Nissan Working On New Frontier Pickup For U.S. [Rumor]

The Nissan Frontier pickup could be coming to North America, as the automaker is working on a North American version of the truck.

Nissan Working On New Frontier Pickup For U.S. [Rumor]

Nissan is working on a new version of their Frontier mid-size pickup and it might be finished something soon.

The Nissan Frontier might just be the oldest vehicle in Nissan’s lineup--even older than the 370Z (2009) and GT-R (2007). The last time the Frontier was redesigned was way back in 2005, with only minor tweaks to the interior since then. That makes the Frontier a living fossil in the automotive world.

And yet, people still buy it. Sales continue to remain strong despite the mid-size pickup’s ancient lineage, dipping to below 30,000 units during the 2009 financial crisis but otherwise staying between 40,000 and 80,000 sold annually. Last year, the Frontier sold 79,646 units, which is up by roughly 5,000 trucks from 2017.

The Frontier is still in third place in the mid-size pickup market behind the Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado, but the Frontier continues to soldier on despite being almost ignored by Nissan.

In 2014, Nissan redesigned the Frontier for international markets (called the Navara) but left the American Frontier on its own. This probably had to do with the fact that Europe and Asia have much smaller power requirements than the US market does, so it didn’t make sense to manufacture a single international design.


We hadn’t heard a single peep from Nissan on what was happening to the US-spec Frontier. However, now we have our first indication that Nissan hasn’t entirely forgotten about the Frontier, and that a new one is indeed coming to market.

via Nissan

According to Nissan senior vice president for global design Alfonso Albaisa (and speaking to Autoblog), the redesigned Nissan Frontier is “almost finished.”

That’s it. We have no other details or timeline as to when to expect the updated Frontier.

Whatever Nissan does to its mid-sizer, it’ll need to compete with what is about to become a very crowded market. The Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator are set to shake up the mid-size pickup segment in a big way, making it more important than ever for a mid-size pickup to stand out for something.


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