Wanna Buy A Nissan Drift Racer With 800 HP?

Wanna Buy A Nissan Drift Racer With 800 HP?

Hey kid! Wanna buy a slightly used Nissan drift racer? It’s got 800 hp and a reasonable price tag.

We’ve got Jalopnik to thank for finding Geoff Stoneback’s Nissan 240SX, on sale now for the low price of $55,000. Along with the Nissan Silvia (which is basically the same care but for the Japanese market) the 240SX was a popular choice among drift enthusiasts for its spacious chassis and engine bay and a huge stock of aftermarket parts.

Stoneback did something truly impressive with his 240SX and swapped the stock 2.4-L KA24DE inline 4-cylinder engine with an LS7 V8 crate engine. He then gave it a custom block and bored it out to have 7.3-L of displacement. That pushed the naturally aspirated engine to 800 hp and 750, which is a long throw away from the stock engine’s 140 hp.

That’s before nitrous comes into play. With the nitrous, the engine is rated for around 1,050 hp and 995 lb-ft of torque.

Other upgrades include tossing the 5-speed manual transmission in favor of a 4-speed model from G-force, replacing the axles with ones rated to handle 1,000 hp at the wheels, and upgrading the suspension with 3-way adjustable coilovers and sway bars.


Brakes are 4-piston Wilwood calipers at the front, while the rear maintains the stock calipers but with upgraded pads. A carbon fiber hood complements the widebody kit, and on the inside, there’s a set of Sparco bucket seats, a roll cage, and a surprisingly intact dashboard with a whole bunch of racing bits installed instead of a radio.

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And of course, there’s the giant hand brake right beside the wheel.

There’s also a ton of spare parts, so it looks like this listing is aimed at someone looking to get into drift racing. Those spare parts would be great for first-timers looking to learn the ropes and expect to break a few components getting there.

At $55,000, it’s a bit of a steep asking price for an everyday driver, but we suppose you could use it for that reason. It comes with a trunk, although it’s mostly occupied by the nitrous system at the moment.


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