Nissan's New Concept Car Is A 370Z With Tracks & Skis

Nissan recently revealed it's new concept car—A 370Z with tracks and skis. Yet, it's a little more complex than that. Here's the rundown.

Nissan's New Concept Care Is A 370Z With Tracks And Skis

Nissan decided to unveil a new concept car, which is a 370Z roadster with tracks and skis attached.

For some reason, Nissan felt the need for speed, but in a snowy kinda way. Rather than go out and buy a snowmobile like any sensible person would (actually, a sensible person wouldn’t be out in a snowdrift at all) they decided to make their own snowmobile by knocking the tires off a 370Z and then replace them with a pair of skis in the front and tracks in the back.

Actually, the process was a bit more involved than that. You can’t just knock tires off a car and expect it to still run, albeit not very far. There was a lot of necessary work put into this very unnecessary car. Snowmobile. Whatever you want to call it.

via Car and Driver

Step one, remove the drivetrain entirely. Not exactly simple, but this is a car manufacturer, so they’re sure to have an army of mechanics and engineers to do the heavy lifting. Step two, add a custom three-inch lift kit to all four ends to give the car a bit of clearance. The 370Z is normally a low-slung roadster, and snow has a tendency to hide things like rocks and dead moose.


Step three, new mounts for the beefier rear springs, and new three-inch spacers for the massive 15-inch wide American Track Truck tracks in place of the rear drive wheels. Step five, the front suspension is also beefed up and given custom adaptors and spacers to fit the new 12 inch-wide, 56 long skis in place of the front wheels.

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Step six, and perhaps most importantly, a front skid plate to protect the engine and transmission from yet more dead moose. Six inches of additional clearance is nothing to a moose corpse.

The rest of the changes are cosmetic, such as the fancy paint job and the tinted front lamps to make it sort of look like ski goggles. Sure. Just make it even harder to spot a dead moose, why don't you?

The 370Zki is set to debut at the Chicago auto show later this month after undergoing testing (and photoshoots) in pure Wyoming powder. Hopefully, Chicago will have less dead moose.


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