Nissan's Next Car Might Be An Electric Crossover With 300-Mile Battery

Nissan will conquer the 300-mile barrier with its next electric vehicle, a battery-powered crossover.


Nissan is rumored to be debuting a brand new electric crossover at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show with a 300-mile range.

The Nissan Leaf was a good first effort from the Japanese carmaker, but it’s a little old and a little stale. It doesn’t have the impressive numbers of the Tesla Model 3, such as a 300-mile range or a zero to sixty time of somewhere under 6 seconds (and under 4 seconds on the Performance model). So sales are understandably slowing as competition makes the Leaf look like… well, a dead leaf.

However, according to sources speaking to Automotive News, Nissan isn’t going to be exiting the EV market any time soon. They’ve got plans to re-enter the world of electric cars with a brand new electric crossover that will take on Tesla with a 300-mile battery.Information is scant, but we do know this crossover will have a 300-mile range and be able to do scoot from zero to sixty in under 5 seconds. It'll be built on a totally new platform and be roughly the same size as the Nissan Rogue. At least, on the outside. On the inside, the new crossover will have the interior space of the midsize Nissan Murano.

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It'll also have a futuristic digital dashboard devoid of any buttons. When the car is off, the dashboard will power-down so that it looks like a flat piece of glass.

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Overall design will be loosely based on the IMx Concept that debuted in Tokyo back in 2017. Sources that have seen the more production-worthy design say it will have a shorter nose that doesn't quite have the extreme lines of the concept.

If we base anything off the IMx Kuro concept, the new electric crossover will have dual electric motors for AWD and around 430 hp. However, suspect that the production car won't have the Kuro's weird brain-reading headset and will instead stick with Nissan's ProPILOT automatic and assisted driving tech.

Expect to learn more at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show where the electric crossover debuts.

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