Check Out This Insanely Powerful Nissan GT-R Hit 210 MPH In 7 Seconds

This all carbon Nissan GT-R gets nearly 2,300 hp and can go from zero to 210 mph in 7 seconds.

Check Out This Insanely Powerful Nissan GT-R Hit 210 MPH In 7 Seconds

This Nissan GT-R can get from zero to 210 mph in just 7 seconds.

Most cars are satisfied to go from zero to sixty in seven seconds. Performance vehicles aim for an acceleration time in the 4 or 5-second range but can take anywhere from 20-40 seconds to reach a top speed in excess of 200 mph--if they can even go that fast at all.

The 500+ horsepower Nissan GT-R, with its 3.5-L twin-turbo V6 engine, normally enjoys a zero to sixty time of just 2.8 seconds on its way to a top speed of 194 mph. For normal cars, those are fine numbers. But this is no normal car, and it’s certainly not a normal GT-R.

Built by Tony Palo and his T1 Racing Development team of Royse City, Texas, this GT-R is built for one thing: extreme speed.

The stock 3.5-L V6 is completely rebuilt with new twin Precision 7675 turbochargers, ID2000 fuel injectors, and a Motec M150 ECU. The entire 6-speed dual-clutch transmission is hardened thanks to a Sheptrans Stage 5 transmission rebuild in order to endure the enormous about of torque the engine can produce.

via That Racing Channel

Powered is dyno-tested at 2,230 hp. Zero to sixty is done in under 2 seconds. Zero to 100 mph in about 3 seconds. Zero to 210 mph in a little over 7 seconds.


Of course, there’s more than just a big engine upgrade at play here. The entire GT-R’s body is now carbon fiber, with a stripped out carbon fiber interior, Sparco carbon fiber racing seats, and a new carbon fiber rear wing that adds 750 pounds of downforce. The headlights have been removed and replaced with carbon fiber caps, and the grille has been replaced with a carbon fiber shield with two holes to let in all the air the car will ever need.

All the other modifications are to ensure the safety of the driver, including a roll cage, parachute brake system, racing controls, and a fire extinguisher.

In the video from That Racing Channel, this GT-R posted a fastest quarter-mile time of just 7.08 seconds. Tony is sure to get this thing down into the 6-second range for future races.


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