Nissan Has Plans For New Titan, Rogue, And Sentra, But No New Juke

The Juke will not return to North America, according to Nissan USA's CEO, but we will get a new Titan, Rogue, and even a Sentra.

Nissan Has Plans For New Titan, Rogue, And Sentra, But No Juke

Nissan has big plans to offer an all-new fleet lineup with a new Titan, Rogue, Sentra, and Frontier, but has no plans to reintroduce the Juke.

Earlier this week we got a first glance at the redesigned Juke but expected it to only be for Japanese and European audiences. That seems to be confirmed in a new interview between Motor Trend and Nissan North America CEO Jose Valls.

Discussing the future of the brand at the Formula E season finale in Brooklyn, New York, Valls first talked about the company’s position and the fallout from both indicted former chairman Carlos Ghosn and the failed merger between FCA and Renault.

But once the dark topics got covered, things moved on to more cheerful subjects such as Nissan’s poor sales performance in the first half of 2019.

"Performance at this point, in the first half of 2019, is not coming as expected,” Valls said. “Some of the reason is all the adjustments we're putting in the U.S. [operation], moving from quality of sales, more into the brand, trying to move away from the hard-sell piece, big incentives, fleet, and so on. All of that is kind of transformational and will not happen overnight."

However, Valls did give a reason for Nissan to hope. They’re going fleet lineup is getting a majority refresh with a brand new Titan, Sentra, Rogue, and a long time coming new Frontier pickup.

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Those new models will start arriving next year, with the kickoff starting at the end of this year with a brand new Versa.

The 2019 Kicks is offered in a range of seven exterior colors – plus five two-tone combinations. Three of the two-tone color schemes utilize a black roof and contrasting body colors (white, orange or red), along with one each orange roof/grey body and white roof/blue body.
via Nissan

The Juke, however, is definitely not part of Nissan’s North American strategy. "When we had Juke in the past, we didn't have Kicks. I would say Kicks is a different proposal. Juke is more turbo engine, meant for Europe. Kicks is, size-wise, pretty similar, but has more [interior] space, new technology, and I don't think we have space for Juke and Kicks."

Kicks is doing well for Nissan in its first few years of sales, even though it has far less pep than the turbocharged Juke. Valls said that he wouldn’t want to flood the crossover segment with models, even though that’s what every other carmaker is doing these days.

Last, but not least, Nissan plans to unveil a brand new EV at the end of their product refresh (which Valls prefers to call a “turnaround”). We have absolutely no details on what this vehicle might entail, but it’s apparently “amazing.”

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