Someone Has Messed Around And Turned An Innocent Nissan Silvia Into A Pickup

Who did this!?

Nobody asked for this, but someone has messed around and has made a pickup out of a Nissan Silvia, possibly against everyone's advice and his better judgement.

The sedan, sold as the 240SX in the US, is one of the Japanese company's more popular old-school rides, with the S14 a regular feature in tuning circles. This particular car, though, has been more than tuned; it's barely recognizable anymore.

Having gone up for sale on Craigslist three years ago, it resurfaced on Reddit recently and has understandably prompted a mixed bag as it relates to opinions.

There's still no explanation as to why anyone would want to turn a classic sportscar into a pickup, but someone went ahead and did it anyway - so here we are.

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via carscoops.com

It must have been an arduous process too. The car's roof had to be taken off, for one, and it's likely that the change has negatively impacted its structural integrity. To be fair, though, whoever did the bodywork has pulled off an impressive job with changing the roof up and getting an upright rear window on the back.

Despite the Silvia's small structure, the modifications to the bed seem pretty good. A whole new body style, an overhauled suspension and a set of four massive off-road wheels and tires complete the look.

While questions linger over why or how someone could even think of turning an innocent car - with a feminine name at that - into a such a heavy duty vehicle, the work itself should be commended.

Sure, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea;  but there's surely someone out there who would probably exchange a reasonable sum of cash in order to get his or her hands on such a ride.

Who knows? It might not even be for sale anymore. If you're going to modify something to that extent, you might as well keep it, right?

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