy car. And classy too. Well, Cage decided to lease one of these cars once and it didn't turn out well for him. He ended up owing hundreds of thousands because he couldn't afford to pay it all down thanks to his financial woes. And that sucks because the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III is a car you don't want to lose. I mean, just look at this thing. I'm content with a picture on my wall so I can at least say I have one around.

9 1963 Jaguar E-Type Semi-Lightweight Competition


This is a freaking amazing car. I don't care what anyone says. I mean first of all, just look at it! Secondly, there have only ever been 12 of these cars made. Well, 12 real ones anyway. And they were built with the express purpose of hammering Ferrari when it came to the racetrack.

Each one of the these E-Types has something unique about it because they were each modified to do something special to beat Ferrari.

Cage's car was powered by 325 horses and had an eight-point roll cage. But Cage doesn't own it anymore and he probably never raced the damn thing.

8 1963 Aston Martin DB5


How well do you know your Hollywood cars? If you don't know anything about the Aston Martin DB5...you should. That's all I'll say. No, you know what? I'll say plenty more. How could you not know this iconic Bond car. I mean, first of all, it is a gorgeous car and secondly, how could you not know this awesome Bond car!?

Anyway, of course, Nicolas Cage would want one of these. But, of course, he probably can't afford it anymore. And sure, that's sad but that also means that someone else can enjoy the Bond car now. And that's a pretty awesome thing, I think.

7 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder


Sometimes, I really feel like saying "eff you Nicolas Cage." And not even because of his awful acting. It's because of how awesome his car collection is. And this car is one of only 51 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyders.

The specific car that Cage owned was number 34 out of 51.

Some of these cars were built with unique touches done in order to kick ass in different ways on the racetrack. And you might know this car better from something other than Cage's collection. One of these cars (in red) appeared in Ferris Bueller's Day Off...of course, it was just a Mustang chassis with Spyder body copy on top.

6 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina

via rm sotheby's

There are only 350 of these cars out there in the world. So, other than a nice poster car it doesn't really mean much to most of us on this site. This is a gorgeously hand-built car that was built only from 1958 to 1960. Of course, with only 350, you couldn't expect it to run for very long. That being said, considering every single one of these cars was hand-built, that's a pretty awesome and productive two years of production. Back when it was out, it was a pretty fast car. But I doubt that Cage would have ever raced the car anyway. I bet he sold this though. It is worth over $3 million now.

5 1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Speedster


This is a Porsche. It really doesn't look much like what you would think of when you see a Porsche today eh? But it still is a sexy car. I'd say a nicer and sexier car than most Porsche cars these days. And I guess Nicolas Cage thought that this might be a bit sexier than most of the other Porsche cars out there. I mean, he has a few in his collection (or had a few) but he still went back to the roots of Porsche and got this classy car. I have to tip my hat to him on this one.

4 1955 Jaguar D-Type


Nicolas Cage bought this iconic Jag racer back in 2002. And it is a serious machine. I don't know how much racing Cage has ever really done outside of Gone In Sixty Seconds but he definitely should have opened this thing up on a track at some point. I mean, if you're going to pay upwards of $850,000 for a car, you best be using the thing. Otherwise, you're just seriously wasting your money...which I guess we know is something that Cage does do. And can any of us be that shocked? I mean, he is a pretty lavish spender, or at least he was until he lost most of his fortune.

3 1954 Bugatti 101


This is perhaps one of the classiest cars I've ever seen come from Bugatti. I have to say that, these days, Bugatti really isn't bringing it with the class. They are just way more concerned with breaking awesome speed records like they did with the Bugatti Veyron. Either way, this car is a pretty expensive car. If Cage really wanted to make some money back to support himself, he could sell this thing...oh wait, he did. This car was on the auction block for about $2 million. I don't know about you, but I would not pay that much for a classy car.

2 1938 Bugatti T57 C Atalante Coupe


This is by no means a cheap car. It runs between $2 and $2.5 million. Now, I like myself a classy car but I would rather spend a few grand on a Fairlane or a Bel Air. $2 million, at least, on a classic Bugatti? Forget that. Of course, that means nothing to Cage. Or it didn't until he spent all of his money on cars that cost hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. Cage owned two of these cars, as far as we know. But that's nothing compared to Leno's five. And Ralph Lauren had three. I have no idea why you'd need more than one, but that is the way it goes when you have more money than brains.

1 Eleanor


Oh, this car. My goodness. I would love to have Eleanor. In case you don't know what Eleanor is supposed to be...it's meant to be a 1967 Shelby GT 500. Of course, when Cage did Gone In Sixty Seconds, it was not a '67 that ended up being used. At least not in the original sense. But that hardly matters. It's still a sweet machine that I would love to have in the garage that I don't own. Cage managed to land one of the few Eleanors left at the end of shooting for Gone In Sixty Seconds. And he is a lucky man for that, I have to say.

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