What Happens When A 1,100-HP Nissan GT-R Takes Top Speed Test?

Ever seen a tuned Nissan break 200 mph in less than a mile? This video will show you what it's like.


Here’s what happens when a 1,100-horsepower Nissan GT-R puts its foot down in a standing-mile top speed test.

There’s a lot to love about the Nissan GT-R. Despite its age, Nissan has kept current models in the same league as other supercars, with the most modern GT-R getting 565 horses from its 3.8-L twin-turbo V6 engine. It also has AWD, a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, and enough storage space for people to actually think of the GT-R as a daily driver rather than a ridiculous supercar--even though it is most certainly ridiculous.

The GT-R is also a popular choice for tuners. Many turn to older models of the GT-R for a cheap starting point before turning into a racing monster. The GT-R’s VR38DETT V6 has proven to be quite robust and capable of generating far more power than stock when given a few small, bolt-on upgrades.

For example, Franco Scribante Racing took their GT-R and turned it into a 1,600-horsepower hillclimb monster with a wing large enough to take flight if its angle were reversed. New camshafts, fuel injectors, and a carbon fiber intake manifold were all it took to send this car into stratospheric power figures, along with a few tweaks to the stock turbochargers.

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At the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds, a 2009 GT-R struts its stuff with just 1,100 horsepower, but those horses are measured at the wheels and not the crank.

As is Bohmer’s custom, a slow and steady start gives way to a mashed accelerator pedal at around 70 mph or so, making the GT-R shoot from 70 to 160 mph in just a few seconds. The car is still smoothly accelerating past 200 and seems to be able to go much faster than 215 mph before the 1-mile finish line arrives.

We’d love to see this car race without the standing mile limit. Maybe next time we’ll see this thing hit 250 mph.

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