Nissan's IMx Kuro Has Creepy Ability

Technology could be scary sometimes, and Nissan's new tech could do that. The IMx Kuro is being talked about for its ability to read brainwaves.

Nissan's IMx Kuro Has Creepy Ability

Nissan’s new concept car is a psychic self-driving car with a wood-paneled interior.

There’ve been a lot of interesting concept cars unveiled at Geneva, and many of them feature some form of autonomous driving technology. Some of them even go so far as to remove the steering wheel and dashboard entirely, requiring the passengers to use augmented reality or voice commands to interact with the car.

Nissan has taken things a step further on the IMx KURO concept. This car literally reads your mind.

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Step inside the IMx KURO and take a leap to a bizarre future where technology and man become one. To start, the driver puts on some headgear that looks like it’s straight out of some dystopian cyberpunk fantasy world. Strap it on and then introduce yourself to Nissan’s new Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) technology.

According to Nissan, "B2V interprets signals from the driver's brain to assist with driving and to help the vehicle's autonomous and manual systems learn from the driver."


In essence, the B2V headgear reads the driver’s brain waves to determine what signals would mean something like “turn left” or “stop before we hit that tree!” This allows the car to perform those actions 0.2-0.5 seconds faster than the human could if we had to wait for them to actually perform the action that their brain’s just thought.

"The IMx KURO zero-emission crossover concept vehicle embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility," said José Muñoz, Nissan's chief performance officer. "Nissan Intelligent Mobility is Nissan's commitment to changing the way people and cars communicate, as well as how cars interact with society in the near future and beyond."

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Along with the brain-wave stuff, the KURO comes with ProPILOT, Nissan’s fully autonomous driving software. ProPILOT uses more standard sensors to keep the car between lanes when it’s not using the driver’s brain.

Did we mention it’s also electric? Seems almost inconsequential when it's a concept car that reads your brainwaves. It has two electric motors producing 430 hp and has a reported range of 373 miles. Ho hum.

There’s also weird wood paneling on the inside that gives passengers a "sense of the outside, similar to shoji, a traditional Japanese paper screen."

Did we mention it’s a psychic car?


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